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Live Alexandra Park Manchester 1978

    When Bernie Wilcox and Geoff Brown approached Chris Hewitt in June 1978 about building a stage and providing a PA system for Alexandra Park, Manchester, Chris already had all the hardware booked for the Deeply Vale Festival which was a week later in July 1978 than the date Bernie and Geoff had proposed for the Northern Carnival Against Racism Concert. This then meant that all of the equipment, generators, scaffolding and fencing could simply have the hire period brought forward to cover Alexandra Park and that the costs would be far more reasonable than a completely ‘start from scratch hire’. So it was that about 12 days before Deeply Vale 1978 we started to build a stage and secure compound in Alexandra Park, Manchester. Three days before Buzzcocks were due to play on the Saturday we got a call to ask if Graham Parker and The Rumour could rehearse in the park on the stage on the Thursday night as he was supporting Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton at a festival at Blackbushe Aerodrome on the Saturday and Graham and the Rumour had never played outdoors before. So we finished the stage by Thursday lunchtime for a free concert by Graham Parker in the evening and then Buzzcocks played Alexandra Park Saturday afternoon.

    Pete Shelley in 2016 – “I know Chris Hewitt obtained a recording of Buzzcocks at Alexandra Park, it would be great fun if it came out as an album”. Pete Shelley 1978 after playing his set at Alexandra Park –“This wasn’t politics it was fun, but the best kind of fun is with people and being with people is politics”. Paul Morley reviewing the concert – “Buzzcocks placed the emphasis on entertainment – a people’s celebration. Arriving on stage with no fixed set they played some pop music… They were a triumph”. 


    Side 1.
    1 Spoken Word From People Involved
    2 Ever Fallen In Love
    3 Sixteen
    4 Moving Away From The Pulse Beat
    5 Fiction Romance
    6 Love You More
    Side 2.
    1 Spoken Word From People Involved
    2 Nothing Left
    3 Breakdown
    4 Noise Annoys
    5 What Do I Get
    6 Autonomy
    7 Boredom


    Tractor - 50th Anniversary Edition

      Heralded by Julian Cope The Shins and Dangermouse, Tractor continue to find new fans nearly 50 years later. 50 years ago in 1972 Dandelion Records released the Tractor “Tractor” LP. Tractor was a team of people including guitarist Jim Milne, drummer Steve Clayton, recording engineer John Brierley, and when John Brierley left in 1973 the team expanded to include recording engineer Alan Burgess and live sound engineer Chris Hewitt. Alan Burgess left around 1975 and Dave Addison was added on bass guitar in 1976. Chris Hewitt hooked up Tractor with the Deeply Vale festivals and the studio and PA gear that John Peel bought for the band with their Dandelion Records advance would become the basis of the Tractor Music PA Hire company in 1976 and it also was the PA system that was used for Deeply Vale Festivals. 


      Side One:
      1. All Ends Up
      2. Little Girl In Yellow
      3. The Watcher
      4. Ravenscroft’s 13 Bar Boogie
      Side Two:
      1. Shubunkin
      2. Hope In Favour
      3. Everytime It Happens
      4. Make The Journey
      Side Three:
      1. Revolution Man
      2. Northern City

      The Fall

      Rock Against Racism Christmas Party 1977

        The classic second line up of The Fall, classic material too. Mark E. Smith (vocals), Martin Bramah (guitar), Tony Friel (bass), Una Baines (keyboards), Karl Burns (drums). Tony Friel’ s last gig before he went off to join Dick Witts in The Passage. The Fall set was recorded on cassette by Chris Hewitt , a copy was given to Bernie Wilcox RAR gig organiser who passed it on to Mark. Mark thought it was such an important gig recording despite not being brilliant quality that he asked Chis could The Fall release it – so it first appeared on CD in 1999. In 2013 Mark E Smith told Chris Hewitt it was now due a release on vinyl and would he sort it out on Ozit. It has taken a bit of time since Mark’s suggestion but here it is.


        Side One

        1 Psycho Mafia
        2 Last Orders
        3 Repetition
        4 Dresden Dolls
        5 Hey Fascist
        6 Frightened
        7 Industrial Estate.

        Side Two

        1 Stepping Out
        2 Bingo Masters Breakout
        3 Oh Brother
        4 Cop It
        5 Futures And Pasts
        6 Louie Louie 

        The Fall

        Take It Down To The Wire (Live 1985)

          Great live recording from a radio broadcast of The Fall live on Sunday 16th of June 1985 Clitheroe Castle, Lancashire. It was a free open-air concert. The set from 2 x 4 through Lay of the Land was broadcast on Steve Barker's "On the Wire," BBC Radio Lancashire. Organized by the station and Ribble Valley Borough Council. Bonus tracks on this CD version are from Sheffield 1981.


          Clitheroe 1985 -

          2 X 4
          Couldn’t Get Ahead
          Petty Thief Lout, No Bulbs
          Gut Of The Quantifier,
          Spoilt Victorian Child
          Stephen Song
          Lay Of The Land
          Oh Brother 

          Sheffield 1981 -

          Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
          Leave The Capitol
          C'n'C's Mithering / Hassle
          Slags Slates Etc. 

          Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett

          The Synth And Electronic Recording Exchanges

            21 tracks on LP of synth and electronic recording exchanges between Delia Derbyshire and Martin Hannett. Forty years since Martin Hannett first used synths and electronic sound effects in production work on Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures", this album looks at 21 tracks of electronic and synth music that Hannett had compiled in the the mid 70s to early 80s whilst exchanging tapes by post with electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire. The compiled work from the two electronic music geniuses was to have been released by Hannett but was shelved in the early 80s. Here it is as he put it together for the planned album.

            The Fall

            30 Minutes On A Manchester Slag Heap

              A youngish Mark E Smith is interviewed about all things Fall and Manchester whilst answering by often avoiding the interviewer’s questions in some of Mark’s favourite surroundings- outside on a Manchester slag heap- most answers are preceded by a pause whilst he inhales another draw on his cigarette

              The Fall

              Mark E Smith’s Personal Holiday Tony Tapes

                A mixture of Live and Studio out-takes that have never been out on vinyl before. Gatefold Sleeve, 180 gm Orange Vinyl. About five or six years ago Mark E Smith and I were going through some old audio recordings of The Fall both studio live and he invented a character called Holiday Tony who he said should be the person who should come round and listen to the tapes with us. He made a phone call to me telling me Holiday Tony lived in Prestwich and went to Blackpool on his holidays once a year with an old brown suitcase with recordings of The Fall inside. I even got a letter off Mark telling me when it was ok for Holiday Tony to go round and see him. Another idea of Mark’s about three years ago was to do a vinyl as a Non Record Store Day release in the weeks before Record Store Day and that every track should just be called The Holiday Tony Tapes. So here is the album. 

                Captain Beefheart

                Live At Knebworth 1975

                  Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band returned to England with a new line up on July 5 1975 to appear on the bill with Pink Floyd at Knebworth Festival.

                  The players : Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet)- Vocals, Mouth Harp / Winged Eel Fingerling- guitar / Ella Guru Davidson -guitars / Drumbo- guitar / drums / Jimmy Carl Black (introduced as Indian Ink) -drums / Bruce 'fossil' Fowler - trombone.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Moonlight On Vermont
                  2. Abba Zabba
                  3. Band Introduction
                  4. Orange Claw Hammer
                  5. Dali's Car
                  6. When It Blows It Stacks
                  7. My Human Gets Me Blues
                  8. Alice In Blunderland
                  9. Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones
                  10. Gimme Dat Harp Boy
                  11. Electricity
                  12. I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby
                  13. Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top (CD Only)
                  14. Improvisation (CD Only)
                  15. Big Eyed Beans From Venus (CD Only)

                  The Fall

                  Live In San Francisco

                  After what seemed like a very long, drunken, tense-with-anticipation waiting period, the moment is upon me. The band takes the stage, and immediately launches into a big-sounding version of The Joke. Mark bounds onto the stage and starts bellowing into the mic with intensity: "The Joke! Five years in a PC camp, the Joke!" "Ahh," I think, "they're not going to totally suck." This latest incarnation of the Fall includes three hard-working lads named Ben, Spencer, and Jim, who know their shit something fierce. This is an incredibly tight band that is gaining momentum at the expense of every amateurish musician ever to mistakenly step onto the stage. Mr. Smith himself was in fine form, prowling around the stage snarling lyrics into the mic and messing around with his bandmates' amps (but not too much - I have to stress that his behavior was fairly clean on this tour). He seemed to be on something besides straight-up "joie de vivre," but that is hardly an aberration. This man and his friends like to do drugs, and have done since the early days of the band in 1977. Whatever, it's rock and roll. What matters is the music, which was strong. The band was a juggernaut with a mad genius at the helm. Picture a massive battleship with wheels rolling over small towns with a mad banshee snarling and hurning invective down at those foolish enough to stand in the way. Mark E. Smith is an incredibly self-assured performer who exudes more charisma standing still than most lead singers do hopping around and climbing on things. The biggest stormer of the evening was "I Am Damo Suzuki," MES' tribute to one of his favorite bands, Can. One of the first lyrics, "and the drums....come in...and the drums they come in FAST" sent shivers down my spine as the drummer started bashing out the catchier-than-strep beat. In general, the set got faster, louder, and generally "more" towards the end. I think it was during the cover "Mr. Pharmacist" that the energy really started picking up. "Two Librans" off of the Unutterable was also pretty powerful--both because the massive guitar chord hook style of these songs suits the new band pretty well. So now for the $64 million question: are the Fall over? Even worse, were they over a long time ago? The answer, to anyone who is still paying attention, is resoundingly no. This band can fill the GAMH with people going nuts. They are a monument, but unlike other monuments, they continue to create. As Smith once barked, "Ours is not to look back, ours is to continue the crap!" Indeed.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  The Joke 
                  Cyber Insekt 
                  Two Librans 
                  And Therein 
                  Touch Sensitive 
                  Bourgeois Town 
                  Kick The Can > F-oldin' Money 
                  Mr. Pharmacist 
                  Sons Of Temperance
                  My Ex-Classmates' Kids 
                  Enigrammatic Dream 
                  I Wake Up In The City
                  Jane - Prof Mick - Ey Bastardo 
                  Way Round 
                  I Am Damo Suzuki

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