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Unlimited Love #18

France's Unlimited Love ship over some more illicit produce just before we leave the EU at the end of next month. The team have kept it simple on this one. One track a side. Both of the heavy disco / soul variety. No track listing as usual but please do send in your answers to Pasta Paul our social media rep and he'll be sure to dish out maximum likes and positive emoticons onto your feed as you wish. Limited copies. Cop now or cry later.

Illicit edits as always from the Unlimited Love cartel, determined to skirt past red tape conventions. Fresh Band's "Come Back Lover" makes an appearance here, a sumptuous mid-eighties boogie jam that's crept up again in price recently, despite being bootlegged in 2012. No one likes a clever clogs, so I'll give the sleazy disco-funk of "Track 2" to the UL crew, making it one point each at the end of side A.

Side B kicks off with a slice of anthemic and energetic disco, with sing-along chorus, lovely brass section and a lively percussion section. Another blank face from me puts the Unlimited Love crew one in front with only one most track left to go! Slowing down the breaks and deploying some screeching organs, high-waisted bassline and velvety male vox highlights "Track 4" as a true soul gem, surely big on the weekender scene but escaping my inquisitive ears for a third time at this encounter! - those pesky editors! I'll get you next time ....! 


Matt says: Unlimited Love continue to quietly usher through the unknown, hard to acquire and stupendously expensive hits from disco, soul and boogie's bussom.

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