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For his solo debut, Tennessee-based James Jackson Toth (AKA Wooden Wand) has conjured a mysterious, alluring world; Toth's scenarios are intriguingly tawdry and his sounds tantalizing, with layered, almost dreamlike harmonies; touches of blues, country and soul and the occasional flash of punk swagger. He assumes the role of storyteller, maybe even confessor, spinning inter-linked tales of hope and misfortune, romantic trials and spiritual yearning. "Waiting In Vain" is the first album that Toth, long a cult figure, has released as a solo artist, and it marks a new beginning for him. For several years he experimented with a folk-psychedelic rock hybrid, putting out numerous discs under variations of the name Wooden Wand. James Jackson Toth's evolution continues when he hits the road and this strange and compelling world he's brought to life will be waiting for you.

Elf Power

In A Cave

    Elf Power's ninth album, "In A Cave", blasts them past familiar territories and lands them on exciting new terrain. One of their most psychedelic records, it offers thirteen otherworldly tracks of chugging Krautrock rhythms, sing-song pop and harmonically dense balladry. As one of the founders of the legendary Elephant 6 Collective, Elf Power features alumni of Of Montreal, Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel. Their career has taken them on the road with such notables as Wilco, Guided By Voices, R.E.M and the Flaming Lips, as well as backing Vic Chesnutt on his upcoming album. With "In A Cave", these seasoned indie rockers find the perfect synthesis of their organic live performances, instinctual ensemble playing and open-hearted experimentation.

    Built To Spill

    You In Reverse

      When Built To Spill wanted to find out what their music sounded like, they locked themselves in Doug Martsch's garage. Without a tentative conclusion or even a hypothesis, the four members began to experiment. Their collaborative efforts lasted seasons and yielded dozens of hours of ADAT tape. The resulting album, "You In Reverse" documents the newest branch of Built To Spill's chaotic, yet elegant evolution. In the five years since the band's most recent effort, "Ancient Melodies Of The Future", Built To Spill took an eighteen-month vacation and returned to work by jamming and recording their hours-long music explorations. With a desire to retain the impromptu, organic feel of these jams, the group tried to capture loose and live moments resulting in a more natural sounding album. "You In Reverse" resonates with relationships, the way the band as a whole responds to music and to each other. The songs are haunting rather than catchy. Each musical thought is surprising and complete. Doug's lyrics hint at politics but could also be personal. As usual, the words lining the songs are neither directive nor dogmatic. Rational thoughts are constantly sacrificed to the metric and melodic needs of each song. No message blares forth and yet it's understood.

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