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Hold onto your space cord pop pickers - things are about to get trullllly extraterrestrial!

Drinking from the same intergalactic broth as Sun Ra & Jamal Moss, Planet Battaggon are innovators in 'droid jazz, electronics and outer-national sounds. Originating on Lord Battagon’s home planet the group are documenting the folklore and jazz stylings of the Trans-neptunia neighbourhood out on the edgelands of the solar system. This debut release follows on from a Lord Battagon outing on the Atlantic Jaxx label. "Who’s out on Quaoar?" is taken from the Ltd Ed 12” "Battagon Symphony", part one of "The Rough Guide to Trans-Neptunia". The release also features "Salacians of Neptunia", a homage to the early droid cultural pioneers and the chant like "Moon of Dysnomia" that is played ceremonially to temper the erratic saline tides of the aforementioned moon especially during its retrograde period.'

What you need to know is that this is TOTALLY OFF-IT and completely incomparable to out else out this year, last year or in the years to come! As mentioned above, it possesses a mind set, reckless experimentalism and trans-universal outlook akin to Sun Ra and Jamal Moss / Hieroglyphic Being but sounds like something else entirely. You just gotta give it a listen!

The Noise Droids of Planet Battagon are:

Jak Baker - acoustic drums
Martin Slattery - bass clarinet, alto sax & FX
Oli Savill - percussion
Mickey Ball - trumpet
Nathan Curran (Tugg) - synth bass, syn drums,
FX & Conductor 

Perfect for the mystic months of Autumn, comes a bewildering and enchanted specimen from the On The Corner cartel.

Dengue Dengue Dengue are a Peruvian duo specializing in electronic voodoo psychedelia. From their shamanic roots in Lima, Peru - itself shrouded in ancient folklore and tribal practices - they update, no, evolve, no, offer up to the cosmic gods their olden local rhythms before beaming them back through their machines after a light speed transformation through the spiritual realms.

For the label already deemed ‘Label of The Year’ at the Worldwide Awards, On the Corner are crossing more borders and breaking down the silo of left-field sounds having now been nominated for the ‘Best Small Label’ gong at the prestigious AIM Awards - making this a perfect place to present these magical sounds.

Although meticulously produced and sounding nothing but cutting edge, the themes, rhythms and melodies leave you wondering as to the lineage and history, themselves perhaps older than the listener or the performer. Indeed, "Habu Raminibu" is a healing chant of the Huni Kuin people whose ancient home is located deep in the Amazon where the borders of Peru and Brazil meet. Here, it's given an electronic bolstering yet loses none of its majesty.

The spiritual concept running through this mini album / E P is summed up in the meaning of title track’s name. "Semillero": an incubator or seed. A place where new generations of life, culture and talent is nurtured, initiated, and bestowed with precious responsibility and knowledge. These are healing, evocative transmissions that you feel bestow much more onto the listener than the fickle world of dance music can allow. Although rubbing up perfectly again the current 'shamanic house' eruption, Dengue... have created something overwhelmingly direct and transcendent - to the point that this vinyl release; almost limited to underground DJs, dancers and collectors due to the sheer nature of its retail - deserves infact to be heard by the global village of shamans and spiritualists looking to expand the mind, body and consciousness. A truly powerful record! Highly recommended!


Matt says: Another week, another trip down the rabbit hole as the shamnic delights of Dengue Dengue Dengue are offered up for our ritualistic enjoyment. Perfect music for anyone that's had any luck in the fields, woods and pastures ;)

Khalab has summoned a futuristic afro-centric soundscape by weaving a poly-phonic tapestry of future bass, jazz and field recordings. The LP’s title track tells hard truths from the mind of spoken word artist Tenesha The Wordsmith. Along with her words the LP’s title has been augmented with a date marking the arrival of an emancipated future. ‘Black Noise 2084’ casts aside the worn and surface level cliché of black music being soul music. Khalab guides us to the beginning of a journey, the journey of rhythms and he takes us within earshot of the voices and spirits that carried them. Soul gained over aeons of terror and forced transportation, soul driving survival against systematic oppression, wholesale against a people. Khalab looks to the noise, the messages, the spirits, and evokes the light of ‘Black Noise 2084’ out of darkness.

From dystopian roots, the beat marabout Khalab has led his assembly of messengers to invoke this myth of cathartic liberation. ‘Black Noise 2084’ features the voices of musical voyagers seeking new pathways: Shabaka Hutchings, Moses Boyd, Tamar "The Collocutor" Osborn, the master GabinDabire, Tenesha The Wordsmith, Tommaso Cappellato, Prince Buju and Clap! Clap! Within the tapestry of Khalab’s ‘Black Noise 2084’ the myth moves through its cycle of life, initiations and ceremonies with a cast of unnamed messengers. Khalab was invited to work with field recordings from the archives of the Royal Museum for Central Africa of Bruxelles. The museum’s recordings made for a post-colonial World, hold ethnographic and historical insights into the cultures of the region over the last 500 years. The Museum is far from the horrors that Belgian King, Leopold II unleashed during his colonial reign, however it is a dark legacy that is far from absolved.

‘Black Noise 2084’ opens a portal where displaced rhythms, chants, screams and dreams collide with quaking bass, a vortex of shattering synths, jazz rains and emotion all amalgamate. Empires for millennia thrived across the African continent and Empires are being willed to rise. As Khalab draws the LP to a close he brings light with ‘Dawn’ ft Moses Boyd. A dawn firmly squared-up by its past, hard truths of a barbaric history embarking on the beginning of reconciliation. Drum beats usher in the arrival home for a new glory. 2084 a time when rhythms have shed the cargo of their haunted odyssey. The myth of ‘Black Noise 2084’ is a new dawn where the ghosts of Leopold and all his kind are finally excised. Atonement in hearing the truths carried across the ages, carried in noise, Black Noise.


Millie says: Loud and incredibly unique it's a storm of jazz, broken beat and African melody.

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