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Black Heaven

    Guess what?

    Earthless has a surprise for you. Whereas the band’s three previous albums featured anywhere from two to four completely instrumental space rock jams, the California trio’s fourth and latest, Black Heaven, is nothing like that. “It’s quite different,” drummer Mario Rubalcaba says with a laugh. “It has six songs, and most importantly it has vocals on about 70 percent of the record. There goes being pigeonholed as an instrumental band, I guess…”

    Of Black Heaven’s six tracks, only two are instrumental. And one of those instrumentals is less than two minutes long. “It wasn’t a premeditated thing to do a record with vocals,” Rubalcaba explains. “On the older records, Mike was responsible for a lot of the riffs that would start these jams, but on this one Isaiah really brought his own pizazz and flavor to it.”

    When Rubalcaba, Mitchell and bassist Mike Eginton started Earthless in 2001 as a psychedelic instrumental band, they were constantly asked, Are you guys looking for a singer? “That was the joke for years,” Rubalcaba laughs. “But we’ve always known Isaiah could sing. He’s got a great voice.”

    While the band’s lysergic leanings are fully intact, Black Heaven takes on a more classic rock hue than previous outings. “For me personally, the psychedelic thing is pretty important,” Rubalcaba offers. “But I’m not sure if we’ll always be on the crazier side of things musically. Even on this record, there are moments when it’s more psyched-out, but we’ve always been really big fans of classic rock stuff like ZZ Top, James Gang, Allman Brothers—and of course, Cream. There would be no Earthless if it wasn’t for Cream. They’re like the great-grandfathers of power trios.”

    After working out the new material, Earthless rolled out to the famed Rancho de la Luna Studios in Joshua Tree, California, where illustrious desert rock denizens such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss and Masters Of Reality cut some of their weirdest and wildest work. Owned and operated by Eagles Of Death Metal guitarist Dave Catching, the studio is the stuff of legend. It’s safe to say that Earthless got some sand in their shoes—and their tunes—thanks to Rancho’s unconventional setup. “That desert vibe really sunk into this record even more than I thought it would,” Rubalcaba concedes. “I don’t think it sounds like a ‘desert rock’ record per se, but Rancho really brought that feel into what we were playing a little bit more.”

    Black Heaven is a game changer for Earthless. Nobody is more aware of this than the band members themselves. But they also know this: You’ll never get anywhere if you’re running in place. “I’m sure there will be some people who have come to expect the big gargantuan space rock jams, and I don’t know if they’ll be into this or not,” Rubalcaba admits. “But I’m ready to deal with a little bit of disappointment from people who just want the freakout stuff. At the same time, I think people are gonna enjoy hearing a different side of us.”


    Ltd LP Info: Limited gatefold sleeved vinyl.



      With a new line up, incredibly full sound, and some might say a return to the roots of Ministry, the band is prepared to release a record that is socially relevant and sonically effective. Fans can look forward to a hearty future for not just Ministry, but Surgical Meth Machine, and Revolting Cocks as well. There is simply too much insanity in this world for Jourgensen not to speak his mind and keep our senses alive with his vast array of decibels and visuals: “I’m afraid for the stupidity of not embracing nonsense. I think nonsense is a great escape from the rigors of being in life’s hamster wheel.”


      Ltd LP Info: Ltd Gatefold 140g Black Vinyl.

      Blues Pills

      Blues Pills Live

        Easily one of the breakthrough classic rock bands of 2014, Blues Pills have been enchanting fans and media alike since they unleashed their self-titled, UK Top 75 debut last year. This young American / Swedish / French quartet create a very unique, intense and extraordinary rock atmosphere while at the same time having a major mainstream appeal that takes you right back to the time of Blues Pills’ ancestors Aretha Franklin, early Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Cream.

        Driving basslines, grooving drums and guitar solos from another planet by 17 year old Dorian Sorriaux, harmonized and tied together with such easiness and delight by Elin Larsson‘s incredible voice.

        With the idea to combine soul music with blues and rock ‘n’ roll and turn it into a new force of unimaginable energy, intensity and freshness, blonde archangel and soulsaviour Elin Larsson will guide you gently into a new world; the band´s empire of soulful rock. Elin’s powerful lyrics are full of emotion, her jazzy-soulful voice unfolding in outstanding beauty with a refreshing new take on the timeless and unquestionably noble art of rock ‘n’ roll.

        The band‘s stunning 10-track debut, produced by Don Alsterberg (Graveyard), was dubbed “one of the most exciting releases of the year” by Classic Rock Magazine, while Mojo predicted that “good times lie ahead for Blues Pills.” The album was rapidly backed by serious bout of roadwork. A sold-out November club run was followed a month later with a full UK tour as special guests to Rival Sons. Such is the demand for the band that another April headline run was announced immediately after.

        It couldn’t be more fitting that the band’s first live album was recorded at the renowned German Freak Valley Festival. Festival founder Jens Heide has not only been supporting the young musicians from “day one, before we even played a single show, before ‘Devil Man’ even was written and before the band was fully formed,” as vocalist Elin Larsson points out. In fact, he even gave the band their name.

        This concert was also their first ever headline festival appearance. “We took a walk around the festival and I remember getting a really good vibe from the place,” recalls guitarist Dorian Sorriaux. “It felt like all the puzzle pieces came together up at that moment,” adds Larsson.

        It’s in the live arena where Blues Pills really come into their own, as this 10-track release, recorded in front of a rabid German crowd, surely testifies. Improvising, stretching and twisting arrangements with Sorriaux and Larsson swapping the spotlight, Blues Pills remain anchored by their rock-solid rhythm section. ‘Blues Pills Live’ is the sound of a young band at the top of their game.


        CD Info: A5 digibook CD

        Agnostic Front

        Another Voice

        New York hardcore legends Agnostic Front have outlived contemporaries such as Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, Black Flag and are, on this evidence, still capable of producing a very mean noise. It's all here; the trademark sledgehammer rhythms, chainsaw guitar hooks and street anthem choruses. Produced by Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta, and featuring Terror's Scott Vogel and Karl Bleuchner of Earth Crisis.


        CD Info: This is the lush digipack version.

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