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Ela Orleans

Upper Hell

    Ela Orleans has released music on Warp, All Saints Records, Parental Guidance, La Station Radar, Night People, Clan Destine Records, Twisted Nerve and more.

    Fans of her work include David Lynch, Thurston Moore and Ian Rankin.

    Ela has scored ballets, stage productions, films and TV shows and performed / worked with Dirty Beaches, Lee Renaldo, Magic Markers, Julia Holter, Space Lady, Lower Dens, Vaselines, The Pastels, Baby Dee, James Pants, Tara Jane O’Neill, Remember Remember and Jackie O Motherfucker, to name but a few.

    ‘Upper Hell’ was produced by Howie B. Ela is the first artist signed to his HB Recordings label.

    Artwork by Mat Cook from Intro London.

    “She is Moondogmatic in her intransigent commitment to producing compositions of subtlety and incongruent beauty. These are polysemous confections which make you feel that you are listening to pop music for the first time again” - Time Out

    Howie B

    Down With The Dawn

      'Down With The Dawn' is Howie B’s first studio album in 5 years, and the first release on his new HB Recordings label. Inspired by the passing of two of his closest friends, the album has a melancholic edge to it.

      Deep, dark, low-slung house music... string laden modern classical... pitched down, heady beats... trip hop... soundtrack... Howie B’s new album is a masterclass in downbeat electronica. Nothing short of what you’d expect from an artist that has always been ahead of the curve, with over 25 years in the industry under his belt.

      The album features collaborations with Joe Hirst (producer of everyone from Bloc Party to Roll Deep and Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes).

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