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Justin Carter And Eamon Harkin - Weekends And Beginnings

    "When we talk about Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday, we tend to focus on the details. The seemingly little things like a friendly staff and a springy dancefloor make a big difference in how good a party is, but the main reason we pay attention to them is that we're trying to create the best environment forpeople to enjoy music.

    Before we're producers of parties and guys running a record label, we're DJs. Everything else we do with Mister Saturday Night comes from our desire to play records for people. That's what we're putting forward on Weekends and Beginnings.

    The mix was recorded live at Mister Sunday on August 24, 2014. Because of licensing and such, we had to do a few edits in the studio, but it's still a pretty accurate picture of us in our natural habitat – wobbly turntables, excited distortion, dusty records and all. We hope you enjoy it."

    - Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter

    **indicates a song that will only appear on the CD version of Weekends and Beginnings.

    Olsen’s first release on vinyl, surely not his last. Melodic, dreamy and understated throughout, we kick off with the languid undulations of "Femenine". Powered by a skilled Rhodes player, it's decorated with a beautifully serene sentiment that's keen to unite all corners of the dancefloor as it soars to quite an epic climax. Perfect for bringing in that morning sunshine across the harbour of your favourite coastal party paradise. "Closer" comes gliding in on advanced bass synthesis and precision perc hits; grooving tech house without soiling its rep. Flip the disc and "No One Belongs" sounds like an emotional finale off a Hivern Discs hidden masterpice; its neo-futuristic leads and ultra crisp beats dreaming of a better world in a similiar vein as Four Tet's "There Is Love In You" did way back in. 2010. "Sister Midnight" concludes, coated in a similar armour of galvanized pleasure; its humongous leads paying tribute to the trance-fuelled mainrooms of yesterday and spiralling dizzyingly close to an EDM-wank off before reining it back into a wonderfully clever coke-can rhythm.

    Shore is a vibraphonist and composer based in Brooklyn. Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter from Mister Saturday Night met him through NYC music institution, Nublu, where he worked with the legendary jazz maestro Butch Morris and Sex Mob and Tom Waits drummer Kenny Wollesen. At the very first Planetarium listening session, where Eamon and Justin blend records into live performances for people sprawled on the floor of a loft for six hours, one of Justin's friends leaned over to him and asked, 'What is this record? It's amazing.' It wasn't a record. It was Shore, playing "A Hundred Times" in the corner of the room.

    Obviously obsessed with Reich and minimalism, "A Hundred Times" sees Shore display a profound understanding of the style; working repetition and musicality into each other with aplomb. On "The Translator" we see him use his vibra-magic across a functional house beat with beefy bottom end. Finally, "Components" completes the set with a subtle, gliding electronic workout somewhere between Tin Man, San Soda and Lord Of The Isles. A top introduction to this fellow, let's hope we see plenty more in the future. 

    A delicate collection of songs for meditation on spiritual struggle, The Leaves Fall is a window into the parallel reality of Justin Carter. Centered on his intimate vocals, pointed with hints of Arthur Russell and John Martyn; the eight tracks are buttressed by warm acoustic guitars, vibraphones, organs and flourished with modern production. They are familiar but distant, like ghosts living in the present. Carter grew up in a country house in rural North Carolina, a place with a pecan tree and abandoned train tracks in the front yard. On long car rides from home to his dadʼs work as a school teacher, his ears were filled with the prog of Yes, the vocals of Al Jarreau and the complexity of Christopher Parkeningʼs take on Bach. It was his father, who himself has moonlighted as a guitar player and songwriter for nearly 50 years, that taught Carter to sing and play in his early teens.

    The Leaves Fall was written on and off over the course of about five years, a secret to most. Carter is more familiar, alongside Eamon Harkin, as co-founder of popular New York parties Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday, and their label offshoot, Mister Saturday Night Records. As the Mister thrived, his songwriting continued to tick along in the background, days and weeks stolen here and there to write and record in various locations – from remote studios in the Catskills to basements in Venice Beach.

    The album features Jason Lindner, pianist on Bowie's final masterpiece, Blackstar; cello from Archie Pelago's Greg Heffernan; and programming by LIES Records and The Trilogy Tapes producer Marcos Cabral. It was mixed by Benjamin Tierney, who also worked his magic on Kamasi Washington's The Epic. It finds its context in the world of Planetarium, a new listening session established by Carter and his Mister Saturday Night DJ partner, Eamon Harkin, where live music is mixed amongst hours of records to create an immersive, communal listening experience focused on quality hi-fi sound in non-traditional spaces; the album will presented in this manner when toured.

    “Nothing makes me happier than to see people letting go. My ambition in all my creative work is to make moments where that can happen. As a DJ, I use othersʼ music to create those moments, but itʼs always been in me to make my own music for that purpose. After twenty-five years of writing music for myself, it makes me really happy to have something to share with others.” - Justin Carter

    Justin Carter

    Know It All

      Justin Carter never expected to be known as a DJ. Before the Mister Saturday Night resident had ever put a record on a turntable, his voice and pen were his outlets. As he's gone down the path of the dance, his singing and writing have ticked along quietly in the background, a secret to most. "Know It All," his first record, and the lead single from The Leaves Fall, his debut LP due on Mister Saturday Night Records on January 27, brings that secret into the light. Justin's vocals on "Know It All" are intimate but pointed, with hints of Arthur Russell and John Martyn.

