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Midnight Runners

Tugboat Edits Volume 14

More concerned with the off killer disco side of the spectrum, Tug Boat Edits follow up the double headed Star Creature release from this week with serious selection of sonic surgery from Indonesia's Midnight Runner (aka Munir).

6 tracks in total. fast paced and funky, emanating from a time before quantized DAW's and multitrack VSTs; therefore unequivocally rich in musicianship throughout!

No idea as to originals (help?) but if space disco, full of flanging hats n guitar chops, bolshy brass and frenetic basslines is your thing, then get on the boat!

Limited copies, high demand = move quick! 


Sil says: Four slabs of disco edits and rarities extensions. Crate diggers, this is for you!

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Looking great Beth. Thanks for ordering as always 🙏
Sat 6th - 1:36
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Fri 5th - 6:38
Thank you for the kind comments Duncan. We can only agree 😉 If you haven’t already and would like to receive the…
Fri 5th - 6:34
Some fresh new lockdown offers have hit our website - check them out here. We have very…
Fri 5th - 3:40
Always great choices Mike 🙌 If you’re looking for some New Music Friday inspiration head to the website, have a br…
Fri 5th - 2:52
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