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Arnau Obiols & KAYYAK

Face / San Diago Remixes (Prins Thomas, Rahaan)

The visionary electronic music producer team Arnau Obiols and KAYYAK, known for blending cultural influences into captivating soundscapes, present two new tracks seamlessly fusing afro-inspired rhythms with groovy organic beats. Splendid remix works by the masterminds Prins Thomas, Medlar & Dele Sosimi and Rahaan are the icing on the cake.

Arnau Obiols and KAYYAK return to Compost Records with their third release for the esteemed German label. Following their debut EP, 'Chang'an', and the single 'Tunacheza', which was also featured in the compilation 'Future Sounds of Jazz Vol. 15', the duo presents their latest offerings: "Faith" and "San Diago". Recorded between Zurich and Barcelona, these tracks embody a fusion of disco, funk, and jazz infused with a strong West African influence drawn from genres such as highlife, afrobeat, and juju. Their passion for psychedelia and krautrock is evident in the recordings, characterized by raw tape echoes, primitive drum machines, heavily processed analog synthesizers and dream-like atmospheres. While the original tracks maintain an organic vibe, the remixes offer club-ready versions tailored for the dance floor. Featuring outstanding remixes by the Norwegian space disco pioneer Prins Thomas, the Chicago legend Rahaan, and the British house producer Medlar, along with Nigerian musician Dele Sosimi, renowned for his work as a keyboard player for Fela Kuti in the late 70s and early 80s. Don't miss your chance to experience these captivating tracks. Grab it while you can, as this release is expected to go fast!


1. Faith
2. San Diago
3. San Diago (Prins Thomas Remix)
4. Faith (Medlar & Dele Sosimi Remix)
5. Faith (Rahaan Remix)

Funkyjaws Music launches a new edits series here with four absolute dons of the form on one vital 12". It's Lay Far that kicks off with 'Never Ever Edit' which is all horn-led excitement and upbeat disco claps and kicks before Admin's 'Moon Trippin' takes a more slow and soulful approach. When it comes to edits few are more essential than Chicago's Rahaan who kicks off the B-side with 'Gonna Get Ya', a leggy funk number infused with cosmic synth rays and warm piano chords. Delfonic shuts down with the loose percussive jumbles and jazzy vibes of 'Let's Dance The Spank'. A fine start to the series with volume two already in the works.


Mine says: High octane disco-house sunshine here from four major players. Let's Dance sets out their stall in fine style.


Lay Far - Never Ever Edit
Admin - Moon Trippin
Rahaan - Gonna Get Ya
Delfonic - Let's Dance The Spank

First release from new US label Now Is Not The Time, who kick off their tenure with an all star collaboration featuring Jerome O, DJ Reg & Rahaan. As the title of the EP explains, lead track "Lost In The Message" mashes up two classic disco hits - MFSB's "Love Is The Message" and Sister Sledge's "Lost In Music" with, quite frankly, quite devastating results. These tracks segue into each other so easily you'll be kicking yourself you didn't think of it! Such is the genius of a good edit however...

Elsewhere Harry Thurman's "Underwater" is tweaked on "Get Up Out Tha Water" (you'll recognize the horns!), while "The M8 Track" sees the crew explore more obscure realms - a stripped back jacking drum machine pattern drizzled in classic echoed-out disco vox and cascading digital waterfalls. It's like the ghosts of disco visited the warehouse for a big dose of acid! Storming stuff.

Limited import copies - move quick if you want in on these! 


Matt says: Three Chicago heavyweights take on some big tracks with huge consequences. First release on Now Is Not The Time and it's a brilliant statement of intent.


Side 1
1. Lost In The Message (5:40)
2. Get Up Out Tha Water (6:14)
Side 2
1. The M8 Track (9:07)

Hot Biscuit hit us with a super duper double pack from esteemed house royalty Rahaan. The Newcastle based label has unleased a strong mission statement across some key early releases making it quite a hyped label for those in the know.

You might wince at the price tag, but believe me when I say these limited edition Rahaan edits will probably sell for twice as much in a few months when these sell out. Proper top drawer tackle throughout as he takes on tracks by Carlos, Faja Dotie and Bebeto. It's his extension of the Quentin Tarantino-used and Neapolitan curio, Roberto De Simone's "Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie" that's really got me salivating in my chair however - a fiery leftfield nugget that never fails to raise hell on the dancefloor.

Extremely limited copies - cop now or cry later! 


Matt says: High pedigree Rahaan edits on Newcastle's in vogue Hot Biscuit label. Cut nice and loud at 45rpm and across two discs, these are an audiophile's dream ticket to leftfield disco abandon.


