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Dinosaur Pile-Up

Celebrity Mansions

    Dinosaur Pile-Up return with their fourth album Celebrity Mansions, a collection of songs that sizzle with big melodies, skewered through with raw, intoxicating emotion. To mark the album’s announcement the band have released the incendiary ‘Thrash Metal Cassette’, their most punk rock and in-your-face track to date.

    DPU have long been talked about as one of British music’s most consistently exciting outfits, with singer/guitarist Matt Bigland forging a reputation as one of rock music’s finest songwriters. So having spent the best part of a decade building a fiercely loyal fanbase, and a stellar live reputation, now’s the time to prove it.


    01. Thrash Metal Cassette
    02. Back Foot
    03. Stupid Heavy Metal Broken Hearted Loser Punk
    04. Celebrity Mansions
    05. Round The Bend
    06. Pouring Gasoline
    07. Black Limousine
    08. K West
    09. Professional Freak
    10. Long Way Down

    Dinosaur Pile-Up's new album was again written and recorded entirely by the band's frontman Matt Bigland, who decamped to Courtyard Studios in Oxfordshire with Ian Davenport (Band Of Skulls) over six weeks last November to record the album.


    1. Arizona Waiting
    2. Derail
    3. Peninsula
    4. Heather
    5. Summer Gurl
    6. White T-Shirt And Jeans
    7. The Way We Came
    8. Draw A Line
    9. Start Again
    10. Lip Hook Kiss
    11. Nature Nurture

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