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Israel Nash


    Hailed as a “master of sonic textures” by Rolling Stone and “folk-rock visionary” by Uncut, Israel Nash first rose to fame in Europe, where he built a loyal following with a series of critically acclaimed albums that landed him a deal with the renowned Loose Music label. As American audiences began to catch on, the Missouri native relocated to Dripping Springs, Texas, where he built his own recording studio on a ranch and embraced a more spacious, psychedelic sound that landed somewhere between Neil Young and Pink Floyd. Produced by Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Ray LaMontagne), Nash’s newest record, the rousing Ozarker, finds him returning to his Midwestern roots, embracing the heartland rock he grew up on with larger-than-life guitars, anthemic melodies, and rich character studies.


    1. Firedance
    2. Can't Stop
    3. Roman Candle
    4. Lost In America
    5. Ozarker
    6. Midnight Hour
    7. Travel On
    8. Pieces
    9. Shadowland
    10. Going Back

    Angelica Rockne

    The Rose Society

      “It took a few trips through the underworld, and cutting through the illusory to arrive at a more ripened version of true love and freedom.” Sitting amongst the fruit orchards of Corralitos, California, Angelica Rockne reflects on the recent past. Her forthcoming album “The Rose Society” has been in a process of distillation for five years now. “It sounds like a lifetime,” she remarks, “but really it’s been equally ephemeral as it has been eternal.” Going through some of life’s greatest rites of passage and the accompanying gravity of their transformations will do that to you.


      1. Age Of The Voyeur
      2. The Rose Society
      3. The Distance Is High
      4. White Cadillac
      5. Protection, Prayers And Vigilance
      6. Crystalline
      7. The Undoing
      8. Path Of The Rose
      9. Ripe To Ruin
      10. The Night Dreams Of You

      Courtney Marie Andrews

      May Your Kindness Remain

        The highly anticipated follow up to Courtney Marie Andrews' critically acclaimed 2017 breakthrough album, Honest Life.
        Courtney Marie Andrews’ new full-length album, May Your Kindness Remain, will be released March 23 on Loose in the UK & Europe and Fat Possum Records/Mama Bird Recording Co. in the USA. In advance of the release, the album’s title track is premiered as part of NPR Music’s “Songs We Love” series.
        Produced by Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Tom Waits), the album was recorded over eight days at a rented house-turned-studio in L.A.
        UK fans fell for Courtney’s breakthrough album Honest Life last year, when as the BBC put it, she became an “overnight success” after 10 years trying to break into the business. UK media such as The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times compared her music to the work of classic artists such as Guy Clark, John Prine, Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt and Glen Campbell alongside modern references such as Laura Marling and Julie Byrne. The album became one of the biggest breakthrough records of 2017 in the UK, with 4-5 star reviews from publications including Daily Telegraph, Uncut, Mojo and Q Magazine, as well as reaching #1 on the Official U.K. Americana Chart Independent Album Breakers Chart. In April 2017, Andrews made her debut on the BBC’s legendary “Later…With Jools Holland” programme.


        Barry says: A beautiful mix of deep Americana, new country and the forward thrust of todays melodic indie, Courtney Marie Andrews has not failed to impress yet, and 'May Your Kindness...' is no different. Stunning.


        1. May Your Kindness Remain
        2. Lift The Lonely From My Heart
        3. Two Cold Nights In Buffalo
        4. Rough Around The Edges
        5. Border
        6. Took You Up
        7. This House
        8. Kindness Of Strangers
        9. I’ve Hurt Worse
        10. Long Road Back To You

        Mary Elizabeth Remington

        In Embudo

          In a log cabin by Moose Brook in Hardwick Massachusetts is where Mary Remington grew up with her parents and brother. She was always a creative soul, painting and making artworks throughout her childhood and eventually graduating from MassArt. She travelled to farms to work the earth, to stone yards to cut stone, and to the rivers and oceans to dig for clay, finding rich meaning and potent metaphor for her stories and songs. In the summer of 2013 Mary spent a week at the Kerrville Folk Festival and sang her songs to an audience for the first time. This adventure turned her on to the idea that she should share her songs. Now Mary has recorded her first album of original songs with her friends Adrianne Lenker and James Krivchenia of Big Thief and Mat Davidson of Twain. In Embudo was made using full live takes onto a 4-track in a small house edged up along the Rio Grande in Embudo, New Mexico. Featuring: Adrianne Lenker (acoustic guitar, vocals) Mat Davidson (steel guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, vocals), James Krivchenia (percussion and engineer) and Mary Remington (vocals)


