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Gay Marvine rides again! This is the 10th volume of the "Secret Mixes Fixes" series, unearthing forgotten gems, lost classics and things so obvious you may already be sick of them until GM works his magic on the stems! Anyone with a penchant for that Muzic Box, Paradise Garage, Zanzibar sound will surely cream their pants at some of these offerings. I could list original artists and track names, but in truth Gay's contribution often elevates them from their original context; and to be honest, it ruin's the fun. Just slap on the 1s n 2s and get that ass dancing!

This work pre-dates Gay Marvine's later project - Bathouse Etiquette and shows the producer's early vision in fine form. Carrying on the unbreakable legacy of Ron Hardy, Larry Levan, Greg Wilson, Theo Parrish and others known for their fine craft of the edit. Recommended! 


Matt says: The more twisted and sleazy end of the spectrum covered by big Gay Marvine here, with some top drawer eyeball lickers thrown in for good measure.

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