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Various Artists

Initial Records Worst Label Ever Sampler

    The first volume of Initial Record's Worst Label Ever sampler series provides a very useful (and very cheap!) taster for a varied and consistently excellent roster of talent, featuring tracks by such cherished Initial luminaries as Black Cross, Blue Red Sky, Ultimate Fakebook, National Acrobat and Roy; also includes unreleased, vinyl only, live and demo versions of songs from Ink & Dagger, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Criteria, Blood Red and Helicopter Helicopter...


    En Garde

      Stephen Pedersen, founding member of Cursive and The White Octave, returned to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska after they split up and began work on his newest musical project, Criteria. He brings a pent-up sense of fury and supressed anger to much of these songs and blends them with open, honest melodic moments that balance out the rock blasts. Intense, heavy emocore.

      Hunter Gatherer

      Low Standards For High Fives

        If you like Small Brown Bike, Hot Water Music or The Get Up Kids then you'll love Hunter Gatherer. From Athens, Georgia this is a brand new set of songs from this fine emo-punk band. The twin guitar leads play sophisticated and subtly powerful riffs and the dual vocals are unusual but work well.

        Boy Sets Fire

        The Day The Sun Went Oot

          The debut full-length from hardcore's most passionate and explosive band. Emotionally charged, heartfelt and honest, Boy Sets Fire mix aggression and thought provoking ideas into a positive blend of melody and abrasive music. There are plenty of bands out there that never tell us why they're so pissed off. Boy Sets Fire lets us know exactly what they're angry about, point by point. Find out where the hardcore band of the moment all started. Raging stuff from the definitive hardcore band.

          Ink And Dagger

          Fine Art Of Original Sin

            The critically acclaimed debut full-length from Ink & Dagger. The US's answer to Refused. They have an explosive stage show and they display aggressive, intelligent "brain violence in their music twisting the listeners psyche with tortuous riffs and mind numbing rhythms.

            Ink And Dagger

            Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart..

              The critically acclaimed debut full-length from Ink & Dagger. The US's answer to Refused. From their explosive stage shows to their displays of intelligent "brain violence," Ink & Dagger insures their audience something completely different than the staleness and complacent efforts of their peers.

              Various Artists

              Initial Records Extreme Sampler

                Another cracking CD featuring the cream of hardcore, emo and punk bands.Featured artists include: As Friends Rust, Boy Sets Fire, Cave In, Coalesce, Darkest Hour, Elliott, Indecision, Ink And Dagger, Jejune, Metroschifter and loads more. 23 tracks for £5.99! Bargain!

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