          1. All Words
          2. Dresser Hill
          3. Mary Mary
          4. Fire
          5. Green Grass
          6. Holdfast
          7. Tuesday
          8. Mother
          9. Wind Wind
          10. Water Song
          11. Wooden Roads

          The Hanging Stars

          Hollow Heart

            With Hollow Heart The Hanging Stars transcend their well-earned repute as masters of a captivating meld of blissful psychedelic folk and harmony-laden cosmic country. This fourth album from the accomplished London five-piece; recorded at Edwyn Collins' Clashnarrow Studios in North-Eastern Scotland; scales fresh artistic heights, as they conjure a record more sonically varied, more contemporary, and less in awe of its influences.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Ava
            2. Black Light Night
            3. Weep & Whisper
            4. Radio On
            5. Ballad Of Whatever May Be
            6. Hollow Eyes, Hollow Heart
            7. You're So Free
            8. Rainbows In Windows
            9. I Don't Want To Feel So Bad Anymore
            10. Red Autumn Leaf

            Danny George Wilson

            Another Place

              Danny George Wilson (Bennett Wilson Poole, Danny & The Champions Of The World, Grand Drive) unveils a radically surprising new solo album Another Place to a world coming up for air. Celebrating the future returning with a vibrant and diverse collection of startling, impressionistic songs produced in tandem with Sussex-based, studio-wizard Hamish Benjamin and his frequent collaborator Henry Garratt, helped along by pedal steel maestro Iain Sloan (Peter Bruntnell, Wynntown Marshals), and with memorable guest appearances from Emma Swift (Blonde On The Tracks), Gerry Love (Teenage Fanclub), and Jeff Tweedy (Wilco).

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Lost Future
              2. Sincerely Hoping
              3. I Wanna Tell You
              4. Heaven For Hiding
              5. Can You Feel Me?
              6. Right Place
              7. Giving Away Too Much
              8. We've Got A Lot To Learn
              9. I Would Be In Love (Anyway)
              10. Inbetween The Love

              Danny George Wilson

              We've Got A Lot To Learn

                Danny George Wilson (Bennett Wilson Poole, Danny & The Champions Of The World, Grand Drive) unveils a radically surprising new solo album Another Place to a world coming up for air. Celebrating the future returning with a vibrant and diverse collection of startling, impressionistic songs produced in tandem with Sussex-based, studio-wizard Hamish Benjamin and his frequent collaborator Henry Garratt, helped along by pedal steel maestro Iain Sloan (Peter Bruntnell, Wynntown Marshals), and with memorable guest appearances from Emma Swift (Blonde On The Tracks), Gerry Love (Teenage Fanclub), and Jeff Tweedy (Wilco).

                TRACK LISTING

                1. We've Got A Lot To Learn
                2. Things Are Looking Up

                Joana Serrat

                Hardcore From The Heart

                  Catalan singer-songwriter Joana Serrat returns with new album ‘Hardcore From The Heart’, out June 11 on Loose Music. Serrat’s fifth album, ‘Hardcore From The Heart’ is the follow-up to 2017’s acclaimed ‘Dripping Springs’ (“…like Mazzy Star guesting on an early Neil Young demo,” Mojo). For the recording, Serrat travelled from her home in Vic, a small city near Barcelona, to Redwood Studio in Denton, Texas, where she teamed up with engineer and producer Ted Young (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, Lee Ranaldo).

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Easy
                  2. Pictures
                  3. These Roads
                  4. You're With Me Everywhere I Go
                  5. Summer Never Ends
                  6. How To Make You Love Me
                  7. Demons
                  8. Take Me Back Where I Belong
                  9. Hotel Room 609
                  10. Wild Beast

                  Danny & The Champions Of The World

                  Los Campeones En Vivo

                    ‘Los Campeones en Vivo’ finds Danny and The Champions of the World high in the mountains of Asturias in Spain. A document of a magical night in 2018, a ragged, sweaty and emotional performance captured on tape and now available on a double CD through Loose Records. It encapsulates and celebrates the band’s ongoing mutual love affair with Spain… which has seen the band play to thousands at the famous Azkena Festival and to packed venues across the country.

