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Back in stock Cover of Ferotones by San Proper.
The inimitable San Proper returns with his second album “Ferotones” following up his debut 2012 long play smasher “Animal” (on Rush Hour). It’s been a tumultuous and colorful journey since, and although the sound might have changed, San still delivers a collection of songs off the cuff and straight from the heart.

The eight tracks collected here are odes to lost love, as San tries to win back the heart of that very special someone. Penned deep in the pit of emotion, San recorded the songs in only a handful of sessions. With the assistance of Amsterdam stalwart and Safe Trip regular Darling, San could lean more towards the wavey guitar sounds and danceable disco workouts he had in mind.

It’s certainly a varied, sincere and emotionally raw excursion. Starkly honest and utilizing, not hiding behind electronic production; these are proper songs in the most part, a departure from his more dancefloor-centric club arrangements. There’s disco, house, downbeat and punk-funk all tastefully sequenced across eight intimate and personal tracks. 


Matt says: I've always loved San for his house productions, but this shows off a very different side of him. Sexy, funky, disco-leaning songs in the traditional sense. Some nice flurries of baggy downbeat and gloosy Balearica too. Well good!


Best Seller
Remember The Future?
The Return
Buck Wild
Never Gonna Turn

Those Too Slow To Disco cats are back at what they do best - super smooth edits on limited edition 10". Greek producer DJ "S" is a bit of a veteran of the edits scene and with his own downbeat sound he quickly became one of the big names in the European disco scene too. He perfected his craft as a multi-talented music producer, experimenting with vintage black sounds and reviving old-classics in the form of remixes which made a serious impact among the internet and on his YouTube Channel which counts thousands (over 260k) of faithful followers!

As usual they've got me scratching my head and Pasta Paul already feverishly ramming them in the front of his record bag ready for his next DJ set. Sub 110BPM throughout, with hefty lashings of beach-side soul - think big choruses, powerful vox, smatterings of horns and strings and of course, those ever important B-lines - rolling and warm like the best rare groove joints. 10 points for whoever emails in with a full house of track IDs! Highly recommended, limited copies! 


A1 Dj "S" - Groovin'
A2 Dj "S" - Sweet Love

B1 Dj "S" - Back Again
B2 Dj "S" - U

Back in stock Cover of Drum Chums Vol. 1 by Basso.
New mutant offshoot from the Talking Drums crew...
You know how it goes at the after party, over indulge and you end up hogging the conversation. So, in the interest of better dancefloor discourse allow us to present Drum Chums, a new series of edits by percussion pals from across the globe.

This inaugural edition comes from our good buddy Basso, a Hamburg homie whose digging expertise is rivalled only by his scalpel skills and superb silliness. Dipping into the darkest corners of his ever-Growing Bins, Basso shines up a quartet of rediscovered delights for an edit EP which oozes grooves and off balance moves.

On an uptempo A-side, the German luxuriates in the spectral arps, glistening licks and uplifting chords of fusion boogie winner 'Do Stay For Breakfast', before serving the steamy, sultry and seductive vampire disco jam 'Soft Choppers'
Things take a turn for the Balearic on the B-side thanks to the Afro-tropical pop of 'Simple Stroll', all electroid bass, chugging percussion and playful guitar, and finally the cosmic cool of 'Breaking Bread', a spaced out bossa for heads and feet.


Matt says: Digging obscure hits that wiggle the hips is harder than you think in this post consume-everything-thru-broadband age we live in. Talking Drums have already earned their stripes across three well received hits (ask DJ Harvey..) and now with a slick offshoot, they set about delivering us more highly danceable movements from yesteryear that you're highly unlikely to have previously encountered.


A1. Do Stay For Breakfast
A2. Soft Choppers
B1. Simple Stroll
B2. Breaking Bread

Back in stock Cover of Here Alone by Matthieu Beck.

Matthieu Beck

Here Alone

    Fresh and zesty with subtle tropical flavours, this is a delightfully listenable debut from Matthieu Beck on Growing Bin. Inspired by the lilting rhythms, jazzy instrumentation and slow listening gems found on his Love In The Afternoon radio show, the Frenchman has crafted a gorgeous collection of laid back sophisti-pop, perfect for long summer days or seasonally affected escapism. Any suggestion of sorrow in the album title is actually a mislead - this may be a solo LP, but Matthieu's surrounded himself with the musical friends he's made over the years, serving as composer and bandleader to a willing troop of collaborators. Longtime friend and former Metronomy bassist Gabriel Stebbing, Source Ensemble drummer Emmanuel Mario, and of course Laetitia Sadier herself, stepped in to lend their services and bring Matthieu's music to life, before Jérôme Caron (Blackjoy) expertly mixed it all down.

    Though the tracklist may read like a travelogue, these nine tracks all began at home with Matthieu sat behind a Fender Rhodes with a drum machine by his side. Soon live bass, saxophone and flute strolled into his unhurried arrangements, retaining the simplicity of his demos while expanding the emotion. Weighty synth drones and bubbling bass balance the airy elements of tracks like "California" or the dream-pop romance of "Rooftop Rome", while the mellow "Malika" and joyful "Retour De Plage" showcase the Frenchman's relationship with jazz. Elsewhere there's hints of digi-dub ("Island" and "Suede"), coastal boogie ("Tokyo Montana"), stripped back city pop ("California") and downtown nostalgia ("Dora"), before Beck arrives at the poetic, progressive but peaceful finale "Piano Fin", which recalls Air at their prettiest, without stepping outside Matthieu's well defined sound.


    A1 Island
    A2 California
    A3 Rooftop Rome
    A4 Suede

    B1 Malika
    B2 Retour De Plage
    B3 Tokyo Montana
    B4 Dora
    B5 Piano Fin

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