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Relmer International

Relmer International

Amsterdam newcomer Relmer macks the fuck out on his self titled debut, donning the Roland bodysuit for a four tracker of advanced hardware manipulation and floor filling vibrations across a range of styles and feelings.
We're rocking in Rimini on opening cut "Bluff Dance", a muscular Italo pumper which speeds through the night with the guttural thrust of a Lambo Countach. The relentless bass sequence plays off interlocking leadlines and off beat synth stabs before spinning out into an ectoplasmic eruption of neon and LSD. If you play it loud enough, you'll probably summon Il Bosco. If that energetic shizzle has you in need of a breather, look no further than the A2 and "Nightingale", a supremely Balearic bit of early hours exotica which harnesses the future primitive power of 84 Laurie Anderson or Art Of Noise for the ultimate New Age dancefloor delight.
Flip it and don your Drexciyan wetsuit for the wavejumping sounds of "Paraiso", the mechanical electro anthem for those blue people in Avatar and the dubby tribal roller "Wokota", a shamanic jam for the froglickers of the world.


Patrick says: Dope debut from Dutchman Relmer International here, covering nuovo Italo, Balearic beat, nuanced electro and rainforest house. Already stashed for my coolest customers.

Bas Bron (Fatimah Yamaha / Comtron) & Jelmer Schütte kick out the future jams as Belmer on this tasty AF 12" from Magnetron Music. "True At First Light" is the high-speed climax to some neon-lit car race. Think Need For Speed 3028 or F-Zero XXX. With a spine-tinglingly saccharine breakdown and pure 4ACO-DMT reflections scattered throughout, this is one hi-octane slice of technicoloured psychedelia for the PsychoWiki generation. "Yell Of The Murr" applies the breaks for a squelchy, slo mo cosmic stomp with quirky soundsystem idents. "Bioroid" sees the flailing drum patterns and half-time groove usually associated with the footwerk genre set amongst ghostly pitched pad stabs, creating an angelic mood before careering straight into the doubled-up 150BPM stomp. "Salsa Death God Appeasement Music" slows is back down for another cosmic creeper. Complete with warbled vox, low tuned bass and skeletal beat pattern this is an engrossing number that'll work alongside the recent Aiwo output. Finally, title track completes in futuristic form with circling synth swirls converging in on tight rhythmic bursts and tuned cowbell patterns. Mega stuff!

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