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Joe Armon Jones & Maxwell Owin Feat. Oscar Jerome And Nubya Garcia

Idiom EP

Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owinare, two integral parts of the burgeoning South London jazz scene, contribute to numerous outfits including Ata Kak, Jamie Isaac, MC Pinty, Moses Boyd Exodus and Ezra Collective, as well as pushing their own solo projects. This is their first combined effort and it’s released via the impeccable Yam Records. Lulling us into a false sense of funkiness through the loose percussion of “SE Discotheque” we quickly get hurled into the modern jazz extravaganza that is the title track. Featuring Oscar Jerome, “Idiom” raises the bar, lavishly spilling luxurious piano licks over a groove The Rotating Assembly would be proud of. Gently scuffed round the edges and swinging with a house sensibility. The is deep music, equally comfortable on the dancefloor or on the stereo. “Mind’s Eye” skips and hops as another jazz-house blueprint is quickly constructed; JAJ & MO capable of weaving intricate melodies deep into the 4/4 framework. “Tanner’s Tango” features Nubya Garcia and flirts casually with broken beat rhythms as a near spiritual saxophone solo slowly but effectively takes main focus; plunging us head long into its naked, emotive beauty. Penultimate track “Easy Now” allows the sheer power of the EP a moment to sink in, as a hypnotic piano lick repeats against the catchiest 2-step grooves found across the whole record; a moment of charged serenity as we digest how accomplished these musicians. Saturated with goodness, “Midnight Oil” sees another faultless jazz / house hybrid executed with all the sophistication and grace of scene pioneers Floating Points, yet somehow taken even further to the jazz apex from which it emanates. Perfect and sublime, and highly, highly recommended.

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