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Nubiyan Twist

Jungle Run - 2024 Repress

    Now one of the leading lights in the UK’s new generation of soulful, genre-fluid artists, the Leeds-born and now London-based 12-piece collective have created their finest recordings to date, effortlessly weaving together elements of jazz, soul, hip hop, African styles, Latin, dub, hip hop and electronics in a flow of thought-provoking and life-affirming music.

    Recorded at the band’s own self-built Henwood Studio in rural Oxfordshire, the album effortlessly moves through different voices from the band’s circle. The inimitable, timeless vocals of Nubiya Brandon lead the way on the album’s title track about breaking preconceptions and promoting equality, “Where you from? I’m from wherever I be.” Saxophonist Nick Richards vocals the killer first single from the album about inner turmoil and a search for the truth, ‘Tell It To Me Slowly’ while rising Ghanaian star K.O.G. appears on the Afro jams ‘Basa Basa’ and ‘They Talk’. Percussionist Pilo Adami (Nina Miranda / Afrosamba) voices the infectious bossa-jazz jam ‘Borders’. The band also draft in two African legends for guest duties with the original Afrobeat maestro Tony Allen on ‘Ghosts’ and Ethio jazz pioneer Mulatu Astatke contributing vibes on the sinuous ‘Addis To London’. “The depth of talent and ideas that every member of this group has brought to the table for this album is incredible,” says producer and orchestrator Tom Excell. “Conceptually, ‘Jungle Run’ is all about connecting different people and cultures whilst exploring the journey of individuals. This album is the pinnacle of everything we have done to date and to collaborate with the godfathers of Afrobeat and Ethio Jazz and celebrate their music in a modern context was very humbling.”

    The album is another landmark for a band that has been consistently developing their sound since their formation in 2015 at Leeds College Of Music. ”One of the biggest factors in our sound was the exciting music scene in Leeds,’ explains saxman Joe Henwood. “From a reggae night called ‘Sub Dub’ to venues playing whacked out experimental jazz.” Since then, the band’s self-titled debut album (2015), EP ‘Siren Song’ (2016) and single ‘Dance Inna London’ (2017) have become classics in their own right and their live show has become an essential ticket; previous live highlights have included high profile slots at David Byrne’s Meltdown at the South Bank and Glastonbury West Holts


    A1. Tell It To Me Slowly Feat. Nick Richards
    A2. Jungle Run Feat. Nubiya Brandon
    B1. Basa Basa Feat. K.O.G.
    B2. Brother Feat. Nubiya Brandon
    C1. Borders Feat. Pilo Adami
    C2. Permission Feat. Nubiya Brandon
    C3. Addis To London Feat. Mulatu Astatke
    D1. Ghosts Feat. Nick Richards
    D2. They Talk Feat. K.O.G.
    D3. Sugar Cane Feat. Nubiya Brandon

    Fields Of The Nephilim

    Burning The Fields LP (RSD24 EDITION)



      The Slits

      In The Beginning (RSD24 EDITION)



        UK Subs

        UK Subversives (The Fall Out Singles Collection) (RSD24 EDITION)



          Joel Gion

          In The Jingle Jangle Jungle Keeping Time With The Brian Jonestown Massacre

            The memoir from Joel Gion, the tambourine playing frontman of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, one of the great contemporary cult American rock and roll bands.

            The Brian Jonestown Massacre are one of the great contemporary cult American rock and roll bands. At the peak of their anarchic reign in the San Francisco underground of the mid '90s their psychedelic output was almost as prodigious and impressive as their narcotic intake. Immortalised in one of the most unforgettable rock and roll documentaries of all time, DIG! alongside their friends/rivals/nemeses, The Dandy Warhol's, in their early years when the US were obsessed with grunge, the BJM felt like a '60s anachronism. But with albums like Their Satanic Majesties Second Request and Thank God for Mental Illness, and incendiary, often chaotic, live shows, they burnished their legend as true believers and custodians of the original west coast flame; a privilege and responsibility which continues to this day when the band have a bigger and more dedicated audience than ever.

            Joel Gion's memoir tells the story of the first ten years of the band from the Duke Seat. A righteous account of the hazards and pleasures of life on and off the road, In the Jingle Jangle Jungle takes use behind the scenes of the supposed behind the scenes film that cemented the band's legend. Funny as hell, shot through with the innocence and wonder of a 'percussionist' whose true role is that of the band's 'spirit animal', In the Jingle Jangle Jungle is destined to take its place alongside cult classics in the pantheon of rock and roll literature like Playing the Bass with Three Left Hands, Head On, and 45 by Bill Drummond. It will also feature a foreword by Anton Newcombe, fellow member and founder of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

            Congo Natty

            Jungle Revolution - 10th Anniversary Edition

              Congo Natty aka Rebel MC has a career dating back to his early hit with Double Trouble, 'Street Tuff', but is probably most respected as one of the pioneers of Jungle.

              'Jungle Revolution' features Benny Page (on the straight up
              ragga-jungle of 'UK Allstars'), Vital Elements (the 150bpm anthem 'Jah Warriors' and 'Jungle Is I and I'), Serial Killaz (the pure roots bounce and rinse out of 'Get Ready') and Boyson & Crooks (creeping technoid
              paranoia on 'London Dungeons') and was mixed with Adrian Sherwood.

