What Am I Without You - Music Box

Image of Elbow - What Am I Without You - Music Box

About this item

‘What Am I Without You’ is the closing track on elbow’s ninth studio album; ‘Flying Dream 1’. The album was recorded at The Theatre Royal in Brighton in 2021, while closed due to the pandemic. Uncut called it "gorgeously somnambulant, yet softly romantic”, mojo cited “the subtle complexity of the music” and the observer noted it’s “softly articulated warmth and empathy" - drawing comparisons with talk talk's legendary ‘laughing stock'.

Raising money for Mat from Vibes Records' recovery fund Elbow are donating their share of proceeds from this music box to help facilitate the ongoing therapy for their good friend Mat Andrew, the former owner of Vibes Records in Bury. We will also be donating our share of the proceeds to the fund.

More info on Mat’s recovery and his Gofundme page here

The music box version of this plaintive classic is a charming reminder of the beauty of the original melody, so why not…

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