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The Healer

    On ‘The Healer’, the new full length from the Northwest-based trio of guitarist and vocalist Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom) bassist Brian Cook (Russian Circles, Botch) and drummer Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists), the group deepens their multi-faceted exploration into the parallel experiences of creation and destruction. Over the course of four tracks in 76 minutes, SUMAC present a sequence of shifting movements which undergo a constant process of expansion, contraction, corruption and regrowth.

    This musical methodology reflects the thematic nature of the record - narratives of experiential wounding as gateways to empowerment and evolution, both individual and collective. The group’s interpolation of melody, drone, improvisation, and complex riffing becomes a transmogrifying act, embodying the depth of human experience. In its highest aspiration it mirrors our ability to endure mortal and spiritual challenges, through which we may emerge with an increased capacity for understanding, empathy, love of self and others. Dismal though the subterranean pits of ‘The Healer’ may at first appear, from them can be felt the unwavering determination to embrace life, acknowledge interdependence, and honour the gift of existence.

    “SUMAC are pushing metal in a direction so uncomfortable it may cease to be metal, into an openness that isn’t about saying “F*CK YOU!” the loudest. The result is some of [Aaron Turner’s] most exciting work since Isis disbanded.” - Pitchfork

    “[SUMAC] has used a post-metal and sludge metal palette to paint a richly immersive musical journey into soundscapes of simmering tension with a shimmering and sincere self-reflection at the core.” - New Noise


    World Of Light
    Yellow Dawn
    New Rites
    The Stone’s Turn

    Keiji Haino & SUMAC

    Into This Juvenile Apocalypse Our Golden Blood To Pour Let Us Never

      ‘Into this Juvenile Apocalypse our Golden Blood to Pour Let Us Never’ is the third collaborative album between trio SUMAC - Aaron Turner (guitar - ISIS, Old Man Gloom), Brian Cook (bass - Russian Circles), Nick Yacyshyn (drums - Baptists) - and Japan’s cultural provocateur, Keiji Haino.

      ‘Into this Juvenile Apocalypse our Golden Blood to Pour Let Us Never’ finds the quartet navigating the push-and-pull of creative interplay with bolder strides and stronger chemistry. Recorded on May 21, 2019, at the Astoria Hotel on Vancouver BC’s notorious East Hastings Street as a one-off performance during a short North American tour for Haino, the six compositions comprising ‘Into this Juvenile Apocalypse our Golden Blood to Pour Let Us Never’ showcase a musical unit bouncing unfiltered ideas off of one another, mining a trove of textures and timbres from their armoury to buoy and bolster these living and breathing pieces. Like so many albums documenting free music, the thrill here is in the tightrope walk, the wavering moments of uncertainty, and the ecstatic moments of shared brilliance.

      Whether deconstructing American blues, to a few rogue notes hanging across chasms of empty space in his solo endeavors, sparring with the nebulous fringes of psychedelia in Fushitsusha, or teaming up with musicians like Faust, Boris, Jim O’Rourke, Stephen O’Malley, John Zorn, and Peter Brötzmann for fleeting aural experiments, Haino’s work is never pre-planned or structured, but rather a completely spontaneous exploration of chemistry, texture, and dynamics.

      SUMAC’s tenure is much younger than Haino’s, though guitarist-vocalist Aaron Turner has covered a similarly large swath of musical territory across numerous projects and collaborations.

      Yma Sumac



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        Bo Mambo
        Taki Rari
        Chicken Talk
        Goomba Boomba
        Malambo #1
        Five Bottles Mambo
        Indian Carnival
        Cha Cha Gitano
        Carnavalito Boliviano Mambo And More

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