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Joe Bataan

Call My Name - 2022 Reissue

    The song that marked the return of Joe Bataan in 2004 finally makes it into a 7" single for the first time.

    Recorded at the Daptone studio this is a dancefloor favourite by the King of Latin Soul!

    Joe Bataan

    Salsoul - 2022 Reissue

      Salsoul is the 9th studio album by trailblazing Filipino-African American singer Joe Bataan, featuring his classic single ‘Mujer Mia’.

      Re-issued for the first time since 1973 on limited edition blue translucent vinyl, Salsoul was born out of Bataan’s love for salsa & soul, which developed during his youth in New York’s Spanish Harlem.

      Such was the impact of Bataan’s new sound, that Salsoul served as the catalyst for the creation of a label by the same name. Formed by brothers Joseph, Kenneth & Stanley Cayre, Salsoul Records spearheaded a new generation of charismatic artists that, influenced by soul, funk & Latin dance rhythms, gave the label a signature sound.

      Re-emerging in samples and remixes, the Salsoul Records catalogue is proof of the label’s enduring legacy and it’s crucial role in shaping the sound of a new wave of disco. 


      Mi Nube
      Muchacho Ordinario
      When Sunny Gets Blue
      Mujer Mia
      Latin Strut
      Peace, Friendship, Solidarity
      Aftershower Funk
      Continental Square Dance

      The second exclusive release from Mushroom Pillow sees Andres doing his thing with two remixes of the underground classic "Call My Name" from New York's Salsoul king Joe Bataan.

      Deploying his everlasting MPC-fueled bump n hustle to the soul drenched stems of "Call My Name"; on the first remix Andres naturally transforms the track into a deep house gem full of Motorcity wanderlust. Two tempos are explored, the second a more downbeat / street soul paced jam laced with swollen pads, rising strings and banging hard in the sub bass department. The perfect disc to cover the rising energy across a Friday night lost in music... Highly recommended and super limited copies. Act quick!


      Matt says: Two mega remixes from Detroit MPC engineer. Screaming of typical Dez production, he offers Joe Bataan a chance to dance in deep house as well as a more street soul flavoured offering that seriously smoochy. TIP!


      Call My Name (Andres Remix 1) (7” Edit)
      Call My Name (Andres Remix 2)

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