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More under-the-counter Talking Heads business... This time it's unreleased outtakes from "Fear Of Music". Fear not! These might have not made the final, commercial cut of the album, but they sound super funky for leftfield disco audiances! 

Limited copies, pre-ordering essential!  

Talking Heads

Remain In Light - Unreleased Outakes

    EXTREMELY limited, unreleased versions of some highly danceable Talking Heads business. Heavy duty white label cut with four tracks to enjoy.

    These have never been released before and come in very limited quantities. Demand is high so make sure you get that order in if you want one!

    Talking Heads

    Fear Of Music - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

      If "More Songs" saw Byrne and co. poke fun at the sophomore LP syndrome (a few tracks not good enough to land on the debut and a couple of rushed singles thrown together quickly enough to capitalise on any hype) with an utterly ironic album title, "Fear Of Music" was an outright attempt to put a little distance between the band and their new found success. 
      Just imagine a largely white rockist audience trying to wrap their heads around the polyrhythmic brilliance of African-inspired opener "I Zimbra", complete with nonsense lyrics from poet Hugo Ball. Yet after that emphatic opener (which would pave the way for the next LP), things settle into a familiar angular pattern, though perhaps more sparse and gloomy than previous offerings. Standout single "Life During Wartime" romps along with frenetic pace and synth bombast, while the expansive and melodic "Heaven" provides a moment of pure beauty. The anxious "Animals" showcases the deepening rhythmical complexity from Frantz, Weymouth and Harrison, while closer "Drugs" offers Eno opportunity to road test the tape loops which would eventually lead to "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts".


      Coloured LP Info: 140 gram opaque silver/grey vinyl.

      Talking Heads

      More Songs About Building And Food - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

        Landing hot on the heels of their well received debut, "More Songs About Building And Food" tackled the curse of the sophomore LP head on, first through its brilliantly ironic title, then through the subtle development and distillation on the sounds presented on "77". Former Roxy synth wizard (not yet the uber producer he'd soon become) jumped on board to man the boards, placing extra emphasis on the Weymouth-Frantz rhythm section which would become increasingly important over the next decade. Still unhinged, arch and in a world of his own, Byrne is on top form, beginning to properly utilise his vocal eccentricities and lyrical poise. Fast paced and boosted by Eno's production, the whole set is decidedly danceable, but it's the inspired swamp funk cover of "Take Me To The River", complete with sonar sweeps and synth riffs which packs the dancefloor to this day.


        Coloured LP Info: 140 gram translucent red vinyl.

        Talking Heads

        Talking Heads: 77 - Coloured Vinyl Reisse

          Talking Heads first LP "77" introduced the New York band perfectly. A mish mash of art-punk-funk, with heavy doses of bubblegum and a splash of the Caribbean. 11 tracks which show off the bands varying influences, David Byrne's weird vocal delivery, and the constant tempo changes and twists in their style. You can hear hints of the moody side of their sound on tracks such as "New Feeling" and "Who Is It?", contrasting with the jolly funk of "Pulled Up" and "Uh Oh Love Has Come To Town" all of this is augmented by the albums standout "Psycho Killer", a brooding slice of paranoid punk that still sounds fresh today.


          Coloured LP Info: 140 gram translucent green vinyl.

          Talking Heads

          More Songs About Buildings And Food

          The second album from Talking Heads was recorded in '78 at Compass Point in the Bahamas, for this release the band enlisted the talents of Brian Eno as co-producer. It's over all a slicker affair than what came before. Stand out tracks such as "Girls Want to be With the Girls", "Stay Hungry" and the fantastic "Found a Job" still plough the edgy punk furrow, with the bands take on Al Green's "Take Me To The River", once again showing their influences to be greater than the four walls of CBGB. Eno and Byrne also show off their interest with things other than just the sound of the band, each track ends with the count to the next track being perfectly timed from the previous tempo. Contrived indeed, but you'd expect that from these two.


          2xCD/DVD Info: This expanded edition features the original album on CD in remastered stereo, plus four previously unreleased bonus tracks: "Stay Hungry (1977 Version)", "I'm Not In Love (Alternate Version)", "The Big Country (Alternate Version)" and "Thank You For Sending Me An Angel (Country Angel Version)". It also includes a DVD of the original album in 5.1 surround sound, concert videos of "Found A Job" and "Warning Sign", plus a photo gallery.

          "Remain In Light", Talking Heads fourth album is hailed by most as their best, and it's easy to see why. Eno was handed complete production control, and he started to experiment with tape loops, and other sonic gadgetry. There is a distinct African influence throughout (as hinted on "Fear Of Music"). First track "Born Under Punches" utilises the tape-looped edit to maximum effect, and produces an awesome wonky afro disco groove, which is still deadly on a dancefloor. Also included on this album is what is probably their biggest track to date "Once In A Lifetime", it was this track, accompanied by MTV worthy 'weird video' that catapulted the band to worldwide recognition. Bolstered by other classics such as "Crosseyed And Painless", "Houses In Motion" and "Seen And Not Seen", this is definitely one to own. Essential!


          2xCD/DVD Info: This expanded edition features the original album on CD in remastered stereo, plus four previously unreleased bonus tracks: "Fela's Riff (Unfinished Outtake)", "Unison (Unfinished Outtake)", "Double Groove (Unfinished Outtake)" and "Right Start (Unfinished Outtake)". It also includes a DVD of the original album in 5.1 surround sound, videos of "Crosseyed And Painless" and "Once In A Lifetime", plus a photo gallery.

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