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Sometimes after hoping and dreaming for so long, miracles really do happen. Athens of the North have gifted us this marvelous Marion Javius track and we couldn’t be more grateful.

‘Roll on 15 years and I was speaking to my record fiend and friend David Haffner who helps with releases on AOTN. It turned out he had been sitting on the multi-track tapes for Marion Javius for some time and was cool with us doing a 45. Having multi-track was an opportunity for me to fix the little bug bears with the OG mix. On first listen, I was delighted to hear a vocal take without the "Shamwooon" on the chorus, so myself and Linkwood got on the case to rebuild an ECLA version without the Game Show bar ends and "Shamons" that had been haunting me for years.’

Enjoy this special seven knowing all is right in the world now this is here!


1. Waiting In The Wings (East Cost Love Affair Mix)
2. Waiting In The Wings

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