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Van Weezer

    Van Weezer is the 14th studio album from American Rock Band Weezer. The inspiration for this album derives from the deepest roots of Weezer - metal! What has metal got to do with Weezer, you ask? In his earliest years, Rivers was a huge KISS fan; Brian was a big Black Sabbath fan; Pat worshipped at the altar of Van Halen and Rush; Scott loved Slayer and Metallica.

    The last time this vein of harder rock was mined by Weezer was on their much-loved 2002 album Maladroit; Van Weezer is primed to take that album's sonics many steps further courtesy of producer Suzy Shinn. "The End of the Game" was Weezer's first new song since the release of Weezer (The Black Album), as well as their covers album, Weezer (The Teal Album), whose streaming numbers have surpassed 100 million. Weezer has sold 10 million albums in the U.S., and over 35 million records worldwide since their debut album’s release in 1994. Their catalogue has included such megahits as “Buddy Holly,” “Undone (The Sweater Song),” “Say It Ain’t So,” “El Scorcho,” “Hash Pipe,” “Island In The Sun,” “Beverly Hills,” “Pork and Beans,” and more.

    Mark Mordue

    Boy On Fire: The Young Nick Cave

      An intensely beautiful, profound and poetic biography of the formative years of the dark prince of rock 'n' roll, Boy on Fire is Nick Cave's creation story, a portrait of the artist first as a boy, then as a young man. A deeply insightful work which charts his family, friends, influences, milieu and, most of all, his music, it reveals how Nick Cave shaped himself into the extraordinary artist he would become. A powerful account of a singular, uncompromising artist, Boy on Fire is also a vivid and evocative rendering of a time and place, from the fast-running dark rivers and ghost gums of country-town Australia to the torn wallpaper, sticky carpet and manic energy of the nascent punk scene which hit staid 1970s Melbourne like an atom bomb.

      Boy on Fire is a stunning biographical achievement.

      Stormzy rolls out his second full-length record and if you've caught the news this week, you'll know the rapper has 'stormed' (ahem) the Brit Awards. Picking up Best Male, and with a triumphant headline slot on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage behind him, his mind is firmly fixed on playing Wembley and with "Heavy Is The Head" under his belt, worldwide stardom beckons.

      The 25-year old’s rare blend of swagger, soulfulness and storytelling - reminiscent in several ways of Jay-Z - have him set for even greater international success, and he can already count Coldplay’s Chris Martin and close friends Ed Sheeran and Adele among his many admirers.

      Following the release of "Gang Signs" and "Prayer", his award-winning, platinum-selling debut album, Stormzy may no longer be stepping between the street and the sermon, but he’s still walking between two worlds: that of the celebrity and of the Everyman. His desire to stay grounded is evident; as his career continues to soar, he seems more and more determined to help others reach new heights of their own.

      From his arrival on the mic, Stormzy has always seemed more than a mere MC; it’s therefore fitting that, these days, he’s also a publisher, philanthropist and budding cultural icon. In 2019, he has become a cover star for both ELLE Magazine - for which cover he also curated a photoshoot of young British stars in the fields of art, sport and fashion - and TIME Magazine, who profiled him as one of its 'next generation leaders'. He has founded Stormzy Scholarship, which funds the study of four black students at Cambridge University, and which is now in its second year of grantmaking. On a similar tack, he has collaborated with Penguin Random House UK to create Merky Books, an imprint which champions the work of black writers, and whose Writers’ Prize looks for the best authors of the next generation. Merky Books has just announced its latest round of titles, a blend of established stars such as Malorie Blackman and exciting newcomers like Derek Owusu.

      With no limit to where his career on or off stage can go next, there’s one theme to which Stormzy keeps returning: that of authenticity, the guiding theme of his new album. 'If you’re scared of your truth', he explains, 'that’s when people don’t know where you’re coming from. And I’m not scared of my truth, at all.'


      says: The next generation's grime mega-star. Stormzy continues his ascension to godlike rap messiah with this prize-winning album.


      Big Michael
      Rachel's Little Brother
      Do Better
      Don't Forget To Breathe
      One Second
      Pop Boy
      Own It
      Wiley Flow
      Super Heroes
      Vossi Bop


      Cuz I Love You

        Three months after rapper turned singer Lizzo's major label debut first appeared on CD and digital download, Atlantic has decided to offer up a deluxe vinyl edition of the well-received set featuring three bonus tracks. Prior to release, Lizzo admitted she wanted to become "this generation's Aretha Franklin"; while she's not at the late soul legend's standard just yet, there's enough on "Cuz I Love You" to suggest that she's going in the right direction. Her vocals are variously confident, powerful, strutting and tender, with the accompanying backing tracks mixing hip-hop and R&B style beats with raucous guitars, bombastic basslines, Daft Punk style synth stabs (think "Robot Rock" and "Technologic") and occasional nods towards more pastoral, semi-acoustic sounds. Above all, though, the album is funky, forthright and hugely entertaining.


