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Matt Sewell’s A Crushing Glow Presents DrumTalk

Out Of The Blackness Into The Blue

Continuing their endless string of essential releases, Caroline True bring us the latest collaborative project from the mighty Matt Sewell, this time with london producer DrumTalk. Taking to the Secret Sundaze studio, DrumTalk drifts away from the club-focus of his releases on Tru-Thoughts, Soundway and Huntley & Palmers, syncing into the sublime vibrations of A Crushing Glow for two meditative synth suites. On the A-side, "Out Of The Blackness, Into The Blue" delivers drum box bossa, dreamlike sequences and celestial bliss-tones, making a connection with a wider cosmic consciousness. If you dig on the library styles of Clara Mondshine, the spacier, synthier end of the kosmische spectrum or the slow and spangled moments of Patrick Cowley's porn oeuvre, you're gonna love this. The flip continues the cosmic voyage, enjoying a little extra thrust from a blorpy bass synth as we lose ourselves in the nebulous goo of e-flute, fluttering sine waves and warming white noise. I imagine this is what Arthur C Clarke's Starchild listened to when he was getting stoned...


Patrick says: Well this is a delight! Aside from the sublime space-prog sleeve art, and eye catching coloured disc, this release holds a pair of stunning intergalactic synthscapes, perfect for fans of European library music, Berlin school electronics or Patrick Cowley's post-orgasmic bliss outs.

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