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Explorers Club

Raising The Mammoth

    This is the second Explorers Club album. The line-up is similar to the first with some key differences. New to the six-string chapter of the club is ex-Megadeath guitarist Marty Friedman, Kansas legend Kerry Livgren and Shadow Gallery's Gary Wehrkamp, who provides most of the album's crunch. Vocalist James LaBrie is back, and drummer Terry Bozzio is back as well. But it is the presence of Steve Walsh on "Passage To Paralysis" and "Broad Decay" that really puts a new stamp on the Explorers' travelogue.


    Time Crunch

      John Novello is a phenomenal Hammond organist and the fretless bass of Billy Sheehan is outrageous. Underpinned by Dennis Chambers drums, this is one of the most powerful three-piece workouts known to man. It's great to rediscover one of the lost arts of rock's rich history, the Hammond B-3 sound, or more panoramically, the hot and heavy boiler room magic that can erupt out of a classic keyboards, bass and drums three-piece. There's also a cover of King Crimson's "Red" that's as heavy as it gets.

      James LaBrie

      Mullmuzzler 2

        Following on from "Keep It To Yourself", James LaBrie (Dream Theater frontman) brings you the second instalment of his side project, Mullmuzzler. He has tapped deep emotional wells with this record and he's created a lush musical soundtrack.

        Robert Berry

        The Wheel Of Time

          Robert Jordan's epic series of fantasy novels, "The Wheel Of Time" is one of the most successful, longest running and most closely followed of all the works in this genre. Berry has been a member of Asia and this neo-prog creation is an imaginary soundtrack which reflects the drama and action of the books.

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