        Cuz I Love You
        Like A Girl
        Cry Baby
        Tempo (ft. Missy Elliott)
        Exactly How I Feel (ft. Gucci Mane)
        Better In Color
        Heaven Help Me
        Truth Hurts
        Water Me

        Frightened Rabbit

        Tiny Changes: A Celebration Of The Midnight Organ Fight

          Context to ‘Tiny Changes: A celebration of the Midnight Organ Fight’:

          Before Scott died, an idea was formed to celebrate 10 years of their seminal album The Midnight Organ Fight by asking some of their talented buds in music to take a crack at their own versions of a song on the album. The whole album was recorded and was due to be released last summer, but then unfortunately Scott passed away last May.

          The band have decided they still want to release the record as a testament to the album, and to Scott. It’s going to be released on 12th July via Atlantic, and the band are going to be very much behind the release

          History of the band:

          Frightened Rabbit are a Scottish indie rock band from Selkirk, formed in 2003. Initially a solo project for vocalist and guitarist Scott Hutchison, the line-up currently consists of Grant Hutchison (drums), Billy Kennedy (guitar, bass), Andy Monaghan (guitar, keyboards), and Simon Liddell (guitar). From 2004 the band were based in Glasgow.

          Frightened Rabbit's first studio album, Sing the Greys, was recorded as a duo by the Hutchison brothers, and released on independent label Hits the Fan in 2006. The band subsequently signed to Fat Cat Records, in 2007, and became a three-piece with the addition of guitarist Billy Kennedy for its second studio album, The Midnight Organ Fight (2008). The album was released to strongly positive reviews and extensive touring, with guitarist and keyboardist Andy Monaghan joining the band to flesh-out its live performances.

          The band's third studio album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, was released in 2010, with former Make Model guitarist Gordon Skene joining the band for its accompanying tour. Frightened Rabbit signed to Atlantic Records later that year, and issued two EPs, A Frightened Rabbit EP (2011) and State Hospital (EP) (2012), before the release of its fourth studio album, Pedestrian Verse in 2013. A critical and commercial success in the UK, the album peaked at number nine on the UK Albums Chart, with additional guitarist Simon Liddell joining the band on its subsequent tour.

          Disillusioned from touring, Hutchison, Monaghan, and Liddell recorded a studio album without the band, entitled Owl John (2014). Gordon Skene departed from the band in early 2014, and the band recorded Painting of a Panic Attack the following year with producer Aaron Dessner (The National), in New York, with Liddell joining the band as a full contributing member.

          Scott Hutchison died in May 2018 after going missing. In December 2018, the remaining members of the band played together for the first time since Hutchison's death, at a charity gig in Glasgow.


          says: There is no better a dedication to a hugely talented songwriter and superb band than a variety of artists covering your songs and retaining all of the appeal they held in the first place. From huge, folk crescendos and punky drive to gently electronic shimmerers and gently throbbing ambience, this has everything, and goes to show how timeless Scott Hutchison's writing is. Gorgeous.


          1. The Modern Leper – Biffy Clyro
          2. I Feel Better – Oxford Collapse
          3. Good Arms Vs Bad Arms - Fiskur
          4. Fast Blood – Right On Dynamite
          5. Old Old Fashioned – Josh Ritter
          6. The Twist – Wintersleep
          7. Bright Pink Bookmark – Peter Katis
          8. Head Rolls Off – Craig Finn
          9. My Backwards Walk – Katie Harkin & Sarah Silverman
          10. Keep Yourself Warm – Benjamin Gibbard
          11. Extrasupervery – Jeff Zeigler
          12. Poke – Daughter
          13. Floating In The Forth – The Twilight Sad
          14. Who’d You Kill Now – Aaron Dessner & Lauren Mayberry
          15. The Modern Leper – Julien Baker
          16. The Twist – Piano Bar Fight
          17. My Backwards Walk – Manchester Orchestra


          Love + Fear

            MARINA (formally known as Marina and the Diamonds) is an award winning, platinum-selling artist. Revered since her breakthrough in 2009, she has released three UK Top 10 albums to date.

