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Miss Lana Rebel

All I Need

    Late-night porch-sittin', whiskey-sippin', cowboy-kissin' music from northwest country queen Lana Rebel. Lana started her musical adventures playing bass in a math-metal band called Last Of The Juanitas, but it wasn't until she started strumming along to the likes of Willie Nelson and Lefty Frizzell that she found her true calling. Lana comes on like a switchblade toting Loretta Lynne, delivering a series of songs that recall the early output of a mountain-bound Dolly Parton, with the don't-mess-with-me attitude of a punk rock Patsy Cline and still easily drawing comparisons to the contemporary sounds of Mary Gauthier and Lucinda Williams.

    Texas’ genre-bending rock ‘n’ roller Israel Nash presents his latest long play, Lifted. It is a modern day hippie-spiritual, a tonic for those needing to put aside the mess of the daily grind. With luscious beds of strings, horns and well adorned towering walls of sound, Lifted finds Nash continuing his tradition of creating a sonic experience of feeling that is at once both vast and intimate - soaring and untamed at times, placid and sincerely personal at others. Inspired by methods pioneered by John Cage, Nash randomised sounds and music and rearranged them according to the I Ching (The Book of Changes). Utilising these recording and tracking techniques help create a sonic and very present picture of Nash’s Texas Hill Country home and his life. Accompanied by his longtime band, with arrangements by Jesse Chandler (Mercury Rev, Midlake), horns by members of Austin’s cumbia/funk compadre’s Grupo Fantasma, and strings from Kelsey Wilson and Sadie Wolf of indie pop’s Wild Child, Nash, alongside co-producer and engineer Ted Young (Kurt Vile, The Rolling Stones), presents an album that soars as a masterwork of American roots songs, meticulously crafted and gently sprinkled with life meaning and multi-hued rock and psychedelia.


    Indies Exclusive LP Info: Indies exclusive on heavyweight blue vinyl.

    The highly anticipated follow up to Courtney Marie Andrews' critically acclaimed 2017 breakthrough album, Honest Life.
    Courtney Marie Andrews’ new full-length album, May Your Kindness Remain, will be released March 23 on Loose in the UK & Europe and Fat Possum Records/Mama Bird Recording Co. in the USA. In advance of the release, the album’s title track is premiered as part of NPR Music’s “Songs We Love” series.
    Produced by Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Tom Waits), the album was recorded over eight days at a rented house-turned-studio in L.A.
    UK fans fell for Courtney’s breakthrough album Honest Life last year, when as the BBC put it, she became an “overnight success” after 10 years trying to break into the business. UK media such as The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times compared her music to the work of classic artists such as Guy Clark, John Prine, Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt and Glen Campbell alongside modern references such as Laura Marling and Julie Byrne. The album became one of the biggest breakthrough records of 2017 in the UK, with 4-5 star reviews from publications including Daily Telegraph, Uncut, Mojo and Q Magazine, as well as reaching #1 on the Official U.K. Americana Chart Independent Album Breakers Chart. In April 2017, Andrews made her debut on the BBC’s legendary “Later…With Jools Holland” programme.


    Barry says: A beautiful mix of deep Americana, new country and the forward thrust of todays melodic indie, Courtney Marie Andrews has not failed to impress yet, and 'May Your Kindness...' is no different. Stunning.


    Coloured LP Info: Indies exclusive gold vinyl edition.

    Jim White

    Waffles, Triangles & Jesus

      Jim White gets around. When he’s not releasing his own critically acclaimed solo albums he splits his time producing records for other songwriters, exhibiting his visual art in galleries and museums across the USA & Europe and publishing award winning fiction. His sixth solo studio album, the bizarrely titled Waffles, Triangles & Jesus, is a mind-bending joy ride of sonic influences featuring a bevy of his hometown Athens’ roots musicians, plus west coast indie darlings Dead Rock West, and rock and roll maverick Holly Golightly.


      Barry says: Here we get Jim white tackling at least two out of the three tropes associated with that there Americana (maybe triangles will be the next big thing). Whilst he may not be the first to tackle the subjects, he does it with a aplomb. Witty ruminations, catchy tunemongering and straight-out vibes. Excellent stuff.

      Courtney Marie Andrews

      On My Page

        Re-issue of Courtney's debut album.

        For a decade or so since Courtney’s been a session and backup singer and guitarist for nearly 40 artists – from Jimmy Eat World to Damien Jurado - but she never stopped writing her own material. With plans to settle down for a bit and focus on her own songs, Courtney moved to Seattle in 2011 and recorded her last full-length record On My Page. However, the record had hardly been released before she was on the road again performing other artists’ songs, eventually leading her overseas to play guitar and sing with Belgian star Milow. It was during this time that Courtney also wrote many of the songs on Honest Life.


        LP includes MP3 Download Code.

