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(A) Senile Animal

    More Melvins Vinyl reissues for 2021! After blowing out of the February releases of Hostile Ambient Takeover and Gluey Porch Treatments, we’re bringing back three more releases on vinyl! These three albums are the infamous lineup of Buzz & Dale together with the guys from Big Business. Some of the band’s best-selling releases.

    Also back in February, we released the first new Melvins album since 2018 in the form of Working With God, which has quickly been their best selling record in the past decade.

    22 years of Ipecac have brought 22 Melvins releases, and that’s just the beginning, as we’ll have more new releases and reissues in the coming year.

    All the albums come with a 12pp booklet with expanded art from Mackie Osborne. Nude With Boots and The Bride Screamed Murder are single LPs, (A) Senile Animal is a 2LP gatefold cut at 45rpm!


    1 The Talking Horse
    2 Blood Witch
    3 Civilized Worm
    4 A History Of Drunks
    5 Rat Faced Granny
    6 The Hawk
    7 You've Never Been Right
    8 A History Of Bad Men
    9 The Mechanical Bride
    10 A Vast Filthy Prison


    Hostile Ambient Takeover

      ‘Hostile Ambient Takeover’ is the band’s 2002 album available on LP for the first time, pressed onto baby pink coloured vinyl.


      Working With God

        ‘Working With God’ is the new studio album from Melvins, featuring the 1983 line-up of Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and Mike Dillard. This is the first time the trio have recorded together since ‘Tres Cabrones’.

        ‘Working With God’ is Melvins’ 28th (yes, 28th) full-length studio release and their first since 2018’s ‘Pinkus Abortion Technician’.

        The band have been one of the most lauded hard rock bands to have helped develop the Grunge and Sludge scenes.

        The new album is one of their most melodic and playful records - not just another ‘metal’ record, this will translate easily to hard rock and even mainstream rock fans as well.

        The songs on the album are originals except for their take on Harry Nilsson’s classic ‘Fuck You’ and the well-known ‘Good Night Sweetheart’ that finishes off the album.


        I Fuck Around
        Negative No No
        Bouncing Rick
        Caddy Daddy
        Brian, The Horse-Faced Goon
        Boy Mike
        Fuck You
        The Great Good Place
        Hot Fish
        Goodnight Sweet Heart


        Gluey Porch Treatments

          Gluey Porch Treatments’ is Melvins’ out-of-print 1987 album, finally available again on LP, pressed on lime green vinyl.


          The Maggot & The Bootlicker

            On 1st April 1999 Ipecac Records was formed to release Fantômas debut release (a band featuring Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, Trevor Dunn and Buzz Osborne from Melvins). During that time, Buzz said, “We told Greg that if they wanted to start a label then the Melvins would love to be involved. We asked if he would be interested in doing a trilogy of releases within one year and they said no problem.” That year the Melvins released The Maggot, The Bootlicker and The Crybaby via Ipecac. Now for Ipecac’s 20th Anniversary, they're reissuing two-thirds of the infamous “trilogy” by packaging The Maggot & The Bootlicker together. Since then, Melvins have gone on to release almost thirty releases on Ipecac, and continue to tour the world every year, most recently in support of their 2018 release, Pinkus Abortion Technician.

            TRACK LISTING

            SIDE A
            1 Amazon
            2 We All Love Judy
            3 Manky

            SIDE B
            1 The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
            2 The Horn Bearer
            3 Judy
            4 See How Pretty, See How Smart

            SIDE C
            1 Toy
            2 Let It All Be
            3 Black Santa
            4 We We
            5 Up The Dumper

            SIDE D
            1 Mary Lady Bobby Kins
            2 Jew Boy Flower Head
            3 Lone Rose Holding Now
            4 Prig


            Pinkus Abortion Technician

              Melvins released their album ‘Pinkus Abortion Technician’ in Spring 2018. It featured both ongoing Melvins bassplayer Steven McDonald (Redd Kross, OFF!) and Butthole Surfers and occasional Melvins bottom ender Jeff Pinkus on bass. ‘Stop Moving To Florida’ is a medley of the James Gang’s ‘Stop’ and Butthole Surfers’ ‘Moving To Florida’. The band also cover The Beatles’ ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ and Butthole Surfers’ ‘Graveyard’ on the eight-song release.

              TRACK LISTING

              Stop Moving To Florida
              Embrace The Rub
              Don’t Forget To Breathe
              Flamboyant Duck
              Break Bread
              I Want To Hold Your
              Prenup Butter
              Grave Yard


              A Walk With Love & Death

                The dual albums find the trio of Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and Steve McDonald showcasing two distinct sides to the band’s music: Death, a proper Melvins’ release and Love, the score to the Jesse Nieminen directed, self-produced short also titled A Walk With Love and Death

                “This was a huge undertaking,” explained band ringleader Buzz Osborne. “All three things: the album, the soundtrack and the film are benchmarks for us.”

                Drummer Dale Crover added, “A Walk With Love and Death is one giant, dark, moody, psychotic head trip! Not for the faint of heart. You'll sleep with the lights on after listening.”

                The albums, which include guests Joey Santiago (The Pixies), Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes/Crystal Fairy) and Anna Waronker (That Dog), were co-produced with engineer Toshi Kosai.

