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Paul Simon

Graceland - National Album Day Edition

    A 'National Album Day' release - Pressed on Clear LP Vinyl.

    With Graceland, Paul Simon hit on the idea of combining his always perceptive songwriting with the little-heard mbaqanga music of South Africa, creating a fascinating hybrid that re-enchanted his old audience and earned him a new one. It is true that the South African angle (including its controversial aspect during the apartheid days) was a powerful marketing tool and that the catchy music succeeded in presenting listeners with that magical combination: something they'd never heard before that nevertheless sounded familiar.

    As eclectic as any record Simon had made, it also delved into zydeco and conjunto-flavored rock & roll while marking a surprising new lyrical approach (presaged on some songs on Hearts and Bones); for the most part, Simon abandoned a linear, narrative approach to his words, instead drawing highly poetic, abstract, and satiric portraits of modern life, often charged by striking images and turns of phrase torn from the headlines or overheard in contemporary speech. An enormously successful record, Graceland became the standard against which subsequent musical experiments by major artists were measured and continues to provide rewards to its listeners and remains a pivotal listening experience for writers, artists and fans. 


    Coloured LP Info: Clear vinyl.

    Theo Parrish

    What You Wanna Ask For - Ft. Lori, SilentJay, Simon Marvin, Perrin Moss & Paul Bender

    Theo's back with a whole host of friends and a return to his slick, jazz-infected grooves . What we've heard of this new record sounds great, almost like he's revisiting "Summertime" era moods. With a lush and dreamy piano - organ combo, sumptuous strings and that iconic bass motif, we're in Theo Parrish dreamworld here!

    Get those orders in as copies are always in high demand!


    Ltd 12" Info: **ONE COPY FOUND!!

    Paul Simon

    So Beautiful Or So What

      Produced by Phil Ramone and Paul Simon, the ten track album – his 12th solo studio record - sees Simon crafting his songs around harmony and song structure instead of the beat-driven form of writing which has inspired him since the mid-1980s.

      Recording the demos in the equipment packed cottage next to his house in Connecticut, guitarist Vincent Nguini and percussionist Steve Shehan offered up their talents, as did Grizzly Bear’s drummer, Chris Bear, who contributed electronic drum parts.

      Taking more than a year to perfect, Simon has revealed that ‘So Beautiful or So What’ reminds him of his very first solo release, his acclaimed 1972 album ‘Paul Simon’.

      “This remarkable, thoughtful, often joyful record deserves to be recognised as among Paul Simon’s very finest achievements” – Elvis Costello.


      says: Another mega record by the ageless (er..) septuagenarian. Shiftng grooves, floaty melodies, cool ensemble playing. Thoughtful and tastefully done.

      "Surprise" is the first album that Paul Simon has worked on in collaboration with legendary producer Brian Eno. The result is a captivating collection of songs captured in mesmerising style by Eno's inventive production. It is his first album since 2000's "You're The One", and is reminiscent of classics from his back catalogue such as "Paul Simon", "There Goes Rhyming Simon" and "Still Crazy After All These Years".

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