            MARINA used her break as a period of reflection and to rediscover her authentic self, as opposed to the artist and persona (‘and the Diamonds’) she had lived and breathed since signing her record deal at the age of 22. MARINA says of the album ‘‘LOVE is filled with a longing to enjoy life and a desire for unity. FEAR explores subjects that have been a lot harder for me to work through and understand, such as purpose insecurity in love, and major shifts in our social conscience regarding the systematic misogyny and sexual abuse employed by powerful figures in the media. A companion to LOVE, these ideas cross to showcase and explore the polarising sides of human nature’’.


            Weezer (Teal Album)

              Throughout a sold out arena tour in summer 2018, Weezer began working covers into their set, ranging from “Take On Me” by a-ha to “Happy Together” by The Turtles, in addition to their massive cover of “Africa” by Toto, which became a viral and radio sensation upon its release earlier that year. Given the tremendous response to these songs at the shows, the band was inspired to put together a covers album -- and thus WEEZER (THE TEAL ALBUM) WAS BORN!

              Weezer (The Teal Album) precedes the band’s forthcoming new album of original Weezer songs, Weezer (The Black Album), which will be released on March 1, 2019. Weezer (The Black Album) was produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, with whom the band worked for the first time. The album’s songs were entirely written on piano by frontman Rivers Cuomo for the first time in Weezer history, creating some of the most satisfyingly awesome songs in the entire hits-filled Weezer catalogue. With band members switching up instruments in the studio, and choruses filtered through Sitek’s own encyclopedic musical references of everything from Gorillaz to Can to Pink Floyd, Weezer (The Black Album) is the bold next step in the winning streak of acclaimed albums they’ve released since 2014. The album’s current song, “Can’t Knock The Hustle,” recently became the band’s sixteenth Top Ten single at Alternative Radio. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              says: It's got a cover of Africa on it, which is my jam. Therefore, it's superb.

              Weezer return with their newest proper outing since 2017's 'Pacific Daydream' (aside from the 'Teal Album', a covers LP from earlier this year). Sporting the trademark Cuomo riffs and smooth punky two-chord battery, Weezer have never failed to write anthemic, catchy pop songs and the black album is no different. Perfectly produced and brilliantly written, this continues to show that the band remain as relevant today as they ever have. Full of an indeterminate amount of riffs and imbued with an energy few bands can fathom after being around for so long. Classic Weezer. 

              TRACK LISTING

              1. "Can't Knock The Hustle"
              2. "Zombie Bastards"
              3. "High As A Kite"
              4. "Living In L.A."
              5. "Piece Of Cake"
              6. "I'm Just Being Honest"
              7. "Too Many Thoughts In My Head"
              8. "The Prince Who Wanted Everything"
              9. "Byzantine"
              10. "California Snow" 

              Plan B

              Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose

                BRIT Award winner, cultural commentator, critically acclaimed director and actor, and musical maverick Ben Drew aka Plan B is back with his eagerly anticipated fourth studio album ‘Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose’. The three time Ivor Novello Award winner has also released new single ‘Heartbeat’, written with Kwabs and Al Shux (Jay Z, Lana Del Ray), which marries Plan B’s incredible signature vocals with soulful, uplifting beats and spine-tingling melodies.

                The artwork for HBAHBL was unveiled, which focuses around the classic sci-fi image of world renowned illustrator John Harris, tying in Plan B’s fascination with the world we live in and the future we’re creating for ourselves. It also sees Plan B collaborating with other writers and producers for the first time, including Arrow Benjamin (Runnin’ Naughty Boy/Beyonce); Foy Vance; Fred Gibson (Ellie Goulding, Charli XCX), and Kid Harpoon (Florence and the Machine, HAIM). 

                Earlier in 2017 to mark his return to the scene, Plan B revealed a brand new stand-alone track ‘In The Name Of Man’, which focused around mass upheaval. The video saw collaboration with Flabbergast Theatre, a small company that he came across at a show in Angel, London. He was hugely inspired by their innovative and incredibly life-like use of puppetry, often using tiny movements to convey bold emotions, and employed this with incredible effect, alongside captivating historical footage

                Los Angeles, CA’s Weezer will release their eleventh album, Pacific Daydream on Crush Music/Atlantic Records. Produced by Butch Walker, Pacific Daydream is the follow up to the critically acclaimed album Weezer (The White Album), which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Album at the end of last year.

                Following the release of Weezer (The White Album), the band began working on what they called “The Black Album,” but as they worked, they found the songs they were writing felt more like reveries from a beach at the end of the world. Instead of forcing a different direction, they began an entirely new album; Pacific Daydream was born.

