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Austin, TX psych rock gang The Saint James Society plays electrifying rock music that brilliantly connects the dots between dark ‘60s blues-based garage rock and early ‘80s post punk resulting in a hypnotically powerful sound the fabulous four-piece calls "Pentecostal Desert Glam."

TSJS's full length debut – the mystically-titled Bab(a/y)lon Rising – pulses through the speakers like punk rock gypsies on a rampage, perfectly capturing the band's apocalyptic nomad-rock as it drips with dark fuzz and acid drone that will surely find favour with restless sinners everywhere.

It has been said that "The Saint James Society sounds as good as any band on the planet at full volume," a point to which the band's bustling fan network of artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, creeps and thieves would most assuredly agree. When the heavy swagger of vocalist/bassist Brandon Burkart and golden guitars of Dahveed Dubois align with the band's heavy-footed rhythms, ticking-time-bomb beat and stunning twin vocal tandem of rebel queens Elza Burkart and Candice Bertalan, the resulting musical statement mainlines the thrill of defiance straight to the listener's heart.


1. Refractions
2. Bab(a/y)lon Rising
3. The Serpentine Highway
4. Blood & Sand
5. The Book Of The Jaguar Priest
6. Get Cold
7. Post Tenebras Lux
8. Ode To The Turquoise Ox
9. Letters Signed In White
10. Celestial Symbols Interpreted
11. House Of Snakes

Aphex Twin

Richard D James

    As ever Aphex's music is pulling in different directions on this 1996 CD, with tracks underpinned with glitchy chopped up beats and overlaid with lush, emotional synth work. Includes the single "Girl / Boy Song".

    James Yorkston

    I Was A Cat From A Book

      His first album since 2008’s ‘When The Haar Rolls In’, ‘I Was A Cat From A Book’ finds James Yorkston playing with a new band comprised of members of Lamb and The Cinematic Orchestra, alongside old friends.

      The album was produced by James Yorkston and Dave Wrench and mostly recorded live during five wintery days in Bryn Derwen Studios, North Wales.

      It’s an album full of energy and great musicianship, and contains James’ strongest and most bewildering set of songs yet.

      Since the release of ‘When The Haar Rolls In’, James has published a book (‘It’s Lovely To Be Here’), collaborated with The Big Eyes Family Players on Folk Songs, and seen the ten year anniversary release of ‘Moving Up Country’, his landmark debut album.


      Kath With Rhodes
      Border Song
      This Line Says
      Just As Scared
      Sometimes The Act Of Giving Love
      The Fire & The Flames
      A Short Blues
      Spanish Ants
      I Can Take All This
      Thar She Blows *
      Black Horse White *
      (* = Vinyl Only Track)

      James Yorkston And The Athletes

      Moving Up Country: 10th Anniversary Edition

        Landmark recordings of the 21st century British folk renaissance reissued.

        This 10th Anniversary Edition of ‘Moving Up Country’ consists of two discs.

        CD1 features the original album, now with the legendary hard to find stand alone debut Domino single ‘The Lang Toun’.

        CD2 is a collection of ‘Moving Up Country’ demos, including never heard before demos and a Peel Session originally broadcast on January 2003.

        The Saint James Society

        The Saint James Society

          Austin TX psychedelic garage rockers The Saint James Society play electric rock music that brilliantly connects the dots between the late 60s British blues-based bands and the brooding atmospheres of early 80s post punk resulting in a hypnotically powerful sound the fabulous five-piece has coined "Pentecostal Desert Glam" to create their self titled debut EP. Placing their steps in the petrified footprints left by the Velvet Underground and the slightly fresher ones of Spacemen 3, The Saint James Society reduces the blues to one nasty lick pickled in distortion.

          For fans of: White Hills, The Black Angels, The Stooges, Spacemen 3, Sisters of Mercy, The Velvet Underground, The Cult and Spiritualized


          1. Reflections
          2. The Ballad Of The White Horse
          3. Of Silver & Gold
          4. The Devil, An Angel And A Broken Widow

          James Blake

          James Blake

            The past couple of years have seen creative explosions and new generations coming through in both dancefloor electronics and heartfelt, introspective singer-songwriting, but self evidently they’ve remained mutually exclusive genre islands. Until now. With a uniquely emotional electronic production style every bit as deeply personal and impassioned as his voice or songwriting, James Blake is sketching out his own place in the musical universe.

            When a teenage James first visited the pivotal London dubstep night FWD>> in 2007, he’d already been to drum ’n’ bass nights with schoolfriends, but the music and atmosphere there were unlike anything he’d experienced. This was what James had been waiting for – he just hadn’t realised. This midnight epiphany in Plastic People’s Shoreditch cellar led, in a few short years, to the James Blake of 2010, a surefooted 22-year-old composer whose extraordinary tracks are not so much breaking down existing musical barriers as leaping over them and creating an entirely new kind of pop that belies its author’s tender age.

            Although loosely tethered to the cutting edge of contemporary electronics, James’s songs possess uncommon grace and soulfulness. Whether intended for the FWD>> dancefloor or, like new single "Limit to Your Love", destined to melt hearts and prick ears, his music is characterised by a playful and arresting honesty, a human touch that, despite his status as a hugely in-demand DJ, naturally aligns him with contemporary artists such as Bon Iver or Laura Marling or the xx.

