Jerome O / DJ Reg / Rahaan

Lost In The Message

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Record Label
Now Is Not The Time

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First release from new US label Now Is Not The Time, who kick off their tenure with an all star collaboration featuring Jerome O, DJ Reg & Rahaan. As the title of the EP explains, lead track "Lost In The Message" mashes up two classic disco hits - MFSB's "Love Is The Message" and Sister Sledge's "Lost In Music" with, quite frankly, quite devastating results. These tracks segue into each other so easily you'll be kicking yourself you didn't think of it! Such is the genius of a good edit however...

Elsewhere Harry Thurman's "Underwater" is tweaked on "Get Up Out Tha Water" (you'll recognize the horns!), while "The M8 Track" sees the crew explore more obscure realms - a stripped back jacking drum machine pattern drizzled in classic echoed-out disco vox and cascading digital waterfalls. It's like the ghosts of disco visited the warehouse for a big dose of acid! Storming stuff.

Limited import copies - move quick if you want in on these! 


Matt says: Three Chicago heavyweights take on some big tracks with huge consequences. First release on Now Is Not The Time and it's a brilliant statement of intent.


Side 1
1. Lost In The Message (5:40)
2. Get Up Out Tha Water (6:14)
Side 2
1. The M8 Track (9:07)

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