                The War On Drugs

                A Deeper Understanding

                A Deeper Understanding is the band’s first album since 2014’s universally acclaimed Lost In The Dream, and their debut album with Atlantic. Following the Record Store Day release of the 11-minute “Thinking of a Place,” The War On Drugs present the album’s lead single, “Holding On.”

                For much of the three and a half year period since the release of Lost In The Dream, The War On Drugs’ frontman, Adam Granduciel, led the charge for his Philadelphia-based sextet as he holed up in studios in New York and Los Angeles to write, record, edit, and tinker—but, above all, to busy himself in work. Teaming up with engineer Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, Weezer), Granduciel challenged the notion of what it means to create a fully realized piece of music in today’s modern landscape. Calling on his bandmates – bassist Dave Hartley, keyboarding Robbie Bennett, drummer Charlie Hall and multi-instrumentalists Anthony LaMarca and Jon Natchez -- continuously throughout the process, the result is a “band record” in the noblest sense, featuring collaboration, coordination, and confidence at every turn. Through those years of relocation, the revisiting and re-examining of endless hours of recordings, unbridled exploration and exuberance, Granduciel’s gritty love of his craft succeeded in pushing the band to great heights. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                says: Adam Granduciel and co. exploded into our hearts with the peerless ‘Lost In The Dream’, three years ago. Taking classic 70s rock (particularly of a Dylan vintage) and somehow making it modern, here was a band for right across the ages, a band to truly believe in. They returned, this year (on Record Store Day!) with their magnum opus, and it was immediately apparent that with "Thinking Of A Place", they had, incredibly upped the ante. Here was 11 massive minutes of bliss and wonder. High summer and the album dropped: ‘LITD’ part two, or squared, if you like. The songs were huge (in every way) but the production was out of this world. This was sun-roof down, beers in the back, cruise control, heart-rending, shimmering classic rock. But, crucially, with a drum machine! Everything we could have hoped for in a follow-up to a modern classic.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Up All Night
                2. Pain
                3. Holding On
                4. Strangest Thing
                5. Knocked Down
                6. Nothing To Find
                7. Thinking Of A Place
                8. In Chains
                9. Clean Living
                10. You Don’t Have To Go


                Ti Amo

                  Grammy-winning band Phoenix are thrilled to announce their new album, Ti Amo, via Loyaute/Glassnote/Atlantic Records. The band - comprised of Thomas Mars (vocals), Laurent Brancowitz (guitar), Christian Mazzalai (guitar), and Deck D’Arcy (bass) - detailed creating the album to the New York Times earlier this week, who called it “the band’s most unabashedly romantic record yet.

                  Ti Amo is Phoenix’s first album since 2013’s critically lauded Bankrupt!. Produced by the band and recorded at La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris) with the help of long-time collaborator Pierrick Devin, Ti Amo is - in the band’s own words – an album about simple pure emotions: love, desire, lust and innocence, it’s also a record about their European, latin roots, a fantasized version of Italy: a lost paradise made of eternal Roman summers (hyper-light, hyper-clarity, pistachio gelato), juke-boxes on the beach, Monica Vitti and Marcello Mastroiani, fearless desire and Antique marble statues.

                  Frightened Rabbit

                  Painting Of A Panic Attack

                    Selkirk’s finest Frightened Rabbit announce their eagerly awaited fifth studio album, Painting Of A Panic Attack, due for release on 8th April via Atlantic Records. Their second major label release sees a slight reshuffle in band members and the addition of The National’s Aaron Dessner on production duties. Electronic elements and frontman Scott Hutchison’s dark and emotionally honest lyrics are expertly woven into the band’s soaring sonic palate, resulting in a body of work that will challenge, excite and surprise longtime FR fans and new listeners alike.

                    Following the departure of member Gordon Skene in March 2014, the remaining four members of the band - Hutchison, his brother Grant (drums), Billy Kennedy (bass) and Andy Monaghan (guitar & keyboards) - retreated to a studio in Wales to lay the foundations of the new record. They recruited touring band member Simon Liddell (guitar/keys) as a permanent addition.

                    Painting Of A Panic Attack is much indebted lyrically to Los Angeles, following Scott’s move from Scotland to the States in 2014 to be with his girlfriend. He quickly realised that the city just wasn’t for him. Taking inspiration from what he saw, Painting is often a love/hate letter to LA. Hutchison sings of the loneliness the change instilled in him, of the disparity between the rich and the throngs of homeless in the city, and of his daily struggle with his new life and homesickness for Scotland.