              The LP clearly lays out the way in which Congo Natty sees Jungle as a re-boot of roots reggae for a new century. Full of blood and fire, the sternum-buzz of sub-bass, rapid fire drum breaks, sweet hooks, righteous anger and
              professions of love, it’s the kind of passionate, committed, raw and spiritual, beautiful record that doesn’t come along that often.

              Originally released in June 2013, the 10th anniversary edition comprises 2LP yellow and green vinyl cased in a reflective gold sleeve with the same artwork as the original. Download code included. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: 10 years since its original release and I have to say this is sounding as fresh and fiery as ever. Combining the gamut of Jamaican influences with a jungle-centric aesthetic, its a near perfect example of the ragga-jungle style. A classic!

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Jungle Souljah
              2. UK Allstars
              3. Revolution
              4. Get Ready
              5. Jah Warriors
              6. Nu Beginingz
              7. Jungle Is I And I
              8. London Dungeons
              9. Rebel
              10. Micro Chip (Say No)

              Play Dead

              John Peel Sessions At The BBC

                It features ten tracks, four of which were never recorded elsewhere and early versions of some of their most popular songs such as The Tenant and Propaganda. Between 1980-85 they grew into one of the UK’s leading postpunk bands with regular indie chart hits and a large loyal live following. The Peel Sessions helped with their exposure alongside extensive gigging (with UK Decay, Sex Gang Children, Killing Joke, The Cult and more), subsequent headline tours in their own right and a live spot on the UK’s top music TV programme, The Tube.

                ‘VOLCANO’ follows Jungle’s previous album ‘Loving In Stereo’, which proved to be a landmark moment for the acclaimed UK duo. It achieved their highest domestic UK chart position to date debuting at #3, while also achieving their best ever album chart positions in key international territories such as Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands; and in the US it catapulted to #1 on the Billboard Dance Albums chart which led to major Arena shows as guests to Billie Eilish.

                The free-spirited energy that runs right through ‘VOLCANO’ reflects how organically it came together. J and T had written most of the record on tour before starting the recording process while staying in an Airbnb in Los Angeles. It was later completed back home in London at their favourite location, Studio B at Metropolis Studios. This time around, the duo wanted to include a wider variety of voices within the album. In addition to Erick The Architect, they reunited with Bas (who previously featured on the ‘Loving In Stereo’ single ‘Romeo’) for ‘Pretty Little Thing’, as well as calling on talents in the shape of Roots Manuva, Channel Tres and JNR Williams.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Maisy says: With a discography that has consistently pushed creative boundaries with the integration of visual art into their already artistic albums, Jungle presents an amazing fourth studio album, ‘Volcano’, as a testament to their enduring musical journey. A great sound built upon funk and soul, the duo has seamlessly woven contrasting segments of hip hop and disco throughout the album, profoundly amplified by the album’s essential collaborators like, Erik the Architect and Bas. Midway through, the single “Back on 74” makes a name for itself with its gorgeous vocals by Lydia Kitto. It brings the listeners to a place of nostalgia of young summer afternoons, which was the production duo’s aim of the story-telling album. Giving us a thirst for house and disco, this album effortlessly provides a feel-good soundtrack for any chosen activities, from reminiscing on those times of 70s soul (“Dominoes”) to shimmying to euphoric disco choruses!

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Us Against The World
                2. Holding On
                3. Candle Flame - Jungle, The Architect
                4. Dominoes
                5. I've Been In Love - Jungle Featuring Channel Tres
                6. Back On 74
                7. You Ain't No Celebrity - Jungle Featuring Roots Manuva
                8. Coming Back
                9. Don't Play - Jungle Featuring Mood Talk
                10. Every Night
                11. Problemz
                12. Good At Breaking Hearts
                13. Palm Trees
                14. Pretty Little Thing - Jungle Featuring Bas

                The Double

                Relaxin In The Jungle

                  Brand new 7-inch from the incredible duo The Double. Their first release since their debut album Dawn Of The Double in 2016. The Double are Emmett Kelly and Jim White—two dudes with resumes so massive it's not even worth bothering to try and drop names. For the recording session that produced this single they brought in bassist Matt Lux. The music The Double make is rhythmic, hypnotic and percussive. Says The Double of this new single, “after the Dance Craze, we took off to go relax in the jungle with our buddy Matt Lux”.

                  The Adicts

                  Fifth Overture (RSD23 EDITION)


                    Limited edition yellow vinyl of The Adicts’ fourth studio album. Released on RSD2023.

                    Not since the 1980’s has this album been available on vinyl!
                    Now with a new inner bag, lyrics and a previously unseen colour photo session.

                    The Adicts came from Ipswich on the east coast of England, dressed in white in an amalgam of The Joker and Clockwork Orange imagery. Their previous two LPs had made a big impact in the UK, with singles entering the lower reaches of the national charts on Sire Records – (who insisted they change their provocative punky name to ADX or The Fun Adicts when on children's TV!). 

                    The March Violets

                    Made Glorious (RSD23 EDITION)



                      The very first time on vinyl for The March Violets’ ‘difficult’ debut album!

                      Limited edition in PURPLE vinyl in gatefold sleeve with lyric sheet released on RSD2023. 

