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The Congos

Heart Of The Congos - 2022 Remaster

    "the best roots reggae album ever…" Lloyd Bradley
    "a defining statement of Jamaican vocal group artistry in the seventies, by virtue of it's thematic coherence, superb musicanship and beautiful vocals it is exemplary roots music of the highest order. It is also the most perfectly realised album to come from Lee Perry's Black Ark" Steve Barrow, Blood & Fire Reggae Historian.


    Open Up The Gate
    Children Crying
    La La Bam Bam
    Can't Come In
    Sodom And Gomorrow
    The Wrong Thing
    Ark Of The Covenant
    Solid Foundation

    The Congos

    Heart Of The Congos - 40th Anniversary Edition

    Right now, you have in your hand (or browser) a total classic. Not a reggae classic, or roots classic (though either statement would be true), but a classic record amongst all the other records that ever there were. Recorded at Black Ark in 1977 and mixed by Lee Scratch Perry and Scientist, "Heart Of The Congos" finds Cedric Myton and Roy Johnson treating us to ten superlative, spiritual reggae cuts. All over the tracklisting you'll find infectious grooves, soulful vocals and yearning lyrics, all wrapped in those strangely psychedelic audio effects Perry and Scientist made their own. In "Fisherman" and "Congoman" you have two of the finest tracks ever to leave Jamaica and the religious riddim of "Can't Come In" on the flip could make any heathen into a true believer. 20 years after the release of Blood & Fire’s outstanding but now deleted ‘Heart Of The Congos’ reissue, VP Records /17 North Parade release a definitive, 2017 remastered 3CD & 3LP edition, put together with both respect and gratitude to that illustrious antecedent. This new deluxe 3CD & 3LP editions are the first to feature the now almost impossible to find original mix of the album, unavailable since producer Lee Perry withdrew the set in 1977. Also includes the more well-known re-mix, dubs, disco mix, seven and twelve inch versions and ‘Don’t Blame It On I’ an overlooked previously unreleased track unearthed, too late to include on the Blood & Fire release, by Steve Barrow and David Katz in 1997. Buy a copy, put it on your turntable and thank me later. 


    LP 1
    A1 Fisherman
    A2 Congoman
    A3 Open Up The Gate
    A4 Children Crying
    B1 La La Bam-Bam
    B2 Can't Come In
    B3 Sodom & Gomorrow
    B4 The Wrong Thing
    LP 2
    C1 Ark Of The Covenant
    C2 Solid Foundation
    C3 Don't Blame It On I
    C4 At The Feast
    D1 Neckodeemus
    D2 Solid Foundation (Disco Cork Mix)
    D3 Foundation Dub
    LP 3
    E1 Congoman (12" Mix)
    E2 Congoman Chant
    F1 Bring The Mackaback
    F2 Fisherman Dub
    F3 Noah Sugar Pan

    The Congos possess what all bands look for, that unique distinctive sound that draws the listener in. Alongside the great songs, lead singer Cedric Myton’s singing, phasing and falsetto voice makes that just the case. The Congos were formed by Cedric Myton (b. 1947, St Catherine, Jamaica) around the mid-Seventies when the Rasta message was central to the reggae sound coming out of Kingston, Jamaica. But he had started out in the Rocksteady era, when he formed the vocal group ‘Tartans’, taking lead vocal duties alongside Devon Russell, Prince Lincoln Thompson and Lindbergh Lewis.They cut ‘Dance All Night’ (1967) and ‘Coming On Strong’ (1968). The line-Up became The Royal Rasses and from this Cedric moved on to form the Congos on meeting Roydel Johnson, who had previously sang with Ras Michael and the Sons of Negas. Cedric’s Rasta roots were firmly in place when he went to work with producer Lee Perry to cut the seminal album ‘Heart Of The Congos’ at Perry’s just built, Black Ark Studios in 1977. Cedric Myton has carried on the mantle, cutting a set of tunes with the help of his good friend Mr Brent Dowe, who had previously sang lead vocals with the Melodians. This is the dub set to the vocal album released on the Kingston Sounds label called ‘The Congos Feast’. With such strong songs, rhythms and vocals it always had the chemistry for a great dub set. Hope you agree and enjoy the dub excursion…


    Philippa says: The dub set to the vocal album 'The Congos Feast'.


    1 A Fat Dub
    2 A Party
    3 Gods Kingdom Dub
    4 Carry To The Well Dub
    5 Beng Come Down Dub
    6 Rasta Congo Dub
    7 Some A Dub
    8 Citizen Dub
    9 Watch & Pray Dub
    10 King Rastafari Dub
    11 Take It To Dub
    12 Heaven Dub
    13 Grandma Say Dub*
    14 Start A New Dub*
    15 Rasta Weh She Dub*

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