                    During the making of the record Hutchison began to draw similarities between the record and the concept of monuments and memorials, which is reflected in the artwork – a peaceful place, a place of beauty where people go to remember and reflect on chaotic, turbulent and troubling times. The lyrics are the subject of this reflection, brutality next to beauty. Hutchison’s feeling of detachment also represents a major theme throughout the record. Tracks such as ‘Get Out’, the lead single which chronicles an addictive and obsessive love, and ‘Still Want To Be Here’, telling of his constant struggle with LA, perfectly encapsulate the mind-set of the Frightened Rabbit front-man since the band’s last release. The opening track from the record, ‘Death Dream’, an uplifting yet emotionally wrought track featuring frontman Scott Hutchison’s visceral lyrics, striking a bold sonic shift for the band.

                    Kwabs’ hugely-anticipated debut album 'Love + War' is released on Atlantic Records. Having been tipped by - among others - the respected BBC Sound Poll 2015, Kwabs has spent this year perfecting his debut offering; harnessing the emotional ups and downs of a less-than-conventional route to where he is today, resulting in an open-hearted record, full of soaring confessional soul. Recently revealed new tracks 'Look Over Your Shoulder' and 'Forgiven' are perfect examples of his stunning vocals and delicately-crafted lyrics, highlighting the breadth and originality of his debut.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Love + War
                    2. Fight For Love
                    3. Walk
                    4. My Own
                    5. Look Over Your Shoulder
                    6. Perfect Ruin
                    7. Forgiven
                    8. Layback
                    9. Make You Mine
                    10. Father Figure
                    11. Wrong Or Right
                    12. Cheating On Me

                    Death Cab For Cutie


                      Atlantic recording group Death Cab for Cutie release their much-anticipated eighth studio album.

                      'Kintsugi' marks their first new album since the departure last year of founding guitarist/keyboardist/producer Chris Walla. Recorded in Los Angeles with Rich Costey (Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Interpol) behind the board, the album takes its title from the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, highlighting cracks rather than hiding them. As such, kintsugi represents a compassionate aesthetic philosophy in which damage and wear are embraced as part of an object’s history. “Considering what we were going through internally, and with what a lot of the lyrics are about, it had a great deal of resonance for us – the idea of figuring out how to repair breaks and make them a thing of beauty,” says bassist Nick Harmer, who suggested the name to singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard and drummer Jason McGerr. “Philosophically, spiritually, emotionally, it seems perfect for this group of songs.”

                      The Staves

                      If I Was

                        Produced by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon at April Base - his Eau Claire, Wisconsin studios, 'If I Was' is a record that takes the initial blueprint of 2012's 'Dead & Born & Grown' debut LP, and gives it a real sense of muscle, darkness and depth to those already untouchable harmonies. Having toured the globe extensively with Bon Iver, the bands became firm friends, and an initial visit to Eau Claire soon became the basis for the new album sessions. What they've produced is a genuinely beautiful, soaring and powerful album that firmly positions The Staves as one of Britain's most treasured young bands.

                        Led Zeppelin

                        Physical Graffiti - Standard Remastered Edition

                          The Led Zeppelin reissue campaign continues in 2015, turning the spotlight on the double album Physical Graffiti. The deluxe edition of the group’s sixth studio album will arrive 40 years to the day after the original debuted in February, 1975. The reissues of the first five Led Zeppelin albums in 2014 found both commercial successes, with multiple titles reaching Top 10 chart status in countries around the world, as well as widespread critical acclaim, including the recent Classic Rock “Reissue Of The Year” Award.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Disc One:
                          1. “Custard Pie”
                          2. “The Rover”
                          3. “In My Time Of Dying”
                          4. “Houses Of The Holy”
                          5. “Trampled Under Foot”
                          6. “Kashmir”

                          Disc Two:
                          1. “In The Light”
                          2. “Bron-Yr-Aur”
                          3. “Down By The Seaside”
                          4. “Ten Years Gone”
                          5. “Night Flight”
                          6. “The Wanton Song”
                          7. “Boogie With Stu”
                          8. “Black Country Woman”
                          9. “Sick Again”

                          Led Zeppelin

                          Houses Of The Holy - Standard Remastered Edition

                          The Led Zeppelin reissue campaign got off to an remarkable start in June as deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, and Led Zeppelin III debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart in the US and here in the UK album charts Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin III both charted in the top 10, followed closely by Led Zeppelin II at number 12. The band has now prepared the reissues of Led Zeppelin IV (the third best-selling album in U.S. history) and Houses Of The Holy.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. The Song Remains The Same
                          2. The Rain Song
                          3. Over The Hills And Far Away
                          4. The Crunge
                          5. Dancing Days
                          6. D'Yer Mak'Er
                          7. No Quarter
                          8. The Ocean