        Ian Felice

        In The Kingdom Of Dreams

          In The Kingdom Of Dreams is the debut solo album from Ian Felice of The Felice Brothers. The album was recorded in his childhood home of Palenville NY, with his brother Simone Felice on production duties. Simone produced and co-wrote recent hit albums from The Lumineers and Bat For Lashes. On the album, Ian was joined by fellow Felice Brothers James Felice on keys, Simone Felice on drums and Josh Rawson on bass. The Felice Brothers was conceived in 2006 after the recording of Iantown, a 10 song album of Ian’s first songs recorded in one night in January of 2006. In The Kingdom of Dreams is a collection of songs Ian wrote in 2016 and recorded over the course of 4 days in February of 2017, with his brother Simone at the helm.

          Danny & The Champions Of The World

          Brilliant Light

          Brilliant Light, the follow-up to 2015’s award winning album ‘What Kind Of Love’, features 18 songs over two CDs/LPs. Swift Street is the first song to be shared from Brilliant Light. The song is deeply personal to Danny George Wilson who co-wrote it with Polly Paulusma and Carra Bacon. “Swift Street is the house where my mother grew up’’, Danny tells us.“The song is about 3 different photographs – one of me and my brothers playing in a billy cart in the driveway, the second is of my grandfather aged 14 standing with his mother outside his childhood home in Aberdeen – he left for Australia after the Second World War. The third is of my folks in the garden of the house in Swift Street before they left to live in London. Each photograph takes a verse. I was nervous about my mum hearing it, but she loves it.’’


          3xIndies Exclusive LP Info: Double LP plus bonus "Photogene" LP.

          After a decade spent at the height of the music industry, touring solo and with large pop bands, Courtney Marie Andrews has realised her desire for a place to come home to. She found that in a small rural town in the deep forests of Washington. There, she posted up at a local bar, slinging drinks, basking in the simplicity and reflection it allowed. She has emerged with a new fire on Honest Life, melding indie-folk and Americana with a rebellious country flavour reminiscent of her Southwestern roots.

          Honest Life is the culmination of Andrews' life on the road, absorbing the stories, traditions and heartbreaks along the way. The songs on Honest Life touch on personal coming-of-age stories ("Rookie Dreaming"), the stunning beauty of resiliency ("How Quickly Your Heart Mends"), take-no-shit self-determination anthems ("Irene"), and thoughts on how to accept emotions like loneliness and vulnerability in your life ("Table for One"). Andrews' heart-wrenching songwriting and crystal-clear vocal style are as captivating as they are invigorating. It's no wonder Ryan Adams called Andrews "a phenomenal songwriter." True to her own vision, Andrews produced the entire record herself and recorded it at Litho Studios in Seattle with recording engineer Floyd Reitsma, whose recent credits include Noah Gundersen and Pearl Jam.


          Barry says: A beautifully rendered and heartfelt collection of Americana anthems and soulful country, all topped by Andrews' powerful and immensely emotive voice. Pristinely produced, relentlessly melodic and irresistibly enduring.

          The Handsome Family's new album "Unseen" is their first since TV show True Detective used their song, “Far From Any Road” as its opening theme. Unseen is 10 songs by a couple both world-famous and happily invisible. Each song on the record has a guiding colour—gold, silver, green, red, white. Rennie is also a painter known for her vivid and surprising use of colour, and she finds herself painting even when her brushes are made of words. The stories of Unseen are mostly inspired by real events— “Gold” began when a bunch of twenty-dollar bills blew in Brett’s face in a parking-lot dust storm. “Gentlemen,” is a tribute to William Crookes who built the first vacuum tube in 1875, hoping to detect spirits from unseen dimensions. And “Tiny Tina”— Rennie still hasn’t seen that little horse. Unseen is about the light that emanates from things we can’t see— behind “The Red Door,” in the empty hands of blackjack losers (“The Silver Light”), and amidst desert bones bleaching in the sun (“King of Dust”).

          The Sparks’ music is steeped in the western gothic of New Mexico life. The unseen is powerful here. Nothing rusts, but entire oceans have disappeared. Ski masks mean robberies, but in the slow dive of the sun, enormous bugs awaken in thorny yards and unseen sirens and coyotes cry out to the purple sky. Just about anywhere you stand there’s been some blood drawn.


          Indies Exclusive LP Info: LP is 180g transparent green vinyl with download code, and also includes signed art print. Indies exclusive version includes a 'Best Of' CD.

          2xIndies Exclusive CD Info: Indies exclusive version includes a 'Best Of' CD.

          The Handsome Family


          Wild animals, tall tales, and folk-lore from American history populate Wilderness - the 9th studio album from New Mexico's Handsome Family. Recorded at home in Albuquerque and at the Wilco Loft in Chicago it's a record that finds husband & wife duo Brett & Rennie Sparks blending Appalachian holler, psych-rock and Tin Pan Alley inspired melodies to conjure up a world where David Attenborough meets David Lynch in a Honky-Tonk bar at midnight.

