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From the vaults of Ring Musik, one of Germany's finest library record labels, comes this dope double sider. Even better, the A-Side ("Sally") has not been re-issued since it's original release in 1976! We have no clue why none of the established re-issue record labels in the world has not re-released it yet. Therefore we gladly step in and take responsibility for a proper reissue. For the B-side we chose "Bubble and Squeak" which makes it unnecessary to further search for the original vinyl record as these are the only two interesting cuts for Rare Groove fans.


1. Sally
2. Bubble And Squeak

Presents For Sally / 93MillionMilesFromTheSun

An Arms Reach Away / Darkness Inside

    A match made in heaven ... UK's tonal magicians 93MillionMilesFromTheSun and Presents For Sally have been friends for a long time, and UK's Wrong Way Records finally brought them together on a limited edition 8 track pink and yellow split vinyl.

    Doncaster's 93MillionMilesFromTheSun have four studio albums, a compilation and a good amount of EP’s under their belt, and the whole lot of them managed to seduce our ears in an irresistible way. The four songs by Nick Noble continue the path in a remarkable way and offer the listeners a wonderfully sparkling, highly catchy shoegaze/noise pop wall-of-sound, filled with swirling guitars, fuzzy reverberation, psychedelic injections, acoustic colours and crunchy splinters, accompanied by Nick's emotional vocals and coated with an embracing melancholic twist. From the epic, dynamically circling opener "I'm Waiting" to the closing gem "Edge Of Nowhere" with its romantically swirling, yearning sunrise atmosphere - the band passionately mixed an addictive and magic cocktail.

    Presents For Sally first emerged on the radar in 2008 when the band’s song "Flowers Falling Sideways" appeared on the line-up for a shoegaze compilation entitled "The Secret Garden". Since then, the band served us two splendid full-length trips as well as several captivating singles and EP's. The four songs on this split album confirm once more that Presents For Sally are one of the most talented crews to surface on the shoegaze/indie rock radar: the band's way to create tonal diamonds that run the gamut from pop sensibility to reverberant atmospheres and crashing wall-of-sound spirals that beg to be played at high volumes is highly remarkable. Matt Etherton, Anna Etherton and Phil Russel continue their drop of magnetically alluring, irresistibly melodic treats. From the groovy'n'spicy mid-tempo opener "An Arms Reach Away" (sung by Matt) to smooth'n'relaxing pearls with a dreamy vibe like "1000 Magic Lands" (sung by Anna), the band created a tempting and delightful sound journey from start to finish. 


    Side A: PFS
    1. An Arms Reach Away
    2. 1000 Magic Lands
    3. Not Young Not Old
    4. Perfume Boat

    Side AA: 93MMFTS
    1. I’m Waiting
    2. Darkness Inside
    3. Fall Into The Sky
    4. Edge Of Nowhere

    Sally Dige

    Hard To Please

      Consolidating 2 years of solo work, “Hard To Please” is the debut album by Canadian polymath Sally Dige. First coming to prominence in the synth-wave scene with an elusive, meta-persona in a blur of homemade costumes, Dige’s world has grown to encompass visual art, theatre and design elements. Most surprising on her long-awaited debut however is the occasional removal of the various masks and characters Dige has played to date, revealing something more tangible and fragile underneath.

      “Hard To Please” still revels in a darkly thrilling, Euro synth-pop music, awash with dry ice and hidden in shadow, most personified on the instant classic 'Immaculate Deception'. However, on the long, nocturnal walk home Dige begins to sing of loneliness, being lost, the transience of our relationships. Attention to detail is paramount. On the title-track the crisp early-80s, swooning bass line duets with Dige’s desperate plea to a lover fading into the distance, a presence lamented with even more pathos on the towering, early-4AD-esque, slow-burner 'Your Girl'. It’s a new fragility that effortlessly manages to convey a luxurious, inescapable sensuality at the same time.

      Indeed, 'Hard To Please' portrays a clear narrative, with electronic body movers like Doppelganger portraying an out-of control, self-obsessed persona at the beginning of the record. Breaking down into the foggy murk, the more hopelessly romantic album closers “A Certain Beauty” and “Dance Of Delusion” burn a ghostly image into the listener’s mind, as Dige, or someone like her, over Cure-like swooning reverberations entreaties the powers that be to let her dance. Dige never fully reveals her hand, but the game is worth playing endlessly.


