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Back in stock Cover of 200 - Inc. The Asphodells Remix by Baris K.
Especial is delighted to welcome Baris to the roster. Known for his edit series of obscure Turkish psychedelic, rock and disco, here he takes the producer's chair to present "200". Working with musicians and singers to create a completely original production. The song's message for equality (of the sexes) highlights the bigotry and backward political and religious boundaries his country faces and acts as a siren to the current troubles. Handed to Emotional Recordings over 5 years ago but with no label to release it at that time, now we are delighted to be able to release "200"'s message. The original is backed with remixed from new production duo Khidja, as well as East London's finest, The Asphodells. Teaming up with guitarist Balabas, Rominia's Khidja turn in a deep and introspective interpretation mixing their own heavy eastern influences, while the B-side sees Weatherall and Fairplay don their Asphodells mantle for two renditions that firmly lay it before the ALFOS alter. With artwork (by Jamie Paton) highlighting the struggle for fairness and freedom in his homeland, we hope the release can be seen as a support for their tribulations and highlight the talent that lays East.

Back in stock Cover of Mustafa / Abdul - Inc. Timothy J Fairplay / Juju & Jordash Remixes by Khidja.


Mustafa / Abdul - Inc. Timothy J Fairplay / Juju & Jordash Remixes

(Emotional) Especial welcomes the debut EP from Romanian duo Khidja. After remixing Baris K's '200' earliering on for the label, here they deliver two Eastern influenced pieces of dubby electronics, that are backed with remixes from Timothy J. Fairplay and Juju & Jordash. Khidja appeared on Especial's radar after a call from one Mr Sean Johnson (A Love From Outer Space / Hardway Brothers) to say he'd DJd in Bucharest and that two young DJs had closed the party with an amazing track that on enquiry turned out to be their own production. And so 'Mustafa' soon arrived. This was followed by 'Abdul' and before Teressa May could shout "the Romanians are coming!", the tracks were handed over to the care of Timothy J Fairplay (The Asphodells / Crimes Of The Future) and fellow cross border travellers, Juju & Jordash (Real Soon / Dekmental) for induction and reinterpretation. 'Mustafa' is more immediate with shuffle percussion, swirling sirens and acid bubbles leading to a perfect horn break In the hands of Mr Fairplay though, a bigger, bolder version is seen. The word anthem is bandied around too easily at times, but when aired by Mr Weatherall, this reinterpretation, with its stabbing bass and build, has seen howls of delight wherever it's played. 'Abdul' on the other coin, is the calming influence. Art of Noise style vocals, kick and bass keeping things simple, dub and echo enticing the slow-mo groove to swing before Eastern melodies take it away. Bass is the dominant force in the Juju & Jordash remake. A reminiscent, Balearic guitar is plucked from under the melody and throb to recall forgotten lands and complete a memorable debut.

Suzanne Kraft / Minor Science / Sultan Shakes / Eyedress / Geller & Kaya

Covered In Gloria: Sampler 2

Especial Specials and DEEK Recordings return with the second vinyl sampler of the Covered In Gloria album. As before, DEEK's Bullion pulls together the label's alumni and homies; a gamut of talent and styles feature, from Suzanne Kraft, Minor Science, Sultan Shakes, Eyedress and Geller & Kaya. Diego Herrera's Suzanne Kraft alter ego has become a cause celebre of the ambient revival of the last few years. However, his early releases and remixes show a talent for beats as well as atmospherics. His cover of Andreas Dorau's Nordsee is all that, taking the Die Doraus Und Die Marinas original's whimsy production to embrace Krautrock motorik rhythms and warm vocal tones. Accompanying this is a heartfelt version of Blue Niles' classic Heatwave. Appearing on their beautiful debut Walk Across The Rooftops, doing the song justice is a challenge. However, Minor Science rework the Japanese fused original with a respectful retake, with plink-plonk percussion and delicate vocals giving a perfect restraint alongside a touch of modern minimalism. Starting the final side is the most club friendly cover from the tassle-haired newcomer, Sultan Shakes. After turning heads with his debut Interstellar Love, he returns by paying respect to A Guy Called Gerald's anthem via a twisted, electro-psychedelic reversion for the dance. A left turn follows from Manilla's Eyedress with his exploratory acoustic love ode, Girls. The perfect counter song taking the Beastie Boys' original to surf's up, obscure lo-fi wanderings, fitting exactly what Covered In Gloria is all about. Respect, with a smile. To finale is Geller & Kaya. Having appeared on DEEK's previous covers opus, Extraordinary Renditions, their pop-reggae homage to Wham's ubiquitous Rap is put through the echo chamber by respective label heads & cohorts (Bullion and Chuggy) for a cod'n'chips tinged Dub rewiring, where mixing desk becomes instrument and points to possible collaborations to come. Do you enjoy what you do...?

Bahnsteig 23 continue to march through EBM, new beat and euro-disco territories with glee; enlisting antipodean Italo maestro Hysteric for excursion forty one on the label. Taking a more playful and fun route than some of the dark throbbers that previously graced the label, "Satellite" kicks things off with deadpan male & female vocals rubbing up against funky clav lines and a reggae-flavoured, offbeat guitar rhythm. "Fate" is the most traditional, electro-disco flavoured number here, with gated arps and gated drums taking a mid-tempo cruise into discoball abandon. "Etrange" deploys proper quirky synthlines and fluttering fx before a tongue-in-cheek French vocal rides the beat. "Pulse" concludes with some wigged out bleeps paired nicely with live drums and some buzzing leads. Strung out n sloppy but still shooting from the hip. 

Hotter than a Channel 4 dating show right now, Copenhagen's Music For Dreams follow up the dope Ambala double pack with another twin disc winner, this time from Sweden's Prins Emanuel. Released in double vinyl format, Emanuel’s first full length solo project is a concept album revolving around the medium of the record itself. With a functionalist’s attitude, each of the vinyl records can serve a different purpose. Translated from Swedish, the album title literally reads "Work/Leisure Time" and the contrasting moods of the two discs reflect the different activities. So on a Friday evening, you might tell your girl or boy to put on the A/B sides as you're getting ready to bust some moves that night. And on Sunday evening, you tell him/her to put on the C/D sides as you're relaxing and topping up a bath. Although this is a multi-instrumentalist’s vision, the fact that Prins is primarily a drummer is clearly evident in the masterful hypnotic grooves that form the base on which the whole album stands. And while elements of dub, boogie, afro, house and new age flicker by as we ride along on these motorik rhythms, the balance between warmth and repetition provokes an irresistibly tickly tension. The young Swede won many a fan with his earlier output on Fasaan and Chalice, but this debut long player sees him taking his craft to a whole new level.


Patrick says: Fasaan favourite Prins Emanuel drops a conceptual double pack on Music For Dreams, fusing dub, afro, new age and boogie into a groove heavy masterpiece perfect for nights on the tiles or days on the sofa. If you dug on Studio's "West Coast", then you'll be all over this!

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Sat 17th - 2:56
A definite hit here @PiccadillyRecs Gonna be on the shop player for some time to come I think.....
Fri 16th - 1:54
We also got this today, what a lovely surprise with our 7's, thanks @courtneymelba, and @Milk_Records xox
Thu 15th - 2:42
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