                          Led Zeppelin

                          IV - Standard Remastered Edition

                          The Led Zeppelin reissue campaign got off to an remarkable start in June as deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, and Led Zeppelin III debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart in the US and here in the UK album charts Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin III both charted in the top 10, followed closely by Led Zeppelin II at number 12. The band has now prepared the reissues of Led Zeppelin IV (the third best-selling album in U.S. history) and Houses Of The Holy.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Black Dog
                          2. Rock And Roll
                          3. The Battle Of Evermore
                          4. Stairway To Heaven
                          5. Misty Mountain Hop
                          6. Four Sticks
                          7. Going To California
                          8. When The Levee Breaks

                          Led Zeppelin

                          III - Deluxe Remastered Edition

                            Following the whirlwind success of their first two albums and near constant touring, Page and Plant took to the now famous Bron-Yr-Aur cottage in Wales in 1970 to start the early composition of Led Zeppelin III. They later convened with Bonham and Jones for rehearsals before entering London’s Olympic Studios to begin recording in May 1970. Fueled by classic tracks such as “Immigrant Song” and “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” the album soared to the top of charts worldwide upon its release in October of 1970 and has since been certified 6x platinum.

                            The nine tracks featured on Led Zeppelin III’s companion audio continue to offer a window into the band’s recording process with seven studio outtakes of songs from the album as well as three previously unheard compositions: “Jennings Farm Blues” (an instrumental forerunner of “Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp”), “Bathroom Sound” (an instrumental version of “Out On The Tiles”), and their take on the blues classics “Keys To The Highway/Trouble In Mind.”

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. “Immigrant Song”
                            2. “Friends”
                            3. “Celebration Day”
                            4. “Since I’ve Been Loving You”
                            5. “Out On The Tiles”
                            6. “Gallows Pole”
                            7. “Tangerine”
                            8. “That’s The Way”
                            9. “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp”
                            10. “Hats Off To (Roy) Harper”

                            Companion Audio Disc
                            1. “The Immigrant Song”
                            2. “Friends”
                            3. “Celebration Day”
                            4. “Since I’ve Been Loving You”
                            5. “Bathroom Sound”
                            6. “Gallows Pole”
                            7. “That’s The Way”
                            8. “Jennings Farm Blues”
                            9. “Keys To The Highway/Trouble In Mind”

                            Led Zeppelin

                            II - Deluxe Remastered Edition

                            The band wrote and recorded nearly all of Led Zeppelin II while touring relentlessly to support its debut album. Incredibly, the album was released just seven months after Led Zeppelin in October of 1969. Led Zeppelin II features some of the band’s most beloved tracks including “Ramble On” and “Heartbreaker” as well as “Whole Lotta Love,” considered by many to be one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll songs of all time.

                            The Led Zeppelin II companion audio gives fans the first peek into the band’s recording sessions, with alternate mixes of five songs from the album, backing tracks to “Thank You” and “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman),” and the previously unreleased track “La La.”

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            says: Superior second album, with better songs and a deeper dynamic. Never better presented than in this Jimmy Page remaster.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. “Whole Lotta Love”
                            2. “What Is And What Should Never Be”
                            3. “The Lemon Song”
                            4. “Thank You”
                            5. “Heartbreaker”
                            6. “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)”
                            7. “Ramble On”
                            8. “Moby Dick”

                            Companion Audio Disc
                            1. “Whole Lotta Love”
                            2. “What Is And What Should Never Be”
                            3. “Thank You”
                            4. “Heartbreaker”
                            5. “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)”
                            6. “Ramble On”
                            7. “Moby Dick”
                            8. “La La”
                            9. “Bring It On Home”

                            Led Zeppelin

                            I - Deluxe Remastered Edition

                            The Led Zeppelin legend began in January of 1969 with the group’s eponymous debut. From the opening salvo of “Good Times Bad Times,” on through to “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” “Communication Breakdown,” and “Dazed And Confused,” the album introduced the band’s unmistakable sound and left an indelible mark on the music landscape.

