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This single was first released in 1987 and captures The Roses in their second phase - youthful pure pop influenced by early Creation and in particular Primal Scream and the Jesus And Mary Chain (but without the feedback!) It's one of their prettiest ever tunes and features a lyric untypical of any other song they did in that it tells a cute little story with a twist at the end. It's three minutes of perfection, basically! For years, the so-called single mix of Sally has been the only available version. This is infact what sounds to me like a demo. On this release we have the correct original single (erroneously titled12 inch version0 which has a far lusher sound and the beautiful heavilly percussive outro. You need this proper version. Of the b-sides: "Here It Comes" is a 60s beauty power-pop gem that stayed in their live set well into 1989, whilst Ian Brown once described "All Across The Sands" as his favourite ever Roses song. Now that's saying something! 

For this special release we have previously unreleased live versions of the 3 original songs, with Here It Comes featuring twice. All in all, a welcome release of a single which should basically never be allowed to go out of print. It's a classic.


Andy says: Finally reissued, with some nifty extras. In my humble opinion, one of the best pop singles of all time!


Sally Cinnamon - Single Mix
Here It Comes
All Across The Sands
Sally Cinnamon - 12" Single Mix

Sally Cinnamon (Live 1987)
Here It Comes (Live 1987)
All Across The Sands (Live 1987)
Here It Comes (Live 1987)

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