          “Ghost Republic” is the first album from Willard Grant Conspiracy since “Paper Covers Stone” (2009) and the first album of entirely new music since “Pilgrim Road” (2008). The album was written and recorded in Massachusetts by David Michael Curry and Robert Fisher of Willard Grant Conspiracy.

          Managing at turns to sound skeletal, fully fleshed and all stages in-between, this is elemental music that does not fear simplicity. The songs are so intimate that it often seems like being inside the heads of the musicians while the songs were being written, illuminated by the beauty of the interplay of viola and guitars.

          The Felice Brothers

          Fire At The Pageant

          Described by The Guardian as a “clattering, accordion-fuelled drama” with “a snatch of oldschool hip-hop scratching”, ‘Fire At The Pageant’ is the opening track from the band’s highly praised fourth album ‘Celebration, Florida’.

          The Mendoza Line

          Full Of Light And Full Of Fire

          Seven albums into their career, The Mendoza Line's rollicking sound is unmistakable. "Full Of Light And Full Of Fire" doesn't alter much of the Mendoza Line's musical blueprint. An elaborate alchemy of classic sounds with contemporary pop sensibility, recalling in equal measure the passion and soul of early Pretenders, the wrecked majesty of Harry Nilsson's "Pussy Cats" album, and the humour and indignation of the great Mekons, it's a meditation on the abuse of power and those who are left in its wake: the spiritually and economically disenfranchised, the isolated and ruined, those who are lost or are simply trying to disappear.

          Horse Stories

          Everyone's A Photographer

          Prior to beginning work on album three Australian born mainman Toby Burke had toured with Joanna Newsom and Hayden and just released his solo album "Winsome Lonesome". He decided that for the next Horse Stories release he wanted to somehow combine the band's trademark sparse sound with extra layers of harmony and instrumentation. To this end he recruited the services of Black Heart Procession's Pall Jenkins as producer and along with band members Clinton Stapleton and Beth Balmer decamped to Pall's Stereo Disguise Recording Laboratories in San Diego and began work on the album. Burke had already collaborated with Jenkins on the score of a documentary and knew that he was more than capable of producing a deceptively subtle sound while still delivering a raw sonic power punch – a fact more than evident throughout this release.


          Had A Burning

          Follow up to his critically acclaimed debut album "Tadpoles", which was one of Mojo magazines Americana albums of the year last year.


          Water Hymns

          "Water Hymns" has the feel of a band holed up for the summer in the deep south, languidly spinning back porch tales in the late afternoon. Many of John's stories of lust and redemption could easily be mistaken for a collaboration between Messrs Cave & Oldham.

          Mary Lou Lord

          Baby Blue

          A native of Salem, Massachusetts, Lord moved to London to study audio engineering after attending Boston's Berklee School of Music. In London, she performed with her acoustic guitar constantly in subways and on city sidewalks, interpreting the songs of artists she loved: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Nick Drake, to name a few. Upon returning to Boston, Lord caught the attention of indie label Kill Rock Stars, for whom she went on to record a series of singles and EPs. She garnered immense praise not only from critics, but also from such notable fellow artists as Kurt Cobain, Elliott Smith, and Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill. In 1998, Lord released her one and only major label recording, "Got No Shadow'". "Baby Blue" marks Lord's return to record-making after a three-year hiatus and this new outing finds Lord backed by a full band for the first time since her 1998 release.

          Wiskey Biscuit

          Wiskey Biscuit

          LA's Wiskey Biscuit take us on a juiced-up jaunt through the city's seedy underbelly, crunching away with two and three chord vamps, lurching between heartfelt cowboy serenades, primitive garage thrash and stone free dub rock.

          The Arlenes / The Corb Lund Band

          Stuck On Love / Five Dollar Bill

            Third release in the Loose Recordings Vinyl Junkie series. Numbered 7", limited to 500 copies. One side features The Arlenes "Stuck On Love" from the wonderful debut album of the same name. The flip has a track from the forthcoming Corb Lund Band album.

            Vera Cruise

            Come Alone And Fall Apart

            Glasgow's Vera Cruise follow up their limited edition split single and their debut single proper with their much anticipated debut album. Described by Everett True as 'Scotland's answer to Nirvana'!

            Vera Cruise

            Keep All The Lies

            Having recently released a limited edition split 7" with Wiskey Biscuit, Glasgow's Vera Cruise now release their first proper single. Described by Everett True as 'Scotland's answer to Nirvana'!

            Ashley Park

            The American Scene

            Beautiful second album from Vancouver's Ashley Park, and they have delivered another glimpse into the cinematic Americana world of singer / songwriter Terry Miles. The sound ranges from languid Neil Young / Mercury Rev / Mojave 3 type meanderings to Belle & Sebastian / Stereolab driftings, right into Nancy and Lee style duets.

            Hawksley Workman

            For Him And The Girls

            Reissue of the debut album from this Canadian rising star. Described in Mojo as "A staggeringly impressive collection of songs...."

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