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'Criminal Records presents this self-titled EP by Spider Redundant. These guys produce fresh rock with a difference, mixing the a hint of Kirk Hammett's lead guitar with the catchiness of new rock like System.'

'Criminal Records presents the debut EP "Lowstart" from exciting new band Lowstar. Based in London, this electric four-piece have been thrilling their ever-growing audiences for just over a year with the energised noise they have built around their addictive melodies.'

"The Criminal Sessions" compilation features 19 of Criminal Records artists. Last year Criminal Records went overboard and signed 20: This compilation is a celebration of their newest music and diversity, featuring various upcoming new bands. This is one of 18 releases from the nutters at Criminal, who had this mad concept of releasing all these releases on the same day. The Criminal Sessions features Norton, Kent Thompson, Lowstar, Kaibosh, The Kut, Shuffle, Crow, Crayon, Spider Redundant, Morviscous, Sonja Van Linden Tol, Giantkind, Daniel, Dead Eye, The Mystery Artist, The Dirty Pins, Les Figurines, Kallinger Co. and DTI + Hypercube.

'Criminal Records presents Morviscous and their experimental jazz-rock soufflé as featured on their EP1. This group of young men mix experimental jazz, rock and flavourful time changes.'

Kent Thompson

The EP

'Criminal Records presents a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Kent Thompson. His extraordinary musical talent with an ability to put words and music together, creates atmospheric, cutting edge songs that have a lasting impact on his audience.'

'Criminal Records presents Crows debut self-titled five track EP. The EP combines riffs, distinct melodic vocals, a fret mad lead guitarist and drumming that brings out their wide influences of rock, metal and pure emotion.'

'Criminal Records presents The Mystery Artist. The lighter side of industrial is grasped in this self titled EP and The Mystery Artist was signed by Criminal Records through his management. It is unclear whether his identity will ever be known publicly. Sounding like a cross between Joy Division and Mortice, the songs are catchy, melancholic and dark.'


& Now For Plan C

'This North London band go full thrust with powerful tracks and strong melodic vocals. Despite meandering through their mid twenties, their sound has been described as old school rock soul burnt at the edges with a fresh and new perspective, hard hitting rhythms, jazzy keys, riff laden guitars and soaring vocals.'


Two Weeks Of Feast, Two Weeks Of Famine

'Criminal Records presents "Two Weeks Of Feast, Two Weeks Of Famine", an eclectic mix of indie, rock and pop by Norton. The EP was co-produced and mixed by Matthew Ollivier (Manic Street Preachers, Doves, The Veils) and fluidly combines various styles.'

'Often described as 'dark, commanding, indie rock', Giantkind's sound provides melodious, powerful songs and "#one" EP features four powerful new tracks. Described as 'skewed, melodic music' that conjures 'beautiful aural pictures', the EP represents a firm indication of future direction.'

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