                      Originally from Leeds in the early 80’s – label-mates of Sisters of Mercy.

                      THE MARCH VIOLETS came out of Leeds in the early 80’s, label-mates of Sisters of Mercy. Constantly at the heights of the UK indie singles charts, the singles became the foundation of LP compilations in the UK and USA. Signing to a major, they featured in the John Hughes’ Some Kind of Wonderful movie with two songs, but split up before an album was completed.

                      Twenty-five years later they reformed, touring the UK and USA, and at last completed their first album, Made Glorious along with a video of ‘Dandelion King’ via a well over-subscribed Pledge Music campaign in 2013. Fans got access to a very limited CD and download, but sadly various events conspired to stop a planned vinyl production. Here at last is the long-awaited ‘difficult first album’ on vinyl from The March Violets! 

                      Little Beaver

                      Concrete Jungle

                        Dynamite cuts 45s series is proud to release this classic rare groove dancer by the one and only Little Beaver. "Concrete Jungle" & "I Just love the way you do your thing" both taken from the "When was the last time" album and first time on 7" vinyl. The iconic sleeves and release are now added the our amazing 7" series of Muiscal delights.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Concrete Jungle
                        2. I Just Love The Way You Do Your Thing2

                        Jungle Brothers

                        I Got U - 2023 Reissue

                          First time on vinyl for this slept-on 2006 LP from legendary NY hip hop group the Jungle Brothers, 'I Got U' is reissued as a coloured audiophile grade double LP (Opaque Baby Blue & Opaque Brown) remastered and rereleased with additional tracks

                          The Jungle Bros make an eclectic stylistic voyage stopping off at house music, via Afrocentric philosophies, James Brown, as well as the use of jazz samples, on 'I Got U'.

                          Jungle Brothers comprised of Michael Small (Mike Gee), Nathaniel Hall (Afrika Baby Bam), and Sammy Burwell (DJ Sammy B), are known as the pioneers of the fusion of jazz, hip- hop, and house music. they were the first hip- hop group to collaborate with a house-music producer.

                          The trio released their debut album, Straight Out The Jungle in July 1988. Their hip- house club hit single, "I'll House You" was added to the album in late-1988 reissues. Fostered by Kool DJ Red Alert, the Jungle Brothers influential work paved the way for acts such as De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and eventually the Native Tongues collective that they founded.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Back On The Road
                          Beats On A String
                          Come Down
                          My Streets On Fire
                          Ital Stew (Skeewif Mix)
                          I Got You
                          Take It Back
                          We Love You JB's
                          Ital Stew (Original Mix)
                          Call Me
                          I Got U (Original Mix)
                          New Day Comin'
                          The Brothers

                          Play Dead

                          The Collection

                            PLAY DEAD release a career-spanning anthology, a CD digipak with sixteen of their most essential tracks plus a ten-track limited-edition blue vinyl LP (Inner bag with unseen photos and notes by Adi Vine)

                            Between 1980-1985 they grew into one of the UK’s leading post-punk bands with regular indie chart hits and a large loyal live following. They built up through exposure from three John Peel sessions, extensive gigging (with UK Decay, Sex Gang Children, Killing Joke, The Cult and more), subsequently headlining UK and EU tours in their own right and landing a live spot on the UK’s top music TV programme, The Tube. 

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Burning Down
                            Sin Of Sins
                            Time (cd Only)
                            Chains (cd Only)
                            Pale Fire (cd Only)
                            Gaze (cd Only)
                            This Side Of Heaven
                            Conspiracy (cd Only)
                            Company Of Justice (cd Only)
                            The Tenant


                            Subterranean Jungle - 2023 Reissue

                              40th Anniversary of the seventh Ramones album. Subterranean Jungle marked a return to the roots of the band. Includes "Time Has Come Today."


                              Good Times / Problemz (Black Friday 22 Edition)



                                Jungle’s 2014 self-titled debut album was a Mercury Prize nominee and is now Gold-certified, while their 2018 follow-up, For Ever, reached #10 on the UK Albums Chart. In 2021 the duo released Loving In Stereo—their highest-charting record to date—to widespread praise. Their three albums have amassed over 750,000 equivalent album sales and over a billion streams worldwide.

                                Jungle recently released the double A-side single “GOOD TIMES / PROBLEMZ” digitally to support their robust 2022 touring schedule, which includes stops with Billie Eilish in Europe, global festival appearances, as well as multiple arena shows with Gorillaz. “GOOD TIMES / PROBLEMS” will see an exclusive Record Store Day Black Friday release on classic black vinyl."

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Good Times
                                2. Problemz

                                The March Violets

                                Play Loud Play Purple: The Complete Singles 1982-1985 & More

                                  The Complete Singles 1982 – 85 & More.

                                  Includes indie chart-toppers Snake Dance, Deep and Walk into the Sun 7” versions (the first time the Deep and Walk into the Sun 7” are available since the 80’s).

                                  22 tracks – all their ‘80’s repertoire, plus 3 highlights from this century.
                                  From Leeds, label-mates of Sisters of Mercy, they issued six singles & a compilation.

