11 Minutes

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Typewriter Record Pool

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Typewriter Record Pool seems to be the Hot Biscuit offshoot dedicated solely to edits by Chicago stalwart Rahaan. Three releases in and the formula is the same - long, dancefloor-centric edits of obscure but highly desirable disco music - gifted a whole side per track for maximum fidelity and bass. This is the first double 12" release and thus, offers up four exclusive edits.

As is the case with this esteemed digger, the source material is rich and undeniably groovy; yet completely unbeknownst to mere humble beings such as myself. Chicago seems to have an endless seam of disco, soul and boogie gold that still, unbelievably (given how enthusiastically its been mined over the last couple of decades), remains untapped. Editors like Rahaan and Mark Grusane hold the keys to this mine of sonic treasure and with each excavation leave us breathless and in awe of the fruits of the labours.

Another super limited release you'll have to by quick to cop a copy! 


A. 11 Minutes Of Coldbloodedness
B. Africano
C. Disco Walkin
D. I.T.T.

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