                    “The people arrived out of nowhere and they danced and sang along all night...they blew us away. It was without doubt a night to remember, impossible to forget. It was beyond what any rock and roll band should rightfully expect"

                    TRACK LISTING

                    DISC 1
                    1. Let The Water Wash Over You (Don’t You Know)
                    2. Consider Me
                    3. Never In The Moment
                    4. This Is Not A Love Song
                    5. Stay True
                    6. Waiting For The Right Time
                    7. It’s Just A Game (That We Were Playing)
                    8. Coley Point
                    9. Brothers In The Night
                    10. Every Beat Of My Heart

                    DISC 2
                    1. Gotta Get Things Right In My Life
                    2. Remember Me
                    3. Clear Water
                    4. (Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket
                    5. Everything We Need
                    6. Long Distance Tears
                    7. Restless Feet

                    Israel Nash


                      “Music can be the space where people think––even just for a few minutes,” says Israel Nash. “The space is not about changing their lives or political views or their party ticket. It’s about creating something that prompts reflection in a moment––and those reflections have other chain reactions.”

                      Nash is sitting outside in the sun, thinking. It’s something he does often, looking out over endless Texas hills that surround his family’s rural home. He’s thought a lot over the last several years about music––not only how to make it, but why. What is the endgame for Nash, a critically acclaimed rock-and-roll groovesman, personally?

                      Nash’s magnificent new album, Topaz, is what happened when he found his answers. Nash recorded the album over the course of about a year in the Quonset hut studio he built about 600 feet from his house in the Texas Hill Country. While musician friends from nearby Austin contributed to the project, Topaz marks the first album Nash has recorded mostly on his own, both taking his time and relishing his newfound access to immediacy, punching the red button moments after an idea hit. “It's allowed me to capture sounds and ideas, to really get stuff out of my head and into the world so quickly,” Nash says.

                      On her 3rd album for both Fat Possum and Loose Records, Courtney Marie Andrews has seemingly pulled in to one package all the songwriting skill, vocal prowess, and musicianship displayed on previous albums, into one career defining statement. A break-up record for sure, though due to CMA's extraordinary storytelling gifts, more of a modern day coming-of-age tale of love won, love sustained, and unfortunately, love's inevitable dissolution.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Barry says: A bittersweet and majestic collection of heartfelt ballads and more upbeat, jangling pieces all rendered in Andrews' typically effervescent and emotive style. Slide guitars, rich acoustics and those unmistakable vocals. Gorgeous.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Burlap String 03:57
                      2. Guilty
                      3. If I Told 04:58
                      4. Together Or Alone
                      5. Carnival Dream
                      6. Old Flowers
                      7. Break The Spell
                      8. It Must Be Someone Else's Fault 03:18
                      9. How You Get Hurt 04:24
                      10. Ships In The Night

                      Damien Jurado

                      What's New, Tomboy?

                        What’s New, Tomboy? is an album that seeks respite in bare minimums and barren revelations: sometimes frail, sometimes affirming, sometimes wry, and usually a threadbare mix of all those sentiments. It could be considered Damien Jurado’s finest collection of music to date, with songs exuding the inviting warmth of a lone porch light gleaming amidst the disorienting darkness. Though more stripped and grounded in their execution, songs like “Sandra”, “Ochoa” and “Alice Hyatt” are generous and candid in their vocabulary, eschewing the sometimes abstruse imagery of Jurado’s previous releases. “There is no hiding on these tracks.” Though What’s New, Tomboy? is the first Damien Jurado record that ends with a question mark, he has never sounded more assured and content in giving up his ghosts: “I’m only living sentences // That were long before I got here.”

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Birds Tricked Into The Trees
                        2. Ochoa
                        3. Alice Hyatt
                        4. Arthur Aware
                        5. Francine
                        6. Fool Maria
                        7. When You Were Few
                        8. Sandra
                        9. The End Of The Road
                        10. Frankie


                        Up On High

                          Andy Cabic’s musical being is, like many curious 21st century musicians, shaped and sustained by divergent tangents. If he’s not crafting a melancholy folk rock diamond in his Northern California studio, he’s moving a dance floor with bossa nova and house DJ sets, or helping curate a compilation of Japanese City Pop.

                          What’s magic about this new Vetiver LP Up On High is the way these tangents colour the ten songs without undermining a distinct move to more elemental, spacious and natural arrangements. At the heart of each of these ten songs is Cabic’s voice: sweet, tender and weathered - a welcome and soothing old friend if ever there was one. There are other familiar friends: the album also features longtime engineer and collaborator Thom Monahan and the same resourceful and versatile band that helped Cabic make the more dense and layered Complete Strangers from 2015.