                                  The March Violets came out of Leeds in the early 80’s, label-mates of Sisters of Mercy. Releasing six singles, they were a constant presence in the UK indie charts, hitting the top two with Snake Dance and Deep and no. 1 with Walk into The Sun. They never got around to recording an album – their only '80's long-players, Natural History in the UK and Electric Shades in the USA, were compilations. Eventually they signed to a major label and were groomed for a USA breakthrough, performing in the 1987 Some Kind of Wonderful movie. However they were asked to make too many compromises and split up.

                                  Here is their entire 1980’s independent catalogue compiled in the original versions, together with three tracks from this century. It chronicles their development with lead singers Simon Denbigh, Rosie Garland and Cleo Murray, backed by bassist Lawrence Elliot and guitarist Tom Ashton.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Side A
                                  1. Radiant Boys
                                  2. Religious As Hell
                                  3. Fodder
                                  4. Children On Stun
                                  5. Bon Bon Babies
                                  6. Grooving In Green
                                  Side B
                                  1. Steam
                                  2. Crow Baby
                                  3. 1 2 I Love You
                                  4. Long Pig
                                  5. Snake Dance
                                  6. It’s Hot
                                  Side C
                                  1. Slow Drip Lizard
                                  2. Walk Into The Sun
                                  3. Lights Go Out
                                  4. Essence
                                  5. Deep
                                  Side D
                                  1. Eldorado
                                  2. Electric Shades
                                  3. Cut Down Pretty
                                  4. Road Of Bones
                                  5. Mortality

                                  The second 7" in the Konduko series reissues this mega-rarity, Noel Williams aka King Sporty's own version of Bob Marley's Concrete Jungle. The connection between Marley and Williams was long-standing, both living in the tenements of West Kingston and gaining their musical foundations as part of the Studio One, that would reach fruition when they later co-wrote Buffalo Soldier together.

                                  Clement Dodd's organisation was more than a label, running a sound system, studio, pressing plant and its own distribution. As Deejay on the system and later releasing his debut single on the label, William's learnt his craft, taking this knowledge to Miami and replicating much - expanding the Konduko label to encompass studio, plant and distribution.

                                  First recorded with Lee Perry, Marley's 1971 original was famously rerecorded for The Wailers move to Island Records and their 1973 album, Catch A Fire. Here, a rare Williams' vocal is backed with horns atop a reggae-funk groove. The songs message of struggle is universal and everlasting, even with a touch of Miami swing.

                                  This is backed by Young Girl, a single in its own right, from the same period. A rocksteady, breakbeat shuffle bely the songs roots in late 60s soul, with a powerful counterpoint vocal from wife and partner, Betty Wright. A collector's item itself, together they are essential.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: One of two King Sporty 7"s in this week. Hard to pick a favourite - they're both killer. And so nice to see his pre-disco evolution from Jamaica, to Miami and with more reggae focussed stylings from what would flavour his later discography. The Bob Marley and Lee Perry connection also makes these two 7"s highly desirable.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Side 1
                                  1. Concrete Jungle 
                                  Side 2
                                  1. Young Girl

                                  Jungle’s new album ‘Loving In Stereo’ is the soundtrack for a summer quite unlike any other with their completely unique and soulful sound.

                                  The British producer duo have created a huge disco record for the post-social distancing age, with a life-affirming, dancefloor-igniting, sun-kissed celebration of all the things that make music irresistibly joyful. What’s not to love, get stuck into the thickest juiciest tunes to come out this year. The feeling of europhia seeps into every corner of Loving In Stereo and it’s not enough to have it continually on repeat.

                                  ‘Romeo’ has the most laid back - back of the car with the windows down vibe ever, whereas ‘Talk About It’ is the epitome of Jungle in a nutshell, fired-up synth beats and backing vocals you can only dream of. Not forgetting Bonnie Hill for a quick feel-good hit, instant joy!

                                  Jungle have created the only album you need this summer to brighten up those long sunny days and light nights. Repeat, repeat and then repeat again. 

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Millie says: Jungle treating us with the stunning new album Loving In Stereo, this needs to jump to the top of your listening pile. ‘All of the Time’ and ‘Bonnie Hill’ are a permanent favourite of mine, get on this album for an instant mood booster this summer!

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Dry Your Tears
                                  2. Keep Moving
                                  3. All Of The Time
                                  4. Romeo
                                  5. Lifting You
                                  6. Bonnie Hill
                                  7. Fire
                                  8. Talk About It
                                  9. No Rules
                                  10. Truth
                                  11. What D'You Know About Me?
                                  12. Just Fly, Don't Worry
                                  13. Goodbye My Love
                                  14. Can't Stop The Stars

                                  Plants And Animals

                                  The Jungle

                                    On the day Plants and Animals recorded the title track to their new album, it was one of those increasingly rare moments when everyone seemed to be watching the same thing at the same time. A judge was on trial. So they watched too, on somebody’s laptop in the front room of the building where the recording studio is. It was addictive and galling.

                                    When you walk into the studio itself, sound sucks down into nothing because the walls are carpeted and you’re reminded for a split second that a river of thoughts has been flowing through your mind your entire life. The din fades in again.

                                    They came to try and solve an old song that they had written for their last album but couldn’t get right. Warren punched a beat in on an 808. He picked up a bass, Nic picked up a guitar and they played the changes over it. Woody put down a motorik beat. Adèle Trottier-Rivard was with them that day. She sang and tried out different shakers running through Nic’s guitar pedals while he manipulated them in real time with his right hand while holding their baby in his left. Things fell into place. They wrote the words on the spot. The judge snaked his way in.

