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Official repress, side-long, 45" pressings off these Victor Simonelli classics. Sounding better than ever with this much needed reissue from the good folks at Groovin.



A1. Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me Baby
B1. Solution - Feel So Right
C1. Groove Committee - I Want You To Know
D1. Creative Force - It's So Good

Reissue merchants Groovin have unearthered some pretty tidy gems from the worlds of disco and house music during their almost decade-long existance. Here they look to Chi-town house music royalty Peven Everett, and his exquistive track "Special" from 2008. Containing Pev's usual organically-fuelled thrust, a delicious vocal part and rushes of rich instrumentation it's a quintessentialyl Everett experience, but one that's escaped some of his most ardent fans and thus demands quite a costly sum when it does surface on 2nd hand markets...

As usual, Groovin can be relied upon to make these kinda gold standard tracks available to the everyman once again - tip top. 


A. Special (Original)
B. Special (Remix) 

Loredana Berte' is an artist that needs no introduction. Her musical career started in the mid seventies and year by year she proved to be one of the most iconic italian singer and performer. Groovin Recordings is now proudly repressing two songs from Loredana's 1980 album on a 7 inch, "E La Luna Busso'" and "In Alto Mare". Two great reggae and funky tunes, 40 years after their original release, still sounding full of their original groove. Officially licensed and remastered.


says: I love me some Loredana, and this Groovin' single puts a couple of her smoothest tunes on a 7". On the A-side we get ace cod reggae jam "E La Luna Busso", while the flip contains Balearic funk CLASSIC(!!!) "In Alto Mare".


A. E La Luna Busso'
B. In Alto Mare

Absolutely ESSENTIAL, under-the-counter repress of this stone cold mid 70s disco bumper from The Fatback Band. Licensed by groovement & recently championed by Dave Lee on his "Remixed With Love" series (and possibly the reason Vol. 3 regularly fetches £100 2nd hand already..), this is primo, funky, bustling disco musica!

Coming with Dave Lee's two iconic remixes as well as the original, and with "Backstrokin'" included too as a further Brucy bonus! You lucky mother fu____s!

Limited copies, move quick!  


says: Killer disco-funk that most people know but few own a decent copy of! Groovin please the masses by including JN's two best remixes alongside the original at a wallet-friendly cost. Winner!


A1. Dave Lee London Bus Stop Mix
A2. Original
B1. Dave Lee London Bus Stop Mix (Instrumental)
B2:. Backstrokin'

Originally released on the brilliantly named Big Big Trax in 1994, Fibre Foundation's "Don't You Ever Stop" is the kind of relentless deep house bomb which keeps building and building and building - the musical epitomy of its mantra-style vocal. Think Mission Control's "Outer Limits" but refined for the club as opposed to the warehouse. Glassy/Glossy M1 chimes, bubbling bass and a skipping NY groove slot together perfectly then roll on and on, topped by that encouraging female vocal. Shout outs to Murk, MAW and Chez Damier - comes in Club, Dub, Instrumental and Bonus Beats variations.


A1. Don't You Ever Stop (Club)
A2. Don't You Ever Stop (Dub)
B1. Don't You Ever Stop (Instrumental)
B2. Don't You Ever Stop (Bonus Beats)

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