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Bruce, K-Lone, Rhythmic Theory and Glances line-up on this tearing 12" comp. The 12" brings these four artists who have close ties to Chris Farrell’s Bristol-based label and shop.

Bruce with a contemplative dancefloor dub in tribute to Alex T, esteemed Leeds record shop worker and DJ - sadly taken from us too young.

K-Lone delivers a subtle and subby house roller.

Rhythmic Theory makes a final appearance with a bumpy and bassy techno track.

Glances bring a deft funkiness to the broken techno sound.

This is the end of a chapter. The last Idle Hands release for the time being. The shop continues and new projects beckon.


Matt says: Bristol-based record shop and label Idle Hands complete their recent run of discs with a forward-facing, future-proof V/A offering that'll satiate those with a penchant for bass n beats.


Glances - Swagger In Bricks
Rhythmic Theory - The Black Forest
Bruce - Gary Deep's Snyder Dreams
K-Lone - Sub Club

Bass Clef

Dawn Chorus Pedal / You Don't Know Don’t Know You

Following his acclaimed LP on Punch Drunk ‘Reeling Sideways’, Ralph Cumbers' Bass Clef now joins other Bristol imprint Idle Hands and brings us two brand new tracks.

"Dawn Chorus Pedal" is a deep, acidic house track, but with one foot planted in the UK bass production soundscape; the combination of drum breaks lifted from the jazz sphere, a killer compressed electronic bassline and some lush synths will have you harking back to the early UK techno sound. "You Don't Know Don’t Know You" has more of a wonky-hop / fractured beats style. Stuttering, halfstep percussive breaks, sleazy bassline throbs and 8-bit synth lines are the order of the day here.

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Tom Verlaine 1949 - 2023. Thank you for the music.
Sat 28th - 10:48
After doing a shop window take over back in Nov with empty sleeves. The vinyl is finally here 🙌 Léna C - Promenade…
Fri 27th - 4:24
Free promotional candles on the counter for the new album from Samia @samiatheband ‘Honey’ out today via…
Fri 27th - 3:47
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