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Theo Parrish

Cornbread & Cowrie Shells For Bertha

Two years since esteemed Detroit third waver Theo Parrish dropped "Wuddaji", he's back with another clutch of new music. Released via his own, highly inventive Sound Signature label, it finds our widely adored producer and DJ - now in his 50s - conjuring up more magical. spontaneous, semi-organic jams as he melds sample-based production with jazz, soul and blues for his own very unique blend of Detroit beatdown.

Opening with the tribal-tinged, MPC-forged rumble and clatter of "Cleo's Theme" - a perfect example of the dizzy heights achievable when man and machine combine in perfect harmony - in this case our man in question and Akai's MPC1000. It's his instrument of choice throughout the LP (and much of his discography to be honest). The following track, the titular "Cornbread & Cowrie Shells" swings perc hits sideways, resulting in a skewiff groove only Theo could make work; before peppering minor key piano pokes and warped organ notes into the mix. A truly out there, oddball dance track synonymous with our man from the D.

Nice to see old friend Dumminue Deporres get involved on the woozy, organ and piano-led, opiated daydream that is "Real Deal". Another key TP trope is the juddery, squelchy funk of "Dance Alone" which recalls tracks like "Going Downstairs" or "Galactic Ancestors". "Stop Lite" sees him expand (or should I say reduce) his "Stop Bajon" edit into a mellow yet moody jazz affair which sounds perfect for the smokey jazz bar. Finally "Play Thru Moon" exudes that heavy, sloppy, thick fug, punctuated by genius moments of drum syncopation provided by that trusty MPC sampler once again.

Long term fans are gonna be mega buzzed about this I reckon. I think stylistically it harks back to classic 3 Chairs / "Parallel Dimensions" era. Highly percussive, Rhodes heavy; with thick mid afternoon haze throughout. Another triumph from the maverick Detroit producer and DJ.  

Limited copies. 


Matt says: New Theo Parrish LP and I think stylistically it harks back to classic 3 Chairs / "Parallel Dimensions" era. Highly percussive, Rhodes heavy; with thick mid afternoon haze throughout. Another triumph from the maverick Detroit producer and DJ.


A. Cleo’s Theme
B1. Cornbread & Cowrie Shells
B2. Real Deal Feat. Dumminue Deporres
C1. Dance Alone
D1. Stop Lite
D2. Play Thru Moon

Brand new Theo Parrish and it's a glorious return to the clickity, dusty, MPC jams we love from early Sound Signature!! Three tracks that find the Akai-sensei in moody Motor City mode; constructing those peppered drum sequences and drunkard pads to compliment a shadowy vocal track on "Weirdo" which comes in two mixes - one sans pads and with even more percussive goodness jammed in!

"Imaginary Thugfunk" sees our lovable Detroiter lay down on of his Sun Ra indebted, interstellar funk jams - with gently simmering MPC rhythms slowly thrusted into the heavens through a whole manner of jazzy meanderings and spiritual house atmospheres. A sound Theo singlehandedly invented himself, think "Sound Sculptures"-era and you'll be getting a twitchy for this frisky biscuit!

Limited copies, bound to fly out - you know what to do!


Matt says: Detroit's finest back on his own imprint and with a decidedly retroist outlook. This sounds like some of the earliest Sound Signature gems; deep, moody, beatdown soul synonymous with the D.


A1. Weirdo (Full Mix)
B1. Original Weirdo
B2. Imaginary Thugfunk

More new Sound Signature this week as we get a bumper back of goodies from our friends in the D. Jason Hogans is a new signing, rarely heard outside of the Motor City but concocting up a deliciously tasty brew of broken beat, instrumental hip-hop and summery soul.

A mini-LP of sorts, it cruises between skeletal MPC downbeat experiments into radiant, jazz-breaks and occasional flurries of deep house a la The Rotating Assembly.

This is seriously strong stuff from Sound Signature; and of course limited copies available. Don't miss out on this killer vibe from this new producer - seriously recommended! 


Matt says: Sound Signature force our jaws to the floor by unveiling a mad good new artist from the D. Jason Hogans offers up something that tho typically Detroitian, also takes inspiration from Madlib's California-indebted soundscapes and London's broken beat edge. Mega!


A1. Daydreamer And A Clown
A2. Favorite Coffee Mug
A3. Do This Proper
B1.Blue Blessed Rider
B2. For My Solids
B3. Kitchen Hype 

- New Theo Parrish LP! 
- Contains the beautiful and serene Detroit house masterpiece "This Is For You"

- Triple vinyl, gatefold sleeve

- Stupendously limited copies - pre-ordering ESSENTIAL!!


A1. Hambone Cappuccino
A2. Radar Detector
B. This Is For You With Maurissa Rose
C1. Wuddaji
C2. Hennyweed Buckdance
D. Angry Purple Birds
E1 Who Knew Kung Fu (Vinyl Exclusive)
E2. All Your Boys Are Biters
F. Knew Better Do Better

Theo Parrish

What You Wanna Ask For - Ft. Lori, SilentJay, Simon Marvin, Perrin Moss & Paul Bender

Theo's back with a whole host of friends and a return to his slick, jazz-infected grooves . What we've heard of this new record sounds great, almost like he's revisiting "Summertime" era moods. With a lush and dreamy piano - organ combo, sumptuous strings and that iconic bass motif, we're in Theo Parrish dreamworld here!

Get those orders in as copies are always in high demand!


A1. What You Wanna Ask For (Theo Mix)
B1. What You Wanna Ask For (Dego Mix)

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