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Uber unveil their latest debutant, the mighty Max Manetti with this four tracker of loose percussion and bass driven Balearic. Getting up on the good foot, "Jungle Prayer" pairs slick bass licks, delicate Spanish guitar and dreamy synthtones with pattering percussion and a cheeky vocal sample, stringing us out into a snake-hipped sunshine groove. Next up, "Dub Macumba" is a slightly more drowsy take on the rhythmic theme, all immersive elements, low slung bass and twinkling chimes. The rolling, strolling and slightly spaced out "Changuinola" kicks off the flip with nods to Krautrock, Shoom and a vocal sample which perfectly captures long nights under the stars at Hostal Salinas. Finally "Garrison" lumbers onto the scene with a dubby bassline, classy piano refrain and funked out rhythm section, calling to mind the kind of dubwise downbeat you'd expect from a vintage K&D or Cobby production. Smart!

Glitzy Rhodes swells and swooning guitars work together on the A-side, backing up the tropical tom-heavy percussion and rolling bass licks, before being joined by a growing saw-wave hum. While the snappy percussion sits in it's own space, it ducks slightly to make room for the tiney tremolo of the keys, creating a slowly modulated rise and fall, like waves licking a darkening shore. 

On the flipside, Essa knocks it up a notch (only a notch mind), taking that throbbing octaved synth and pushing it to the front, backed up with body-rattling bass and swirling ambient flourishes. When that key-change kicks in, it takes you into into ambient synthy bliss. Think Jan Hammer, but stoned on a beach with a load of pals, and you're most of the way there. Killer duo. 

The spectacularly monikered Lusty Zanzibar tones it down a touch for this Uber release, donning the Mountain Ash alias for a perfect slice of dreamy, drifting modern kosmische with plenty of ambient overtones. Layer upon layer of emotive synths are kept in check by the pulsing arp which helps you drift towards a beautiful climax in this synthetic love affair. Label heads Coyote slow the pace a little on their A2 remix keeping the hypnotic arpeggio in place but adding some lazy beachside percussion, a few pianos and Kalimbas to create a stunning sea front shuffler. On the flipside, Brooklyn's exotic synth experts Zoovox create a subtle analogue rework which sticks close to original but adds their own delicate vibrations and spirit lifting sinewaves. Stick this on the player, slip off your mooring and drift away into the sunset.

Uber start the new year in much the same manner as they closed the last, treating us to shimmering, simmering Balearic beauty, this time courtesy of Shining Bird frontman Dane Taylor. Ripened under the antipodean sunshine, "Let's Float" sees Dane riff on the 'Fade Into You/Knocking On Heavens Door' vocal pattern over loose percussion, frazzled guitars and hazy sax. Forget clubland, this is music tailor made for sipping cold drinks under palm tree shade or swinging hammock dreams. The flip sees Balearic Commander in chief Leo Mas and his ever present colonel Fabrice deliver a truly stunning piece of Balearic chug. The Italian duo distil those gentle melodies over deep ambient textures and rolling bass to capture the essence of an amber sunset.

Shining Bird

Distant Dreaming - Inc. Coyote Remix

Uber picked up this beautiful mellowed out pop song by Shining Bird for a vinyl release after becoming totally captivated by its warm laid back Balearic feel. Hailing from Austinmer, a coastal town just south of Sydney, Australia, this collective of friends got together over a mutual love of the sea, Australian cinema, Dennis Wilson's "Pacific Ocean Blue" Lp and poet Henry Lawson, and I reckon you can hear at least half those influences in "Distant Dreaming". The coastal shimmer of Mr Wilson is present and correct in the hazy organ and guitar, while the wistful melody evokes a cinematic charm. Chuck in some honest vocals and a sturdy backbeat and we're doing very nicely thanks. The second track "Stitzing/Wipeout" is another great example of alternative pop as Shining Bird channel Canada's Destroyer, blending the song into a 5 min piece of psyched out ambient. On the flip side Coyote remix "Distant Dreaming" into a contemplative trip with pitched down vocals and a throbbing bassline. This percussion led dreamer is perfect for horizontal dancing with its dubbed out vocals and thick, heady aesthetic. Uber continues its crusade of finding and releasing music that captures their Balearic ethos.

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