                                    Plants and Animals work on instinct. They’ve been playing together for 20 years, so they basically started as kids. They were a big part of the mid-’00s Montreal music renaissance, when you couldn’t walk through the neighbourhood at 4pm on a Tuesday without spilling your coffee on the fitted jeans of a who’s who. They ran around sweaty all night and blew bubbles from the roof over Parc Avenue when they finished their first album. They became known for a ferocious live show and still are. They have just finished their fifth album. They’re parents now, and have been so for long enough to move beyond euphoria into anxious realness and bigger love. The world is a different place than it used to be.

                                    “The Jungle” starts with electronic drums that sound like insects at night. A whole universe comes alive in the dark. It’s beautiful, complex and unsettling. Systematic and chaotic. All instinct, no plan. Voices taunt, “yeah yeah yeah.” This tangled time in which we find ourselves reflected back in shadows.

                                    Every song is such a landscape. The first one grinds to a halt and you become a kid looking out a car window at the moon, wondering how it’s still on your tail as you speed past a steady blur of trees. You watch a house go up in a yellow strobe that echoes the disco weirdness of Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer and David Bowie. You get pummelled by a rhythm then set free by a sudden change of scenery—the wind stops, clarity returns. You’re under a streetlight in Queens, soft-focus, slow motion, falling in love. You speak French now too, in case you didn’t already. Bienvenue.

                                    These are personal experiences made in a volatile world, and they reflect that world right back at us, even by accident. “House on Fire,” came from Warren’s haunting feeling that a friend who was taking too many sleeping pills might forget to turn his stove off. It was written before Greta Thunberg made the expression a rallying cry.

                                    There’s one song Nic sings to his teenage son who was dealing with climate change anxiety and drifting into uncharted independence. The band carries it out slowly together into a sweet blue horizon. Warren wrote the words to another shortly after losing his father. It’s about the things we inherit not necessarily being the things we want. In a broader sense, that’s where a lot of people find themselves right now.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Side A
                                    1. The Jungle
                                    2. Love That Boy
                                    3. House On Fire
                                    4. Sacrifice

                                    Side B
                                    1. Get My Mind
                                    2. Le Queens
                                    3. In Your Eyes
                                    4. Bold

                                    New album from Jungle which follows on from 2014's award winning and acclaimed debut album. Jungle highlighted the aspirational sound of young London at a turbulent time in the city's history. Shunning the dark, claustrophobic sound of grime, or the frenetic, inhuman electronics of (ironically) jungle or its many mutations; for a much sunnier, dare-I-say friendlier sound, indebted to soul and pop music.

                                    Masterminded by Josh 'J' Lloyd-Watson and Tom 'T' McFarland, a production and multi-instrumentalist duo who never expected to leave their bedroom studios, far less become the core of a talent-filled seven-strong collective that morphed into a killer live outfit. "Jungle" garnered rave reviews, untold amounts of hype and a Mercury Music Prize nomination; Noel Gallagher declared the album 'fucking amazing' and it achieved half a million sales.

                                    "For Ever" follows up with a lot of prove. Less dreamy and more direct, it's 'inspired by real life experiences of places they've always dreamed of'. Swapping Shepherds Bush for the Hollywood Hills, J and T set up camp in Los Angeles to write and record the album. Over time however, their romanticization of The Californian Dream clashed with the reality of actually living it, the feeling of being adrift on the West Coast compounded by the collapse of long-term relationships. Returning home to London, they teamed up with highly regarded young producer Inflo where they sought to create a 'post-apocalyptic radio station playing break up songs', whittling down loads of ideas this concept spawned into the core 13 tracks you have before you. "For Ever" is for real, deeper and higher, more intimate and more expansive, feel-good and, just occasionally, feel-bad. It is, then, a proper second album and solidify Jungle as a true UK talent to cherish.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. Smile
                                    2. Heavy, California
                                    3. Beat 54 (All Good Now)
                                    4. Cherry
                                    5. Happy Man
                                    6. Casio
                                    7. Mama Oh No
                                    8. House In LA
                                    9. Give Over
                                    10. Cosurmyne
                                    11. Home
                                    12. (More And More) It Ain’t Easy
                                    13. Pray

                                    Various Artists

                                    Back To Mine - Jungle

                                      The iconic album series Back to Mine returns once again in 2019 with the first DJ mix compilation from world dominating indie-dance band Jungle, showcasing their personal tastes for the after-hours. The series was renowned for its eclectic selection and selectors which includes some of the biggest names in electronic and pop music, from the likes of Faithless to Pet Shop Boys, Groove Armada to New Order.

                                      The collection includes an exclusive track from Jungle themselves and takes the listener on an eclectic musical journey. From 90s disco by Merle to more recent house tracks by Manuel Darquart and Drumtalk. Bristol DJ Admin provides the percussion heavy ‘Space Cadet’ and the irrepressible Mocky supplies good vibes on ‘How It Goes’. There’s sophisticated pop from The Marias and Sam Evian and there’s some spotlight for modern jazz with tracks by Kamaal Williams, Mansur Brown and BadBadNotGood featuring Kaytranada. There’s also room for some gospel influenced soul by The Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY, lo-fi dream pop from Paul Cherry before ending with the always impressive HNNY.

