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The Sherlocks

People Like Me And You

    It's the latest set from the indie/alt-rock quartet after three acclaimed albums which include their 2017 debut 'Live For The Moment' and last year's 'World I Understand' - both of which hit the Top 10.

    Vocalist/Guitarist Kiaran teases, "The new album is honestly full of really good songs with strong choruses. When we were going in to make this album, we went in there with ideas as opposed to fully fledged songs and I believe that's where the magic lies in this record."

    Their biggest, brightest and most expansive record to date with production elements and fresh sonic touches that broaden their guitar/bass/drums foundations. It's a collection filled with personal and quintessential Sherlocks lyrical themes that are informed by the passing of time and the realisation that everyone is stepping into different stages in their lives - touching upon nostalgia, ageing, flawed relationships and escaping the rat race on wild, woozy weekends.


    Remember All The Girls
    No Retreat, No Surrender
    Going Nowhere
    Don't Let It Out
    Louder Than Words
    People Like Me & You
    On Your Mind
    Any Old Iron?
    Face The Music
    Here & Now
    Won't Stop

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