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Three Men And A Baby

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‘Three Men And A Baby’ is the new album by Mike (Kunka, bassist / vocalist of godheadSilo) and The Melvins.

In 1998, Mike and his friends The Melvins - who at that time were King Buzzo (guitar / bass / vocals), Dale Crover (drums / vocals) and Kevin Rutmanis (bass / vocals) - started making a record at Tim (The Champs) Green’s Louder Studios. Complications occurred and the incomplete recording sat until 2015, when everyone reconvened and finished the damn thing at Sound Of Sirens in LA with Toshi Kasai.

The results are worth the wait. Mike’s signature bass crunch and vocals are all over it and The Melvins are in fine form. The album has everything from hefty noise rock churn to a Public Image Ltd. song to cough syrup blues to deconstructed black metal.


Chicken ‘n’ Dump
Limited Teeth
Bummer Conversation
A Dead Pile Of Worthless Junk
Read The Label (It’s Chili)
Dead Canaries
Pound The Giants
A Friend In Need Is A Friend You Don’t Need
Lifestyle Hammer
Art School Fight Song

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