                                      “When asked what genre of music we like or create we always answer explaining that we try not to hear music in genre but more in sonic and emotion, and if it feels good then it is good. By that merit, we have conjured a list of far-reaching tracks and brought them together to sit harmoniously on this Back to Mine mix. Put together mostly in the confines of our London based garden studio, where many a late night gathering has taken place, the mix makes its was through psych, Afro-beat, house and soul with some of our favourite tracks of the moment, Have fun and enjoy.” - Jungle

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Millie says: Jungle’s compilation is a close replica of what I’d include on my own selection of favourite songs featuring BadBadNotGood, Kaytranada, Sly5thAve and Mansur Brown. A fantastic mixture of contemporary jazz spins into broad horizons from house, soul and Afro-beat, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to genre inclusivity. Jungle include their very own exclusive track “Come Back A Different Day” which is drenched in electronic beats with their signature sleek vocals.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A1. Barbara Moore - Steam Heat
                                      A2. Inflo - No Fear
                                      A3. Merle - Fannie Likes 2 Dance
                                      A4. Manuel Darquart - Birds Of Paradiso
                                      B1. Drumtalk - Red Haze
                                      B2. Admin - Space Cadet
                                      B3. Mocky - How It Goes
                                      B4. The Marías – Cariño
                                      C1. Sly5thAve - Super Rich Kids
                                      C2. Kamaal Williams - High Roller
                                      C3. Sam Evian - Next To You
                                      C4. BadBadNotGood Featuring Kaytranada - Lavender
                                      C5. Jungle - Come Back A Different Day
                                      D1. Mansur Brown - Shiroi
                                      D2. The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY - Live On
                                      D3. Sault - Masterpiece
                                      D4. Paul Cherry - Like Yesterday
                                      D5. HNNY - Sunday

                                      CD Tracklist - CD1 Mixed & CD2 Unmixed
                                      1. Barbara Moore - Steam Heat
                                      2. Inflo - No Fear
                                      3. Merle - Fannie Likes 2 Dance
                                      4. Manuel Darquart - Birds Of Paradiso
                                      5. Drumtalk - Red Haze
                                      6. Admin - Space Cadet
                                      7. Mocky - How It Goes
                                      8. The Marías – Cariño
                                      9. Sly5thAve - Super Rich Kids
                                      10. Kamaal Williams - High Roller
                                      11. Sam Evian - Next To You
                                      12. BadBadNotGood Featuring Kaytranada - Lavender
                                      13. Jungle - Come Back A Different Day
                                      14. Mansur Brown - Shiroi
                                      15. The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY - Live On
                                      16. Sault - Masterpiece
                                      17. Paul Cherry - Like Yesterday
                                      18. HNNY - Sunday
                                      *’Drumtalk - Red Haze’ Not Included On Unmixed CD*

                                      Jungle Brown

                                      Full Circle

                                        The second full-length LP from Jungle Brown, ‘Full Circle’, drops on Mr Bongo and features collaborations with Sampa The Great, Fliptrix (High Focus) and Terri Walker amongst other super-talents. The trio - Ric Flo, MAEAR & Tony Bones - have spent the last two years redefining soulful hip-hop - the sound is bigger, more thought-provoking, and it has matured with a rich soulful underpinning. They have also entered territories fans are yet to hear as they glide effortlessly over Tony Bones’ productions that introduce trap and house into their repertoire. The project is an eclectic array of their influences, twisted and blended together to create a ground-breaking release for UK music.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Keep It Movin
                                        Wicked Ft Fliptrix
                                        Ikoja Ft Elde
                                        Huami Ft Terri Walker
                                        Sometimes Ft Ruby
                                        Time Ticks
                                        We On Ft Sampa The Great
                                        Situationships Ft K. Waltz
                                        Custom Made Ft Ayo The Yung African Pioneer

                                        "Juan Pablo: The Philosopher" has been one of our favourite releases here at Piccadilly in recent years, so we were utterly buzzing to hear word of a new LP from the mighty Ezra Collective. Soon enough the London five-piece furnished us with a promo CD, and it's been on the Piccadilly player ever since. Continuing the genre-bending journey they began on "Juan Pablo", "You Can't Steal My Joy" sees the ensemble apply their incredible musicianship to elements of Afrobeat, hip-hop, grime and dub, wrapping their diverse influences into their fearless, fun and contemporary take on jazz. If you needed any further evidence of their top tier credentials, they recently broke off from a sold out, mosh-pit-filled UK tour to play at Quincy Jones' birthday party - nuff respect. This is the jazz sound of 2019 folks - get joyful.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Millie says: Contemporary Jazz 5-piece Ezra Collective have encapsulated joy in record form, and you can feel the happiness radiating through the tracks here, especially “Chris And Jane” and “Quest For Coin”. My record of the year by far, Afro-beat meets Jazz meets Hip Hop makes for a glorious combination to put you in an upbeat mood.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        DISC 1
                                        SIDE A
                                        1. Space Is The Place (Reprise)
                                        2. Why You Mad?
                                        3. Red Whine
                                        4. Quest For Coin

                                        SIDE B
                                        1. Reason In Disguise Feat. Jorja Smith
                                        2. What Am I To Do? Feat. Loyle Carner
                                        3. Chris And Jane

                                        DISC 2
                                        SIDE C
                                        1. People Saved
                                        2. Philosopher II

                                        SIDE D
                                        1. São Paulo
                                        2. King Of The Jungle
                                        3. You Can't Steal My Joy
                                        4. Shakara Feat. KOKOROKO


                                        Heavy, California / Cherry

                                          New single by London based soul collective, Jungle. Radiant, shimmering and golden voiced, their songs possess a catchy, mainstream appeal yet are light years ahead of the pop market - with technologically advanced production galvanzing much of their tunes in much the same way The XX seems like love songs beams from the future.