                          Up On High was written on acoustic guitar. Having moved twice since Complete Strangers, increasingly accustomed to a life in and out of boxes, it was the easiest instrument to reach for in moments of inspiration. The basic tracking of the album took place over a few Spring days at a friend’s house in the high desert of California. This simple set-up captured the organic immediacy of a roomful of friends playing together on the floor. It’s alive and ever so subtly crackling with the intensity of a band working together, teasing out the melody and rhythms of songs with warmth and intimacy. Cabic and Monahan took the fruits of this session to Los Angeles and finished the album at Monahan’s studio over the summer as other friends popped by to lend their talents.

                          This album reflects the world that Cabic created and lives in: Jorge Ben phrasings peek out from behind Tom Petty's Wildflowers outtakes, a gentle jangle lifts whispers of REM’s Murmur on a breeze up from Compass Point Studios. But Up On High is most clearly Cabic and his band inhabiting the realm the band was born in—sleek, economical, soulful, and sometimes sadness-tinged melodies riding on the gentle choogle and sway of an ensemble moving in beautiful unison. This is an album that breathes with you in real, lived in, natural time.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. The Living End
                          2. To Who Knows Where
                          3. Swaying
                          4. All We Could Want
                          5. Hold Tight
                          6. Wanted, Never Asked
                          7. A Door Shuts Quick
                          8. Filigree
                          9. Up On High
                          10. Lost (In Your Eyes)

                          Damien Jurado has always worked fast, but In the Shape of a Storm came together with unprecedented speed. Recorded over the course of two hours one California afternoon, it’s Jurado’s sparsest album to date. Gone are the thundering drums and psychedelic arrangements that defined the trilogy of concept albums he made with his longtime collaborator and close friend Richard Swift. Gone even is the atmospheric air that hovered above his early albums for Sub Pop. Here, there’s only Jurado’s voice, acoustic guitar, and occasional accompaniment from Josh Gordon, playing a high-strung guitar tuned Nashville style, rendering its sound spooky and celestial. Though fans have long requested a solo acoustic album, the prospect never made sense to Jurado, until one day it simply did. “It just felt like it was time,” Jurado says. The idea of an unadorned album became its own medium in his mind, like a painter who sets down his brushes and instead opts for charcoal pencils instead.

                          “There is nothing left to hide,” Jurado sings on “Lincoln,” which opens the record. It’s something of a thesis statement for these songs. Everything here is clear and laid bare, two-tone, like the drawing Jurado crafted for the record’s cover. Originally written for 2000’s The Ghost of David, “Lincoln” was shelved and forgotten about until Damien came across it on an old cassette tape. The discovery inspired him to go about gathering up songs that had never found proper homes. As a result, In the Shape of a Storm is like an archive of previously abandoned songs. Damien Jurado’s discography is filled with songs written as miniature movies, cinematic vignettes that capture people, the places they are from, and where they are going. In the Shape of a Storm is his first black and white picture. It’s both a snapshot of two hours in a California recording studio and a document spanning 19 years and a life of music. It is the sound of a singer pouring out possible futures and visions. “I believe songs have their own time and place,” Jurado says. For these ten, that time has finally come.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Andy says: Voice, guitar and glorious song-craft. Damien distilled.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Lincoln
                          2. Newspaper Gown
                          3. Oh Weather
                          4. South
                          5. Throw Me Now Your Arms
                          6. Where You Want Me To Be
                          7.Silver Ball
                          8. The Shape Of A Storm
                          9. Anchors
                          10. Hands On The Table

                          The final recordings made by Robert Fisher and his band before his untimely death on February 12th 2017. The album was completed before his death but the tapes have only recently been dusted down and brought to life with the care and attention of his longtime compadre David Michael Curry.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Barry says: Fisher's tender voice shines brightly on this posthumous final work from Willard Grant Conspiracy. The slowly crescentic beauty of 'Chasing Rabbits' or the simple plucking of 'Love You Apart' are just a couple stunners on this brilliant final testament to the talents of this superb musician.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Hideous Beast
                          2. Do No Harm
                          3. All We Have Left
                          4. 26 Turns
                          5. Chasing Rabbits
                          6. Let The Storm Be Your Pilot
                          7. Love You Apart
                          8. Margaret On The Porch
                          9. Saturday With Jane
                          10. Two Step
                          11. I Could Not
                          12. Share The Load
                          13. Untethered
                          14. Trail’s End