A - Edit Of Carlos - Big Bisou
B1 - Edit Of Faja Dotie - Mamoe Lowe
B2 - Edit Of Bebeto - Preto Velho
C - 77
D - Edit Of Roberto De Simone - Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie


We Are The Ones / Fire / Forever

    On the debut EP 'We Are The Ones/Fire/Forever', Chicago DJ legend Rahaan collaborates with an incredibly talented group of musicians, including Marcus J. Austin on lead vocals, Nancy Clayton on backing vocals, Carnell C. Newbill (also known as Spike Rebel) on keyboards and backing vocals, Todd Swope on guitar, and Lou Terry on bass. Together, they create a 3-track EP that perfectly showcases Rahaan's production skills and the musical talents of the entire group.

    Rahaan's experience and expertise as a DJ and producer are evident in each track, with grooves that are sure to keep the dancefloor moving. The title track, 'We Are The Ones', is a story of adventure and return, with a twist. Created by Rahaan and The Ones while under the influence, the track was lost for years as it was unnamed on his computer. However, Rahaan's determination to find it paid off, and with the help of Ohio Players' Kenny Anderson on the horns, he built upon the elusive skeleton track. With Marcus J. Austin on lead vocals and Nancy Clayton on backing vocals, 'We Are The Ones' delivers a soulful, 4-to-the-floor anthem that showcases the vocal talents of the group. And in 'Fire', Todd Swope's guitar skills shine through, creating an epic production that draws spiritual inspiration from traditional AfroBeat rhythms. It's worth noting that The Ones features some truly talented musicians, including Carnell C. Newbill (Spike Rebel) on keyboards and backing vocals. Spike Rebel is a well-known producer and musician in his own right. With his soulful vocals taking center stage, Carnell Newbill leads the charge on "Forever," he also superbly delivers on bass, keys, percussion, and guitar. Expertly mixed by Rahaan, this track is sure to become a dance floor anthem.

    In summary, 'The Ones' EP is an impressive collaboration between some of the most talented musicians in the Chicago underground House and Disco scene. With Rahaan at the helm, this project is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves to dance. Mastered with Love by the Grammy nominated The Carvery Studios, this is one for any worthwhile DJ’s record bag.


    1. We Are The Ones
    2. Fire
    3. Forever

    Chicago legend Rahaan provides two very special productions for his first release on UK label “Hot Biscuit Recordings”.

    “More” is a non-stop foot-stomping disco anthem; a wooden floor jobbie with wicky-wick, gnarly grooves, tribal chanting and rambunctious rhythm section. Set to cause havoc at the barn and the glitterball dances respectively. Meanwhile "Morning Starz" gazes towards the stars ina 80s jazz-funk fashion with digital keys, frenetic bass and tight boogie drum machine sequences. What a way to kick off the label! There's another Hot Biscuit out this week n'all - gotta catch em all! 


    Matt says: Chicago legend Rahaan launches new label Hot Biscuit with two killer 12s of disco joy.


    Morning Starz

    Z Records continues its commitment to unearthing the obscure and long forgotten tracks from the last 40 years through the ever-popular "Under The Influence" series. Following on from Red Greg, Nick The Record, Sean P, Faze Action, and last years Alena Arpels. It’s now the turn of one of the scene’s most impressive collectors & DJs; Rahaan

    Hailing from Chicago his love affair with music started in the late 70’s early 80’s, listening to music on the radio combined with his mum and dad playing their records every weekend. In the early 80’s on the South side of Chicago, he started hearing something a bit different, what they called ‘house music’. 

    Here Rahaan digs deep into his impressive record collection that he has collected, built up and crafted over his many years of travelling, networking and DJin to showcase 22 of his finest and rarest cuts. Many of the tracks on the album would cost hundreds and that’s if you were even able to find the originals!

    As always with ZR compilations a lot of time and effort has been spent on creating these masters from the original vinyl, cleaning them up, removing all the clicks and pops resulting in the cleanest sounding copy possible.


    Matt says: 22 tracks from the Chicago stalwart’s personal collection spanning disco, boogie, funk & gospel. Under The Influence save us time and (lots of money) by not only sourcing these lesser known gems and highly coveted offerings, but cleaning up the masters and presenting them to us in their best possible fidelity.


    Side 1
    1. Santrax - Come & Get It (5:18)
    2. Marini - Let’s Get It On (6:43)
    3. Time Unlimited - Back Fire (8:34)
    Side 2
    1. Venus Dodson - Shoot Me (With Your Love) (6:16)
    2. Wings Of Light - He Loves You (5:00)
    3. Ship Of The Desert - Count Of Monte Thisgo (6:00)
    4. Frank Hatchett Dance Explosion - Super Hero (1:51)
    Side 3
    1. Cherish - For You (3:26)
    2. Jaze - Wanna Get Down With You (7:21)
    3. The 21st Century - One Of These Days (5:23)
    4. Porno Disco - Go Down Moses (4:19)
    Side 4
    1. Cousin Ice - Catch Your Glow (feat Zack Sanders) (6:18)
    2. Boobie Knight - Juicy Fruit My Love (6:27)
    3. John Lamkin - Ticket (6:21)

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