                                          "Heavy, California" and "Cherry" epitomizes this ethos, with the former quicker paced and primed for excitement singing about the graces of the Golden State while the latter is slower, playful and tantric, with Lloyd-Watson & McFarland's delicate falsetto sounding in fine form. Killer stuff from one of the hottest acts on the scene right now.  

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Millie says: We’ve being spoilt here by Jungle, another release!! We’re all in anticipation for the new album ‘For Ever’ due out next month. They are a Piccadilly favourite here, catchy and drenched in synth drops to die for. So good.


                                          Happy Man

                                            Jungle return with a set of new songs, each showcasing a very different side of their sound.

                                            AA-sided single cuts 'Happy Man' and 'House In LA' are the first tracks to be revealed from Jungle's forthcoming second album which was recorded in London; J and T describe it as "a post-apocalyptic radio station playing break up songs”.

                                            If Jungle’s first album was their imaginary soundtrack to the places they had never been, their new record captures the landscapes they had so often dreamed of. To write and record the new album, J and T swapped Shepherds Bush for the Hollywood Hills. Their romanticization of The California Dream clashed with the reality of living it—although the experience led them back home to London to finish the album, the journey itself ultimately defining the music it produced.

                                            'Happy Man' sees the band visiting themes of disenfranchised youth in an era where the dreams of the Baby Boomers are out of reach for a younger generation (lyrical terrain previously explored in Jungle's crossover anthem 'Busy Earnin’).

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Millie says: Jungle’s new sound is irresistibly good, the lyrics and rhythm are pure goodness and oh so catchy. They’ve come a long way since their self-titled album nearly four years ago (!!) and it’s good to have them back.

                                            Ezra Collective

                                            Juan Pablo: The Philosopher

                                              Synergy in motion, London five-piece Ezra Collective are proving themselves as a harmonious tour de force. Their sound nods respectfully to a classic jazz footprint, celebrating the originators whilst simultaneously carving a path solely their own. Ezra Collective marry the delicate technicalities of jazz musicianship with afrobeat and hip hop, tied together by a sound that’s unmistakably London. Their live show is one of dynamic union; the strength of their partnership shines in performances that are commanding yet sensitive, soulful and pertinently groove-laced. Following a joyous and stunningly cohesive show in May 2016, Boiler Room rightly labelled the group as “pioneering the new-wave of U.K. jazz”. As the genre enjoys a new lease of life that is gaining momentum across the country, Ezra Collective are adding their own fresh and imaginative face to a style that continues to be “as entertaining as it is educational” (Trench). In a year that saw them sell out legendary London venue Ronnie Scott’s not once but twice, 2017 also bought with it the release of their genre-bending second EP, Juan Pablo: The Philosopher . After Ezra Collective took the EP on a successful tour across the U.K and Europe and completely sold out of the vinyl, Juan Pablo: The Philosopher went on to win the accolade of Best Jazz Album at Gilles Peterson’s esteemed Worldwide Awards in January 2018.

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Laura says: Absolutely loving this album at the moment! This London quartet take classic hard bop style and infuse it with afrobeat, funk and hip hop. The result is a fresh, dynamic sound that perfectly marries the old and the new.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1. Intro
                                              2. Juan Pablo
                                              3. Dylan's Dilemma
                                              4. The Philosopher
                                              5. People In Trouble
                                              6. James Speaks To The Galaxy
                                              7. Space Is The Place

                                              The Playground offers up its 9th release to date with honorary Ozzy (now via Berlin, Amsterdam AND London - phew) - Inkswel. This self-confessed drum machine obsessive (and former B-Boy) takes on the task of laying down 4 future-boogie jams on this up and coming label, aided and abetted by Henri Le Blanc, Sven Atterton & Man Made Mountain. "Visions Of Life" features Sven Atterton and is a lively number; soft keys and weaving B-line complimenting a whole manner of vintage drum boxes while glistening chords twinkle through the mix. "Patchouli & Nag Champa" slows things down for some proper smoochy, leftfield boogie. Squelchy synths, mystic leads and flurries of synth-sax are the main motifs of this intriguing soul nugget; full of radiance and intrigue until the very last beat. "All The Way Live" features Henri Le Blanc and veers off towards a slightly more housey direction. A huge, low-slung bass rolling around the low frequencies as clipped drums and warped melodies fight for dominance in other areas of the mix. Inkswel adds the icing on the cake in the form of a spoken word section of cultural observation - noting that most people in the current scene don't want to have random sex with strangers, instead a more conservative, let's get to know each other first system seems to prevail (!!!). Finally, "Pot Liquor Revisited" relives Inkswel's B-boy days as him and rapper Man Made Mountain collaborate on some proper street ready hip-hop. Well programmed beats, a really strong vocal and jazzy, crate dug instrumentation put this up there with Q-Tip and Dilated Peoples - an authentic slice of retroist rap music executed with aplomb! Wonderful stuff here from Inkswell - most recommended. 