                          Israel Nash


                            Texas’ genre-bending rock ‘n’ roller Israel Nash presents his latest long play, Lifted. It is a modern day hippie-spiritual, a tonic for those needing to put aside the mess of the daily grind. With luscious beds of strings, horns and well adorned towering walls of sound, Lifted finds Nash continuing his tradition of creating a sonic experience of feeling that is at once both vast and intimate - soaring and untamed at times, placid and sincerely personal at others. Inspired by methods pioneered by John Cage, Nash randomised sounds and music and rearranged them according to the I Ching (The Book of Changes). Utilising these recording and tracking techniques help create a sonic and very present picture of Nash’s Texas Hill Country home and his life. Accompanied by his longtime band, with arrangements by Jesse Chandler (Mercury Rev, Midlake), horns by members of Austin’s cumbia/funk compadre’s Grupo Fantasma, and strings from Kelsey Wilson and Sadie Wolf of indie pop’s Wild Child, Nash, alongside co-producer and engineer Ted Young (Kurt Vile, The Rolling Stones), presents an album that soars as a masterwork of American roots songs, meticulously crafted and gently sprinkled with life meaning and multi-hued rock and psychedelia.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Rolling On (Intro)
                            2. Rolling On
                            3. Looking Glass
                            4. Lucky Ones
                            5. Sweet Springs (Intro)
                            6. Sweet Springs
                            7. Spiritfalls
                            8. Northwest Stars (Out Of Tacoma)
                            9. Hillsides
                            10. The Widow
                            11. Strong Was The Night
                            12. Golden Fleeces

                            Jim White

                            Waffles, Triangles & Jesus

                              Jim White gets around. When he’s not releasing his own critically acclaimed solo albums he splits his time producing records for other songwriters, exhibiting his visual art in galleries and museums across the USA & Europe and publishing award winning fiction. His sixth solo studio album, the bizarrely titled Waffles, Triangles & Jesus, is a mind-bending joy ride of sonic influences featuring a bevy of his hometown Athens’ roots musicians, plus west coast indie darlings Dead Rock West, and rock and roll maverick Holly Golightly.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: Here we get Jim white tackling at least two out of the three tropes associated with that there Americana (maybe triangles will be the next big thing). Whilst he may not be the first to tackle the subjects, he does it with a aplomb. Witty ruminations, catchy tunemongering and straight-out vibes. Excellent stuff.

                              Courtney Marie Andrews

                              On My Page

                                Re-issue of Courtney's debut album.

                                For a decade or so since Courtney’s been a session and backup singer and guitarist for nearly 40 artists – from Jimmy Eat World to Damien Jurado - but she never stopped writing her own material. With plans to settle down for a bit and focus on her own songs, Courtney moved to Seattle in 2011 and recorded her last full-length record On My Page. However, the record had hardly been released before she was on the road again performing other artists’ songs, eventually leading her overseas to play guitar and sing with Belgian star Milow. It was during this time that Courtney also wrote many of the songs on Honest Life.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Woman Of Many Colors
                                2. This Time
                                3. It Keeps Going
                                4. Blue Woman
                                5. Haven't Seen It
                                6. 500 Nights
                                7. Fall City
                                8. Paintings From Michael
                                9. On My Page
                                10. Left-Handed Angel

                                Ian Felice

                                In The Kingdom Of Dreams

                                  In The Kingdom Of Dreams is the debut solo album from Ian Felice of The Felice Brothers. The album was recorded in his childhood home of Palenville NY, with his brother Simone Felice on production duties. Simone produced and co-wrote recent hit albums from The Lumineers and Bat For Lashes. On the album, Ian was joined by fellow Felice Brothers James Felice on keys, Simone Felice on drums and Josh Rawson on bass. The Felice Brothers was conceived in 2006 after the recording of Iantown, a 10 song album of Ian’s first songs recorded in one night in January of 2006. In The Kingdom of Dreams is a collection of songs Ian wrote in 2016 and recorded over the course of 4 days in February of 2017, with his brother Simone at the helm.