                            The companion audio for Led Zeppelin features a previously unreleased performance recorded on October 10, 1969 at the Olympia Theatre in Paris. The nine-song set features seven tracks from the album, including an epic 15-minute version of “Dazed And Confused,” as well as “Heartbreaker” and “Moby Dick,” which would debut on Led Zeppelin II later that month.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            says: Explosive, heavy, blues debut, but then you knew that already. Superbly presented and remastered. Definitive.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. “Good Times Bad Times”
                            2. “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”
                            3. “You Shook Me”
                            4. “Dazed And Confused”
                            5. “Your Time Is Gonna Come”
                            6. “Black Mountain Side”
                            7. “Communication Breakdown”
                            8. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
                            9. “How Many More Times”

                            Companion Audio Discs
                            Live At The Olympia – Paris, France
                            October 10, 1969

                            1. “Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown”
                            2. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
                            3. “Heartbreaker”
                            4. “Dazed And Confused”
                            5. “White Summer/Black Mountain Side”
                            6. “You Shook Me”
                            7. “Moby Dick”
                            8. “How Many More Times”

                            Led Zeppelin

                            I - Standard Remastered Edition

                            The Led Zeppelin legend began in January of 1969 with the group’s eponymous debut. From the opening salvo of “Good Times Bad Times,” on through to “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” “Communication Breakdown,” and “Dazed And Confused,” the album introduced the band’s unmistakable sound and left an indelible mark on the music landscape.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. “Good Times Bad Times”
                            2. “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”
                            3. “You Shook Me”
                            4. “Dazed And Confused”
                            5. “Your Time Is Gonna Come”
                            6. “Black Mountain Side”
                            7. “Communication Breakdown”
                            8. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
                            9. “How Many More Times”

                            Joy Formidable


                              The Joy Formidable return with their first release from new album ‘Wolf’s Law’ on October 15th. As NME noted prior to their first UK shows of 2012 at packed NME / Radio One Stages at Reading and Leeds Festivals on hearing sneak previews of the new songs, ‘Wolf’s Law’ ‘could well see them become the next big British guitar band’.

                              The finished album, for which ‘Cholla’ is the perfect calling card, takes the band’s already acknowledged mastery of melody and dynamic to another level, achieving the band’s aim at its inception ‘to keep the sense that everything is possible.’

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1 Cholla (Album Version)
                              2 Tempo (Strong-Weak-Weak)
                              3 Cholla (Acoustic)
                              4 Wolf’s Law

                              Stick Mcghee

                              Drank Up All The Wine Last Night / Venus Blues

                              Two of the finest examples of belting barrelhouse jumpin’ blues at their very best and finally available on a 45 format. "Drank Up All The Wine Last Night" is another classic to add to the 'drunk R&B' sub-section.

                              Death Cab For Cutie

                              Narrow Stairs

                                "Narrow Stairs" follows 2005's Grammy Award-nominated Platinum album "Plans". It is produced by the band's own Chris Walla, who has produced Death Cab's past five albums.


                                LES Artistes

                                  The hotly-tipped Santogold precedes here self-titled debut CD with new single "LES Artistes". Originally the B-side of her debut 12" on Downtown, this catchy pop track now gets A-side billing. "LES Artistes" artists sounds just like it's been taken from a 1980s Brat pack film (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off etc), and is possibly actually by The Bangles or The B-52s. Yep, it's one of those US electrorock'n'roll chuggers with a big sing-along chorus! On the flipside of the 45 we have "Your Voice", a super-sweet lovers reggae track that comes across like Altered Images In Dub!

                                  Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

                                  Find The Time

                                    "Find The Time" is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album "Searching For The Hows And Whys". Co-produced by Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Nitin Sawnhey, "Searching For The Hows And Whys" is the follow up to the twenty one year old's 2006 debut album "The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager" which was a massive hit with fans and critics alike.

                                    Ruarri Joseph

                                    Tales Of Grime And Grit

                                      Cornish singer/songwriter Ruarri Joseph releases his debut single, "Tales Of Grime And Grit. A live favourite, it is the first physical format release from Ruarri. He's been touring extensively, both solo and band performances, supporting Wilco, Funeral For A Friend and others and is confirmed for a slew of festival appearances this Summer as well.


                                      Lay Down The Law

                                        Switches continue their ascent with this forthcoming Southend stomper of a single, "Lay Down The Law". The band have spent the last three months building their collective armoury and sharpening their shows with gigs here, there and everywhere. They now exit the starting blocks faster than a steroid influenced sprinter with this, a brand new Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliot Smith) produced version of the demo track that was originally released on 7" only in Autumn last year.


                                        Everything Last Winter

                                          "Everything Last Winter" is the debut album from Fields, and it features re-recorded versions of their singles "If You Fail We All Fail" and "Song For The Fields". It also contains some of the most visually arresting artwork to grace a musical release in recent times. In keeping with the tone of the rest of their work the band have eschewed hiding behind computer trickery and all other mod cons and chosen to work with a real human being, a pen and a pad of paper.


