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Hiden City Of Taurmond

    First solo project from Brian Gibson of Lightning Bolt. Nothing like Lightning Bolt, this is more a Tangerine soaked, dream pillow padded melodica that Kraftwerks its way into your main vein. Looking for reference points? Think Zombi, Yellow Magic Orchestra And John Carpenter's "Escape From NY" Soundtrack.

    The USA Is A Monster

    Tasheyana Compost

      The USA Is A Monster is a brilliantly fried two-piece guitar and drums band of sun spotters hailing from Brooklyn, NY. The band has roved the planet with instruments strapped to their backs playing the tops of mountains, skin-melting deserts, and rusted out America. The band has trekked across Europe, America (too many times to count), and Mexico. The sound of the record is a synapse firing melt of rock and other-wordly whisper. The rock goes from balls out to a gentle, massaging hand reaching into your cortex.

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      🔵 BLUE MONDAY 🔵 Coil - ‘Queens Of The Circulating Library’ reissue out now via @daisrecords
      Mon 30th - 5:48
      Tom Verlaine 1949 - 2023. Thank you for the music.
      Sat 28th - 10:48
      After doing a shop window take over back in Nov with empty sleeves. The vinyl is finally here 🙌 Léna C - Promenade…
      Fri 27th - 4:24
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