      The foundation of the song is a pizzicato cello part from Archie Pelago's Greg Heffernan; reggae-tinted organ hiccups from Jason Lindner, the keyboardist on Bowie's final album, Blackstar, fill the space between. It all hangs together in a subtle mix by Benjamin Tierney, who also worked his magic on Kamasi Washington's The Epic.The song is presented on the seven-inch in two versions. On the A side is the single, with a ghost-ly finish in which the instruments melt away around the vocals. On the B side, the cello stays solid to the end.

      Volume two of a two-volume 12" set featuring tunes from Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter's mix CD, "Weekends and Beginnings". This volume kicks off with a Chicago-inspired house masterpiece from Ike Release, the aptly named "Phazzled". Surely a new addition into nightclub colloquial spiel ('I'm proper phazzled me mate!' or 'awww, Jeff Mills was phazzling the shit outta the decks last night'). Anyway, the track fizzes and splurts phosphorescent juices from every orifice as the classic drum boxes get to work on making the body jack. Certainly on a late night, deeper tip, and one aimed firmly at the heads. Jasper Street Company's unashamedly hands-in-the-air gospel house classic, "Solid Ground" gets a remix from Tommy Musto, keeping the church vibe intact and propelling the track forward at a fast and frenetic 125bpm. If Maurice Fulton's Alice Smith remix was the highlight of volume 1, then it's surely Motor City Drum Ensemble's remix of Caribou's "Leave House" that's gonna get people twitching on this outing. Transforming the original into a stadium-filling tech-house ripper, Caribou's arresting vocal floats effortlessly on MCDE's upfront, bubbling techy beats while eerie electronic Oboe melodies weave through the track. Absolutely massive and sure to soundtrack many a terrace / warehouse project throughout the hedonistic Summer months...


      12" Info: **ONE COPY FOUND!!**

      This is "Brothers and Sisters", a summary of the sound of Mister Saturday Night Records to date. The album brings together all the artists who've released on the label – Alex Burkat, Anthony Naples, Archie Pelago, Boya, Dark Sky, General Ludd, Gunnar Haslam, Hank Jackson, Keita Sano and Lumigraph – combining music made specifically for this record and tracks that have until now only been available on vinyl. (A special triple vinyl edition of all the unreleased tracks is being released in conjunction with the CD.). Mister Saturday Night is a Brooklyn Instition but recently has seen head honchos Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin take the eclectic taste in modern frequencies to clubs across the world, garnishing lots of fans along the way. Not concerned with fashion and definitely not scared to put out some darn crazy records, the label's subtly pushed boundaries whilst also not taking themselves too seriously. You'll find deep backroom burners, head-splitting techno, neon-tinged future-balearica and plenty of percussion heavy jams amongst their unique but amazing taste buds. Great compilation, highly recommended.


      Matt says: Timely comp from this Brooklyn institution.

      New York's hottest party crew Mr Saturday Night finally unleash the long awaited follow up to Anthony Naple's debut EP "Mad Disrespect". "Moscato" comes in two flavours. On the A-side is a bright-eyed, feel-good house jaunt but rough enough around the edges to get us dropping our shoulders. The more astute amongst you may recognize the hook off a well known piece of music software! But I'm not gonna give the game away... The track rattles along on a steady plane apart from the occasional vocal refrain - 'gotta get' which works unbelievably well. It's a simple but highly evocative formula you'll wish you thought of yourself. The B-side cut is my personal fave; doing away with the feel-good hook and just presenting us a melee of rattling drums, vocal snippets and techy stabs. Throbbing, dirty, tribal music. Great stuff follow up EP from this hot producer - buy now or forever hold your peace.

      Anthony Naples

      Mad Disrespect

        Mr Saturday Night is a party thrown in Brooklyn by Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin. They change spaces, installing their own sound and present music in a unique, loving way. Anthony Naples drops the first release on their label - so far featuring solely artists based in Brooklyn that they've met through the party. "Mad Disrespect" builds for an eternity with plasma pads and melancholic organ chords converging against a heartfelt vocal delivery and UKG percussion. Totally head-turning but restrained and sexy with it, when the drop does come you'll be salivating at the mouth with tension. "Slackness" is for later in the session when a more narcotic sound is needed. Acidic and corrosive and totally future-proof. Some kind of jack track for a dystopian London set in 2040AD. "Tusk" concludes the set and is like an amalgamation of the two track's aesthetic. With a throbbing, radioactive core but with delightful, thick creamy pads and keys oozing soul over the top, the juxtaposition of electronic and organic is pushed to the extreme then mangled into something totally foreign anyway. With Four Tet already citing this as one of the tunes of the year already, you'd better move fast as this is looking like a mega smash.

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