      1. Hard To Please
      2. Immaculate Deception
      3. So Far Away
      4. Doppelganger
      5. Losing You
      6. Your Girl
      7. A Certain Beauty
      8. Dance Of Delusion

      The Creature Comfort

      Sally Sucks

        The Creature Comfort is a legendary lost Manchester band.

        Once under the management of Gareth Evans (The Stone Roses) with a residency at Manchester’s iconic rock venue The International, (sharing the stage with Gun Club, Mudhoney, Suicidal Tendencies, Cornershop, American Music Club), The Creature Comfort’s riotous live performances and frontman Ben Le Jeune’s lyrical surrealism led the way to a large, local underground following. Then, on the cusp of joining the pantheon of big-time Mancunian acts like Oasis and Elbow, the band were forced to split up due to personal circumstances.

        Now after the long unplanned hiatus, founder and frontman Ben Le Jeune has resurrected The Creature Comfort, writing and recording a brand new album and enrolling the help of fellow musicians (Steve Jones – guitar, Chris Livesey – bass, Christian Payne – drums) for The Creature Comfort’s first live dates of the millennium.

        An essential yet still-secret part of the city’s musical heritage, The Creature Comfort’s outsider post-punk music inhabits a sonic space somewhere between Pixies, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

        ‘Sally Sucks’ is the first single taken from The Creature Comfort’s very long-awaited debut (following in September). A snarling, pounding, almost frenzied 2.25 mins of unadulterated old-school pop-punk. On the b-side is ‘Windowpane’, showcasing Le Jeune’s observational lyrical wit in a dark ode to Manchester. The cover artwork features a skater from the Manchester Roller Derby team.

        Sally Murray


          Recorded almost entirely on borrowed equipment in a south Manchester bedsit, Sally Murray's debut four track release captures her highly personal and ambitious approach to songwriting and is a thing of raw, strange beauty. The Nottingham–born singer's effortless performances are brought to life by her rich, low voice which is shot through with East Midlands grit, that on this recording, is multi-tracked and up front, commanding the listener's attention. Alongside her vocals are bowed and detuned guitars, analogue synthesizers, lap steel, e-bow, drums and old 70s home organs. While her music isn't in thrall to any particular artist or genre, some would maybe cite the sounds of Feist, PJ Harvey and Bert Jansch as possible musical heros of Sally's though stylistically this mini-album blends a wide scope of influences including acapella township gospel, lo-fi indie grunge, Sixties psychedelia and bare acoustic balladry. Sally has been writing songs from a very early age - her first ever song was about a supernova ready to explode and destroy the earth written when she was five years old - and in recent years she has built up a loyal following in her hometown.

          The Tamborines

          Sally O'Gannon

            West London-based Brazilian/British four-piece The Tamborines formed around the nucleus of Henrz (guitar/vocals) and Lulu (keyboards), and completed their line-up with the addition of second guitarist Aaron and drummer Thur. This CD single features the two tracks that appeared on their Sonic Cathedral debut 7": "Sally O'Gannon" - The Warlocks gone pop; an infectious garage rock rave-up combining 'Raw Power'-volume guitars with swooping Korg keyboards and a chorus the size of California, and "Be Around" - darkens the West Coast psychedelia with some black-clad East Coast sleaze, ending up something like Roger McGuinn and his 12-string Rickenbacker jamming with Lou Reed and John Cale on "Sunday Morning". It also includes "Come Together" from their second 7" - like The Jesus And Mary Chain if they'd ever learned how to lighten up. And the EP draws to a close with a demo version of "Sally O'Gannon".

            The Vanity Set / Sally Norvell


              The Vanity Set are a side project of Bad Seed's men James Sclavunos and Thomas Wydler, along with a collection of guest musicians - Kid Congo Powers, Sally Norvell, Larry Mullins (Iggy Pop), Daria Klotz (God Is My Co-Pilot), Pete Shore (Boss Hog) and Chris Pravdica (The Gunga Din). Sally Norvell is well known for her previous recordings and tours with outfit Congo Norvell featuring legendary ex-Gun Club guitarist Kid Congo Powers and her duets with Mark Eitzel.

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