                                  Danny & The Champions Of The World

                                  Brilliant Light

                                  Brilliant Light, the follow-up to 2015’s award winning album ‘What Kind Of Love’, features 18 songs over two CDs/LPs. Swift Street is the first song to be shared from Brilliant Light. The song is deeply personal to Danny George Wilson who co-wrote it with Polly Paulusma and Carra Bacon. “Swift Street is the house where my mother grew up’’, Danny tells us.“The song is about 3 different photographs – one of me and my brothers playing in a billy cart in the driveway, the second is of my grandfather aged 14 standing with his mother outside his childhood home in Aberdeen – he left for Australia after the Second World War. The third is of my folks in the garden of the house in Swift Street before they left to live in London. Each photograph takes a verse. I was nervous about my mum hearing it, but she loves it.’’

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Disc: 1
                                  1. Waiting For The Right Time
                                  2. Bring Me To My Knees
                                  3. It Hit Me
                                  4. You'll Remember Me
                                  5. Swift Street
                                  6. Consider Me
                                  7. Coley Point
                                  8. It's Just A Game (That We Were Playing)
                                  9. Never In The Moment
                                  10. Gotta Get Things Right In My Life

                                  Disc: 2
                                  1. Waiting For The Wheels To Come Off
                                  2. Don't Walk Away
                                  3. Hey Don’t Lose Your Nerve
                                  4. Everything We Need
                                  5. Let The Water Wash Over You (Don't You Know)
                                  6. Long Distance Tears
                                  7. The Circus Made The Town
                                  8. Flying By The Seat Of Our Pants

                                  Bonus Album: 'Photogene' (Indies Exclusive 3CD & 3LP Editions Only):
                                  1. Brixton Market
                                  2. Cathedral Rocks
                                  3. Jeffrey Street
                                  4. Tomorrow's Another Day
                                  5. Herne Hill
                                  6. Sunblinded
                                  7. Granville Arcade
                                  8. The Effra Coffin
                                  9. Just A Game Reprise
                                  10. Gonna Be Alright
                                  11. Columbia Road Market

                                  Courtney Marie Andrews

                                  Honest Life

                                    After a decade spent at the height of the music industry, touring solo and with large pop bands, Courtney Marie Andrews has realised her desire for a place to come home to. She found that in a small rural town in the deep forests of Washington. There, she posted up at a local bar, slinging drinks, basking in the simplicity and reflection it allowed. She has emerged with a new fire on Honest Life, melding indie-folk and Americana with a rebellious country flavour reminiscent of her Southwestern roots.

                                    Honest Life is the culmination of Andrews' life on the road, absorbing the stories, traditions and heartbreaks along the way. The songs on Honest Life touch on personal coming-of-age stories ("Rookie Dreaming"), the stunning beauty of resiliency ("How Quickly Your Heart Mends"), take-no-shit self-determination anthems ("Irene"), and thoughts on how to accept emotions like loneliness and vulnerability in your life ("Table for One"). Andrews' heart-wrenching songwriting and crystal-clear vocal style are as captivating as they are invigorating. It's no wonder Ryan Adams called Andrews "a phenomenal songwriter." True to her own vision, Andrews produced the entire record herself and recorded it at Litho Studios in Seattle with recording engineer Floyd Reitsma, whose recent credits include Noah Gundersen and Pearl Jam.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Barry says: A beautifully rendered and heartfelt collection of Americana anthems and soulful country, all topped by Andrews' powerful and immensely emotive voice. Pristinely produced, relentlessly melodic and irresistibly enduring.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. Rookie Dreaming
                                    2. Not The End
                                    3. Irene
                                    4. How Quickly Your Heart Mends
                                    5. Let The Good One Go
                                    6. Honest Life
                                    7. Table For One
                                    8. Put The Fire Out
                                    9. 15 Highway Lines
                                    10. Only In My Mind

                                    Danny & The Champions Of The World

                                    Stay True

                                      ‘Stay True’ is the fourth album from Danny & The Champions Of The World. It's also Danny George Wilson’s eleventh album which includes six long players from the much loved Grand Drive plus a solo outing (as Danny George Wilson) entitled ‘Famous Mad Mile’. Danny has been touring the world and making critically acclaimed records for nearly 20 years now, the first Grand Drive release was on Loose back in 1997.

                                      ‘Stay True’ was recorded this year over five days at North London’s Reservoir Studios with Champs bass player Chris Clarke (ex Rockingbirds) and Danny at the helm. Danny describes the scene: “catching sleep on the control room sofa, recording deep into the night, friends and musicians dropping by, inspired by the great soul, country and rock n roll of Stax, Muscle Shoals, The Band, Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham, Dion DiMucci, Van Morrison…Ronnie Lane meets Ronnie Spector!”

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