                                          Shine On

                                            Hanging out with the Gallagher brothers has definitely rubbed off on Jet, as this title track from their second album proves. "Shine On" is an anthemic rock ballad with Bealtes-ey guitars and a gospel choir backing.

                                            Crosby, Stills & Nash

                                            Crosby Stills & Nash

                                              If you know and love this all time classic already, then you may be tempted by the superior sound and artwork, or the four extra songs, three of which are previously unheard. One, their seemingly impromptu yet meltingly delivered cover of "Everybody's Talking" is worth the entrance fee on its own! If, on the other hand, you've never heard this music, think melodic, stoned, warm, groovy, daydream folk rock. It was an album which perfectly resonated with its times (late 60's) and you can still feel its glow, 35 years later. A total classic!


                                              The Tourniquet

                                                How to follow one of the greatest albums of recent years? More of the same, please! That's what Norway's Even Johansen serves up here, and no way should we complain. His music is gentle, folk-based and extremely melodic, but luxuriously produced with pedal-steel, banjo, trumpets and all sorts of electronic squiggles and pops. Even has the sweetest, dreamiest voice that's a mixture of weariness and wonderment, but it's his songwriting skills that impress. Overall not quite as strong as 2003's "On Your Side", you're still not likely to hear a better collection of tunes all year. Recommended!

                                                No Hope In New Jersey

                                                Steady Diet Of Decline

                                                  No Hope In New Jersey's emphatic debut album "Steady Diet Of Decline" sees the Manchester quartet come of age, with a maelstrom of devastating riffs and razor-sharp lyrics, and production courtesy of Chris Sheldon. 'We're not the most overtly macho band in the world like, say, Black Flag back in the day,' says Andy, 'but we play with the same abandon and disregard for current convention. And to my mind that's what you really want with a live band. Not this streamlined stuff that passes for punk rock.'


                                                  Cold Hard Bitch

                                                    Fantastic full on, floor filling rock'n'roll from one of the kings of the genre!!



                                                      From grunge rock legends The Melvins, this 'best of' compiles five tracks from each of the three albums they recorded for Atlantic records in the mid 90s. Widely regarded as the band's best period, this 15 track collection is also an enhanced CD that includes three of the band's videos. It includes expanded packaging containing, liner notes & photographs and all for a nice cheap price too.



                                                        One of the most successful of the 70s progressive rock groups, Yes began their career with this adventurous debut album. Influenced by the explosion of new pyschedelic prog rock bands like Pink Floyd, Cream and the Nice (who weren't afraid to mix rock idioms with classical music) "Yes" was issued in November 1969 it featured Jon Anderson's distinctive vocals, Chris Squire's huge bass sound, Peter Banks' angular guitar and Tony Kaye's keyboards which were underpinned by Bruford's remarkable drumming that managed to be both complex and effortless. It was their first step on the path to prog rock success.


                                                        Tell The World My Name

                                                          Classic 1990 debut LP from Hit Squad family member K-Solo. Erick and Parrish provide their trademark beats for this highly gifted MC to flex his high-speed rhyme skills over. Check his crazy S P E L L I N G style on the wicked "Spellbound"!! Class old school action for EPMD fans.

                                                          Brother Jack McDuff & David Newman

                                                          Double Barrelled Soul

                                                            Wicked jazz dance LP from '68 from Hammond maestro McDuff and Dave 'Fathead' Newman on sax and flute.



                                                              A vaguely disturbing concept album from an interesting new female vocalist, given to theatrics and inner meanings as she tries to engage in a dialogue with her dead father. As much Sheryl Crow as Tori Amos but with a penchant for the dramatic and the unsettling image.

                                                              Dee Dee Bridgewater

                                                              Bad For Me

                                                                Pumping 70's soul jazz disco on the remastered Atlantic series. This has all the cliches, wah wah guitar, soulful ballads, disco beats and a huge brass section.

                                                                Grover Washington


                                                                  The epitome of late night FM jazz this 1980 release from saxman Grover Washington produced the huge million selling hit "Just the Two of Us" featuring Bill Withers.

                                                                  Billy Cobham


                                                                    One of the most brilliant drummers of his generation; Billy Cobham has recorded with some of the towering giants of jazz and fusion. His solo albums may be overshadowed by his work with John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra but this 1974 release is one of his best works. Strong compositions, beautifully played with George Duke, John Abercrombie and Randy Brecker all adding their skills to a superb album.

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