(A) Senile Animal

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More Melvins Vinyl reissues for 2021! After blowing out of the February releases of Hostile Ambient Takeover and Gluey Porch Treatments, we’re bringing back three more releases on vinyl! These three albums are the infamous lineup of Buzz & Dale together with the guys from Big Business. Some of the band’s best-selling releases.

Also back in February, we released the first new Melvins album since 2018 in the form of Working With God, which has quickly been their best selling record in the past decade.

22 years of Ipecac have brought 22 Melvins releases, and that’s just the beginning, as we’ll have more new releases and reissues in the coming year.

All the albums come with a 12pp booklet with expanded art from Mackie Osborne. Nude With Boots and The Bride Screamed Murder are single LPs, (A) Senile Animal is a 2LP gatefold cut at 45rpm!


1 The Talking Horse
2 Blood Witch
3 Civilized Worm
4 A History Of Drunks
5 Rat Faced Granny
6 The Hawk
7 You've Never Been Right
8 A History Of Bad Men
9 The Mechanical Bride
10 A Vast Filthy Prison

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