                TRACK LISTING

                DISC 1: DEATH
                1 Black Heath
                2 Sober-delic (acid Only)
                3 Euthanasia
                4 What's Wrong With You?
                5 Edgar The Elephant
                6 Flaming Creature
                7 Christ Hammer
                8 Cactus Party
                9 Cardboa Negro

                DISC 2: LOVE
                1 Aim High
                2 Queen Powder Party
                3 Street Level St. Paul
                4 The Hidden Joice
                5 Give It To Me
                6 Chicken Butt
                7 Eat Yourself Out
                8 Scooba
                9 Halfway To The Bakersfield Mall
                10 Pacoima Normal
                11 Park Head
                12 T-Burg
                13 Track Star
                14 The Asshole Bastard


                Joe Preston

                  In 1992 the Melvins’ fascination / adoration / denigration of the mighty KISS rock and roll universe compelled them to excrete out three solo masterworks inspired by the KISS solo LPs. The first in the series is King Buzzo, from the Melvins’ giggling guitar grumpus. Four songs of atmospheric clanging and rockin’ banging. Also features the many talents, drumming and otherwise, of a famous Grunge™ superstar, whose name sort of rhymes with New Wave Asshole. The second in the series is Dale Crover, from the Melvins’ sleepy drum caveman. Four songs of gloomy heaviness, with Dale doin’ the drummin’, singin’, guitarin’, and dancin’. The third in the series is Joe Preston, from the Melvins’ electronic beard warlord. Three songs of fuzz bass computer drone temper tantrum. All three 12-inches reissued on vinyl after 100,000 years out of print.


                  Basses Loaded

                    It’s 2016 and the Melvins have an album called ‘Basses Loaded’ that features six different bass players. The new Melvins bass players for this go around are Steve McDonald from the legendary Los Angeles glam punk band Redd Kross and their old friend Krist Novoselic from Nirvana.

                    Making return appearances are former and probably future bass players Jeff Pinkus (Butthole Surfers), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle / Fantomas), Jared Warren (Big Business) and Dale Crover.

                    According to King Buzzo, “More is more! As hard as it might be to believe, all of these bass players contribute something of their own to ‘Basses Loaded’ which gives the whole album a good kick right in its big fat ass.”

                    Recording with Krist Novoselic is something that should have happened a long time ago but rumour has it that he’s been busy doing things like playing bass with Paul McCartney and getting his ass inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

                    Butthole Surfer and Honky member Jeff Pinkus played on the Melvins’ album ‘Hold It In’ and has toured with the band in the last few years.

                    Trevor Dunn recorded the ‘Freak Puke’ album with the band as well as played bass on the Melvins’ record-setting US tour where they played all 50 states plus DC in 51 days. This was also released as a tour DVD last year entitled ‘Across The USA In 51 Days, The Movie!’

                    Jared Warren is a Melvins veteran, having recorded ‘The Senile Animal’, ‘Nude With Boots’ and ‘The Bride Screamed Murder ‘albums, as well as the ‘The Bulls And The Bees’ EP.

                    Dale Crover is usually the Melvins’ drummer but slid over to bass when they brought back original drummer Mike Dillard for the ‘Tres Cabrones’ album (this line up was called Melvins 1983).

                    Steve McDonald has been in Redd Kross since he was 11 and he’s also a founding member of Los Angeles hardcore band OFF!.

                    Mike & The Melvins

                    Three Men And A Baby

                    ‘Three Men And A Baby’ is the new album by Mike (Kunka, bassist / vocalist of godheadSilo) and The Melvins.

                    In 1998, Mike and his friends The Melvins - who at that time were King Buzzo (guitar / bass / vocals), Dale Crover (drums / vocals) and Kevin Rutmanis (bass / vocals) - started making a record at Tim (The Champs) Green’s Louder Studios. Complications occurred and the incomplete recording sat until 2015, when everyone reconvened and finished the damn thing at Sound Of Sirens in LA with Toshi Kasai.

                    The results are worth the wait. Mike’s signature bass crunch and vocals are all over it and The Melvins are in fine form. The album has everything from hefty noise rock churn to a Public Image Ltd. song to cough syrup blues to deconstructed black metal.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Chicken ‘n’ Dump
                    Limited Teeth
                    Bummer Conversation
                    A Dead Pile Of Worthless Junk
                    Read The Label (It’s Chili)
                    Dead Canaries
                    Pound The Giants
                    A Friend In Need Is A Friend You Don’t Need
                    Lifestyle Hammer
                    Art School Fight Song



                      From grunge rock legends The Melvins, this 'best of' compiles five tracks from each of the three albums they recorded for Atlantic records in the mid 90s. Widely regarded as the band's best period, this 15 track collection is also an enhanced CD that includes three of the band's videos. It includes expanded packaging containing, liner notes & photographs and all for a nice cheap price too.

                      The Fantomas Melvins Big Band

                      Millennium Monsterwork

                        A collaboration between The Melvins, and Mike Patton's Fantomas. Recorded live in San Francisco, December 2000.


                        The Maggot

                          First of three new albums from this band who influenced Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney, amongst others.


                          The Crybaby

                            3rd in the series of three new albums from the Melvins. This one includes contributions from: Tool, Faith No More, Hank Williams III, Jim Foetus, Jesus Lizard, Helmet and best of all 70's teen idol Leif Garrett, covering "Smells Like Teen Spirit"!

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