            Yet more than this, it is the shock of the new in James’s music that’s causing real commotion: the sounds, that voice, the silence, the rhythm (or lack of it), the waiting, the tension. You have to know the rules in order to break them with such conviction, and by daring to be different, James stands head and shoulders above his peers. No doubt, you’ll remember where you were when you heard tracks like "Limit to Your Love" or "I Never Learnt to Share" for the first time.

            TRACK LISTING

            CD Tracklisting:
            1. Unluck
            2. Wilhelms Scream
            3. I Never Learnt To Share
            4. Lindesfarne I
            5. Lindesfarne II
            6. Limit To Your Love
            7. Give Me My Month
            8. To Care (Like You)
            9. Why Don’t You Call Me
            10. I Mind
            11. Measurements

            LP Tracklisting:
            Side 1
            1. Tep And The Logic
            2. Unluck
            3. The Wilhelm Scream
            Side 2
            1. I Never Learnt To Share
            2. Lindisfarne I
            3. Lindisfarne II
            Side 3
            1. Limit To Your Love
            2. Give Me My Month
            3. To Care (Like You)
            Side 4
            1. Why Don't You Call Me?
            2. Blake I Mind
            3. Blake Measurements
            4. Blake You Know Your Youth

            For his solo debut, Tennessee-based James Jackson Toth (AKA Wooden Wand) has conjured a mysterious, alluring world; Toth's scenarios are intriguingly tawdry and his sounds tantalizing, with layered, almost dreamlike harmonies; touches of blues, country and soul and the occasional flash of punk swagger. He assumes the role of storyteller, maybe even confessor, spinning inter-linked tales of hope and misfortune, romantic trials and spiritual yearning. "Waiting In Vain" is the first album that Toth, long a cult figure, has released as a solo artist, and it marks a new beginning for him. For several years he experimented with a folk-psychedelic rock hybrid, putting out numerous discs under variations of the name Wooden Wand. James Jackson Toth's evolution continues when he hits the road and this strange and compelling world he's brought to life will be waiting for you.

            Ceri James

            Start And Begin

              Long awaited debut solo album from South East London singer/songwriter Ceri James formerly of Zen and Tuesday Heartbreak. "Start & Begin" which is released on MileHighMusic is an eclectic mix of indie/disco, punk/soul, spacefolk/roots there are some strong and memorable melodies here which are already well loved.



                Classic re-issue from 1986, their debut album didn't quite live up to the splendour of their Factory ep's, but it beats sounding like a poor-man's REM anyday! All quirky rhythms, beautiful words, and an originality that made them stick out from the crowd, this album still sounds fresh and full of intrigue. They were in it for the.....ART man!

                James Yorkston

                Roaring The Gospel

                  This collection is a welcome rattle bag of laments, cover versions and traditionals that reveal the side of Yorkston that would happily sit in on a high-spirited ceilidh, or woozily join on the harmonies at one of the Fence Collective's legendary homegames. It also demonstrates James Yorkston's blood deep understanding of the dynamics of folk music, storytelling, and singing your life even as it unfurls around you. On tracks such as "Sleep Is The Jewel", "The Hills & The Heath" and "The Lang Toun", the instinctive dynamic understanding Yorkston shares with his band The Athletes, especially drummer Faisal, can be heard in full flow. Carrying everything is Yorkston's rich voice and wry lyric, which always manages to sound hopeful and pessimistic at the same time. Yorkston's ruminations on love / lust / longing / liquor share a more eternal, resigned, Celtic feel with the battered reflections of Jacques Brel, Shane McGowan and Bert Jansch than any of his contemporaries. The album compiles unreleased or vinyl-only tracks over the years.

                  James Roberts

                  Everything You Know Is Right

                    James Roberts has been writing beautiful ballads for a long while now, but this is undoubtedly his most intimate and personal record, particularly as it is the first time he has recorded without his brother. Having spent his teenage years in the Sea Urchins, and the nineties in the greatest 'lost' band of the decade, Delta, he returns with his debut solo album. Guests on the album includes Alex Lee from Suede and Allison Brice from Eighteenth Day Of May.

                    James Green


                      James Green is a member of the Manchester / Leeds / Sheffield ensemble Big Eyes who've previously released stuff on Pickled Egg. "Tempers" is James' first solo outing and comprises of 14 delicate instrumental guitar pieces. All are first or second take and are either solo guitar or two tracks maximum. The CD is limited to 250 copies, and comes beautifully packaged in a lino-print sleeve. A must for fans of John Fahey, Bert Jansch, Jack Rose and The Dirty Three.

                      Jesse James

                      Empty Tank

                        Three track single from this ace ska-punk-soul act.

                        Jesse James


                          Nu skool skacore band, Jesse James have recently received rave live reviews from Metal Hammer and Big Cheese for their appearance at the sold out 'Smash It Up' UK punk show recently held in London. They have released this little five track introducing their brand of exciting skacore.

                          James LaBrie

                          Mullmuzzler 2

                            Following on from "Keep It To Yourself", James LaBrie (Dream Theater frontman) brings you the second instalment of his side project, Mullmuzzler. He has tapped deep emotional wells with this record and he's created a lush musical soundtrack.

                            Barclay James Harvest

                            Mockingbird -the Collection

                              12 tracks from Oldham's finest prog rock exports Barclay James Harvest at £5.99 who can complain.

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