Angelica Rockne

The Rose Society

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“It took a few trips through the underworld, and cutting through the illusory to arrive at a more ripened version of true love and freedom.” Sitting amongst the fruit orchards of Corralitos, California, Angelica Rockne reflects on the recent past. Her forthcoming album “The Rose Society” has been in a process of distillation for five years now. “It sounds like a lifetime,” she remarks, “but really it’s been equally ephemeral as it has been eternal.” Going through some of life’s greatest rites of passage and the accompanying gravity of their transformations will do that to you.


1. Age Of The Voyeur
2. The Rose Society
3. The Distance Is High
4. White Cadillac
5. Protection, Prayers And Vigilance
6. Crystalline
7. The Undoing
8. Path Of The Rose
9. Ripe To Ruin
10. The Night Dreams Of You

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