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Absolutely CLASSIC Herbert - Say no more!!

Seriously, every home need these experimental dance staples in them. Life changing moments from one of the longest serving of the UK stalwarts. Stupendouly limited copies so cop now or cry later. You have been warned!

Semi Precious

When We Talk EP

    Semi Precious is the production moniker of South East London based musician Guy Baron whose self-titled debut release appeared last September and was well received by the likes of The Guardian ("a six track EP of subtly dislocating beauty"), DIY ("gloomy intimacy in the midst of a big experimentation binge") and The Line of Best Fit ("unique mixture of techniques and stunning vocals that create mesmerising, unforgettable pop").

    The 'When We Talk EP' takes Semi Precious’ reverb laden minimalist vocal and production style to an even more ethereal place of solitude. A self confessed architect of ‘bedroom pop’, Semi Precious explores ideas of false intimacy and longing through this short collection of brief explorations in celestial pop.


    The Shakes

    “The Shakes” is Matthew Herbert’s first album under the name Herbert since 2006’s dark orchestral disco fantasy ‘Scale’. The album deals with intensely personal issues such as raising young children against a backdrop of an increasingly unstable world. Herbert himself suggests that the record can be seen as a treatise on how “music helps to motivate, provide respite and divert us from the challenges of the everyday” and that it is “electronic music for the soul.”

    In many ways, 'The Shakes' is a sequel to Herbert’s much-lauded 'Bodily Functions' album and is the latest in a series of albums that stretches back nearly 20 years to his minimalist house classic '100lbs'. It follows a vinyl-heavy trio of underground releases last year (Part 6,7,8) and is Herbert’s attempt to “seduce the listener back to the dancefloor”.

    Musicians featured on The Shakes include Dave Okumu (The Invisible, Jessie Ware) on guitar, Sam Beste (Hejira, Amy Winehouse) on keyboards, organ, saxophonist Ben Castle (Quincy Jones, Radiohead), trombonist Alistair White (Van Morrison, Blur) and Chris Storr (Beyonce, James Brown) on trumpet. Vocalists on the album include Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne (Hejira, Nitin Sawhney) - who sings on 'Middle', 'Smart', 'Ones', 'Know', 'Silence' and 'Warm' - and Ade Omotayo (Kindness, Amy Winehouse) - who sings on 'Battle', 'Strong', 'Stop', 'Bed', 'Safety' and 'Peak' - and notable highlights include Herbert’s Grandfather’s piano and a piano from Wormwood Scrubs on 'Smart', the sounds of UK protest marches ('Strong') and the sound of used bullets and shells bought from eBay on 'Safety'. Most notable of all however is Father Wills, the vast church organ of St Jude’s church in Hampstead that provides the huge depth and scale on much of the album. Who’d have thought that the church organ and techno went so well together?


    2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.


    Part 6

      In 2013 Accidental Records released a complete 130 track boxset featuring all of Herbert’s extensive back catalogue. It included rare and unreleased tracks from the mid 90s right up to the critically acclaimed 'Bodily Functions' and 'Scale' albums. Though this might have felt like the closing of the doors for Matthew Herbert’s surname fronted house moniker, particularly with the ever forward thinking producer having moved onto making music out of an exploding bomb, a shopping list, a club and even a pig in recent years, this thankfully is not the end for this side of the prolific composers output.

      This new 12” release is the first brand new Herbert release for 8 years. Lead track ‘One Two Three’ is a warm slice of summer house music featuring the stunning vocals of London based singer Rahel (from the band Hejira). The EP moves into darker territory with the perpetual club track ‘Manny’. Side B of the limited vinyl veers darker again with the track ‘My DJ’, with its bursts of vocal reaching out from the twisted electronics. Finally ‘Grab The Bottle’ collapses towards a full acid house workout whilst remaining well within the eclectic world of Herbert production.

      ‘Part 6’ is more than just a nod towards Herbert’s output of yesteryear. It's a direct continuation of his playful and intriguing electronic musical style that he pioneered in the original ‘Parts 1 - 5’ releases from 1995/96 on the now defunct Phono label. It's unlikely that Part 6 is going to be the end of this particular journey either… watch this space.

      Accidental Records brings us a new album by Wishmountain, the original moniker of producer and DJ Matthew Herbert, 16 years after the release of the seminal techno track, 'Radio' and subsequent album 'Wishmountain Is Dead'. Championed by DJs such as Sven Vath and Westbam as well as being a club classic for legendary clubs like Fuse in Belgium, 'Radio' blasted its way in to nightclubs around the world despite being made only from 8 sounds of a beaten up plastic radio. In many ways it made Matthew's name, as someone ready to bring real and challenging sounds to the largely synthetic soundscape of club music while being unafraid to make people dance at the same time.

      Despite killing off the pseudonym many years ago, Matthew decided to dust off the moniker and write a collection of new songs using the old principles. 'TESCO' is an album made exclusively from sounds recorded from the ten best-selling items in a TESCO supermarket*, and features tracks including 'Lucozade', 'Fruit Shoot', 'Andrex' and 'Dairy Milk'.

      The guiding creative principle of the Wishmountain project - that each track is made exclusively from eight sounds recorded from a single object - originally stemmed from the technical limitations of Herbert's recording equipment. Using an eight-output Casio FZ1 sampler, Herbert challenged himself to build tracks using sounds from ordinary items found in the home. His debut duly featured the likes of a 'Pepperpot', 'Cheesegrater', 'Crisps' and 'Radio' on a release which is still hailed as a minimal Techno classic.

      Matthew Herbert said: "After all the questioning, controversy, head scratching, mud, straw and blood of the 'ONE PIG' record, I felt like making some old-fashioned dance music. I ended up making this record in 4 days, a spontaneous crunch around the modern supermarket - a place of fantasy, trickery, wonder and horror”

      "Niceland" opens in cinemas in late September after previews earlier in the year at Cannes and film festivals around the world. Recorded entirely in a church in his hometown of Isafjordur, Iceland, the soundtrack was completed prior to Mugison's European tour with Mum, and is predominantly a gentler affair than his debut album, "Lonely Mountain", which gained much critical praise. Will Oldham meets "Amelie" might be one way to describe it.

      Accidental is the third of Matthew Herbert's record labels, originally set up as an output for his Radio Boy releases, with Soundslike for Herbert stuff, and Lifelike for Doctor Rockit. Soon, however, he found himself inundated with demos from like minded artists, so decided to release some of them too! Musically, the tracks here are all over the place, taking in click-house, electro-pop, electronica, avant rock or just plain weirdness. This compilation brings together releases from all three labels (mostly 12" only up to now). Includes My Robot Friend, The Soft Pink Truth, Phil Parnell, Herbert, Doctor Rockit, Shelby Gaines, 8 Doogymoto, Agent Blue and many more (16 tracks in all).

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