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The Stooges

Till The End Of The Night

    Produced and recorded by The Stooges.

    These tracks, known as DETROIT REHEARSALS TAPES, constitute a new insight of the wild energy of the quintet composed of the cult Iggy Pop, Asheton’s brothers (Ron & Scott), James Williamson & Scott Thurston.


    Live Detroit 68/69

      Discover the raw energy of MC5, a pioneer band of punk rock and hard rock.

      Recognized and known for their high-flying scene performance, this live recording in their home city (Detroit) is no exception. The first four songs were recorded at the Unitarian Church in Detroit in August 1968, while the last three were recorded at Westfield Highschool in Detroit in January 1969.

      The Red Onions

      Live Wire

      A brand new EP from Southern California's explosive Red Onions. A hyper-charged blast-out of Stooges-fueled punk rock, delivered with tight rhythms, powerful riffs, tons of adrenaline, and plenty of destruction in mind.

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