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A1. Visions Of The Life
                                              A2. Patchouli & Nag Champa
                                              B1. All The Way Live Feat. Henri Le Blanc
                                              B2. Pot Liquor Revisited Feat. Man Made Mountain

                                              Jungle are based around a core musical duo of lifelong friends known simply as ‘J’ and ‘T’, who expand to a thrilling seven piece live, and make mesmeric, kaleidoscopic modern alt-soul-pop that’s unmistakably born in the UK but has true global appeal.

                                              Debuting on Chess Club 45 with ''Platoon' and 'The Heat' back in 2013, Jungle gained instant praise for their seductive sounds and equally mesmeric videos of a breakdancing child and rollerskating duo. Minus the striking visuals Jungle are just as impressive with a delicate yet immediate music that brings to mind the likes of Prince, the Bee Gees, The xx, Bon Iver, Portishead, krautrock, Curtis Mayfield, ELO, P-Funk, MGMT psychedelia, Disclosure and more, all fed into the Junglist blender creating a refreshing soul-pop smoothie. Now signed to XL Recordings the duo / septet's debut long player looks set to be the crossover album of summer 2014.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1. The Heat
                                              2. Accelerate
                                              3. Busy Earnin’
                                              4. Platoon
                                              5. Drops
                                              6. Time
                                              7. Smoking Pixels
                                              8. Julia
                                              9. Crumbler
                                              10. Son Of A Gun
                                              11. Lucky I Got What I Want
                                              12. Lemonade Lake

                                              The delightful Fair Ohs release their second full length, Jungle Cats. Inspired by trips to North Africa, the lost music of forgotten tribes, San Francisco psych, James Brown’s unequalled dedication to the Holy Groove and Carlos f**kin’ Santana; Jungle Cats is a record to seduce to.

                                              Fair Ohs formed four years ago in a haze of beer-soaked free love party-vibes. Eddy, Joe and Matt came together like young romantics, vowing to show everyone the meaning of true love. The years that followed the consummation of their musical marriage on that hot summer’s day saw them release a series of 7″ singles and cassettes – some shared with the likes of Women, Male Bonding, and Cold Pumas – that made people like Pitchfork say “hey, these guys are A-OK!”. But no one was prepared for the earth shattering power of debut album Everything Is Dancing. A record so inventive and hip-shakingly awesome that fans and critics alike regularly begged them for locks of hair, sweat-drenched t-shirts and babies. But Fair Ohs gave them nothing, the music was the gift they shared, not their love.

                                              Everything Is Dancing was the sound of East African guitar music colliding with Indian ragas and Cuban rhythms in the hands of three shirtless London punk virtuosos. And it was rad. They toured after that, playing to the braying masses. All furious and drunk and hypnotic, they bewitched Europe and Great Britain, casting their magical musical spell in the tiniest of dives and the most sun soaked of festivals. But then they rested, and waited, and created. Setting the ‘desert vibe’ tone from opener Green Apple Milk – full of crackling, dusty Ethiopian jazz samples and three-part saxophone harmonies that eventually descend into a slow and psychedelic Santana and Earth-inspired desert trip – and featuring 2012’s ‘Salt Flats’ albeit a new far jazzier version of the hit flexi single - this is a record to be naked to…. A record to dance all night with your crush to…. An endless fiesta that Lionel Richie promised, but never delivered.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1. Green Apple Milk
                                              2. Citric Placid
                                              3. Mayan Flex
                                              4. Sleep
                                              5. Panama Red Jets
                                              6. Ya Mustafa
                                              7. Silver Jade Mountain
                                              8. Cayman Brac
                                              9. Salt Flats
                                              10. Mountain Bombs

                                              The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

                                              Raw Deal

                                                Hillbilly Moon Explosion are a revered Anglo-Swiss-Italian outfit based in Zurich. Fronted by English exile slap-bassist and vocalist Oliver Baroni and Italian/Swiss songstress Emanuela Hutter, immaculately backed by English guitarist Duncan James and Swiss drummer Luke ‘The Puke’ Weyerman, they unashamedly celebrate their retro rock and pop roots.

                                                Now ‘Raw Deal’ brings highlights from their first three albums, released in the UK on vinyl LP and CD to coincide with the live dates.

                                                The Only Ones

                                                The Big Sleep

                                                  "The Big Sleep" was recorded live in Europe and is heard in a perfect stereo, multi-track recording (produced by John Perry) and includes five songs not heard as live versions before.

                                                  Sky Saxon


                                                    Brand new studio album from legendary Seeds frontman, Sky Saxon. Also includes a bonus DVD featuring a live show of 15 songs including original hits plus a half hour documentary with interviews.

                                                    Various Artists

                                                    Salt In The Wound

                                                      The "Stop The War" Coalition single (with all proceeds going to them) includes "Allah Save Queens" by Carpet Bombers For Peace, whose line up includes members of Chumbawumba, The Adverts' TV Smith, Lemn Sissay and Jello Biafra.

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