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Roots That Talk is the debut release by young Detroit-based artists Julion De'Angelo and Thomas Xu. It's released by Theo Parrish's iconic Sound Signature. "Chase The Summer" sounds like an extension of Theo's "Galactic Ancestors" (I guess that's why he likes it! - ed). "ALOTTOCHEWON" is more ethereal at first, before dropping into soundsystem-crushing bass swells. Very arresting and certain to turn heads in the dance, the sound design alone on this bad boy is worthy of some attention. "Pocketfull" sees the pair head down a melancholic, introspective path with squashed Rhodes accompanying mechanical, Big Strick-esque drums and rushes of piano. This is one of the strongest SS record we've had for a while, and therefore won't hang around long!

Never one to do things by halves, Theo Parrish assembles (another) triple LP of incredible sounds. Starting off at the more soulful end of the spectrum, "Second Chances" pits Warren Harris on guitar solo and Monica Blair on the mic (there's an instrumental mix too), before taking an unmarked detour into complex and technical jazz breaks with "Floatation Device". The singer appears again on the techier, more repetitive Sound Signature bleep groove "They Say" and things continue in the required style with bass and hi-hat wig-outs on "Twisted Friskie Biscuits". "The Rink" provides one of the album's stand-out dancefloor tracks - a slow, druggy Motown soul loop (Marvin no doubt) that gets deliberately twisted into a hypnotic spell. "Galactic Ancestors" channels the spirit of old UR, "Soul Control" is another off-centre vocal joint and the live favourite "Synthetic Flemm" finishes with an acid-dipped techno flourish, clearly designed to be the next "Falling Up".


3xLP Info: Deluxe triple gatefold album. LIMITED REPRESS.

Apart from the Carl Craig mix of "Falling Up" and the recent Sound Signature repress (which therefore don't count), 2006 has been unusually quiet for new release from Theo Parrish. Well cometh the hour, cometh the man, as he reassembles the Rotating Assembly with long time Detroit singer Billy Lo for the supremely cool jazzy affair that is "Seasons Of My Life". Although the liveness floods the track, it's built on some bona fide Theo P rhythms that can do no wrong. Green Pickles "Feedback" sees Marcellus Pittman join in for a quintessential Sound Signature deep trip (ie. the kind that those who don't 'get' Theo Parrish really hate). Billy Lo lightens the mood on the mic, but it's still those drunken drums that just get me every time.

Otherwise known as H-Fusion or DJ Fusion, Theo's mate Howard Thomas not only runs Sound Signature day-to-day but also turns out his own brand of abnormal techno. This four track EP of exclusive tracks gathers the schizophrenia of "Experiment #1", blends Mathew Jonson minimalism with Parrish's ear for the unusual on "Untitled", employs a mess of dissonant drums and keyboard plonks for "Land Of Lost Love" and includes an alternative Detroit house number in "Her Song!!!!".


12" Info: Was £7.99.

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