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    After the worldwide success of her debut album ‘Believer’, LAU’s long awaited sophomore album ‘Circumstance’ is finally here.

    LAU (AKA Laura Fares), a prominent figure in the Synthwave and Retrowave scenes has finally gone solo after over a decade of writing Synthwave hits for other artists.

    What is it like to fall in love in these crazy pandemic times? What about falling for someone miles away that we’ve never met? Is it real love or just a fantasy?

    In this new album, LAU talks about the challenges, the uncertainty, the crazy circumstance she has found herself in, the ups and downs of “virtual romancing” in the distance, and falling in love with a complete stranger that she’s never met (yet). LAU explores the bittersweet feelings of happiness (to finally fall in love again), mixed with the anxiety and the uncertainty of longing for someone that we’ve only seen on a screen, added to the frustration of not being able to travel to meet them in person.

    LAU recorded most of this album in her new home in Barcelona (Spain) throughout 2021 and finished recording the album in her hometown (Buenos Aires, Argentina), creating ten fantastic Synthpop / Retrowave tracks (and a couple of Disco-Pop songs) produced by international producers like Brian Skeel (USA), Zak Vortex (UK), Ends 84 (France), Saint Innocent (France), Popcorn Kid (India), Adam Siana (Sweden) and TAKTA (Norway).

    This is a truly global album, which includes LAU’s popular cover version of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors released last year.


    01 Undecided
    02 Give Her Your Love
    03 What To Do
    04 Broken Hearts
    05 Circumstance
    06 If You Could Know
    07 The Fire
    08 Different
    09 Instant Sunshine
    10 True Colors

    NINA Feat. LAU

    Synthian (The Remixes)

      On her "Synthian" LP, German pop-powerhouse Nina invited us to do the time warp again, enlisting collaborators LAU, Ocsillian, Richard X, Ricky Wilde and Til Wild to help render her retro-ist masterpiece in neon and colour block.

      Sounding almost exactly like 1986, this LP offered ten perfect synthwave moments, ranging between propulsive pop, heartwrenching power ballads and New Wave groovers. Here we get a pack of remixes of tracks from NINA's second album, Synthian (feat. LAU) featuring big players like Robert Parker, Das Mörtal Highway Superstar, Sung and Maethelvin as well as Aztec's very own Zenith Volt and Ends 84.

      The opening track deserves special attention since it gets a very rocky treatment from Ricky Wilde and features the legendary Kim Wilde on additional vocals. 


      SIDE A
      1. The Wire (feat. Kim Wilde & LAU) [Ricky Wilde Remix]
      2. Unnoticed [Robert Parker Remix]
      3. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Das Mörtal Remix]
      4. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Ends 84 Remix]

      SIDE B
      5. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Maethelvin Remix]
      6. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Sung Remix]
      7. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Highway Superstar Remix]
      8. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Zenith Volt Remix]

      1. The Wire (feat. Kim Wilde & LAU) [Ricky Wilde Remix]
      2. Unnoticed [Robert Parker Remix]
      3. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Das Mörtal Remix]
      4. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Ends 84 Remix]
      5. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Maethelvin Remix]
      6. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Sung Remix]
      7. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Sung Remix]
      8. Synthian (feat. LAU) [Zenith Volt Remix] 


      Decade (The Best Of Lau 2007 - 2017)

        For many, few bands imbue the free spirit and ancient nature of the Scottish highlands better than Lau. For over a decade they've been the flag bearers of traditional Celtic and folk music; continuing song legacies older than the combined age of the band themselves. Which, by the way, are reassuringly current; not hiding behind a faux-traditional persona which many are guilty of in these circles but instead appearing as the swash-buckling Isle-lovers that they indeed are. Yes, listeners, Lau are the real deal, and one experience of seeing them live should be enough to convert you - the sheer level of musicianship, songwriting and instrument playing enough to overshadow the less accomplished and frankly embarrassing 'musicians' that often litter the charts and the press. There's an enchanted, quite mythical energy coursing through every one of these song's roots; which were chosen by long term fans of the band who delved into their astonishing discography to pick the best bits for this anthology. A wonderful introduction to this band who I've very quickly fallen in love with here after a recent, killer RNCN live performance which left me in absolute awe. The 13 track black, double heavyweight vinyl is limited to 1,000 copies (for the world) and features bonus song Lord Yester (first time on vinyl). It's a sprawling epic, well over an hour and the perfect glimpse into the various facets of the band: from the spiraling, traditional Celtic numbers which build into an epic, looping climax, to the star-lit, electric folk meanderings which set them apart as a formidable live act. In one breadth you could be swilling vintage drams in a candle-lit pub deep on Orkney, with the band unassumingly playing in the corner, the next you could be dazzled with psych-folk shimmers and beguiling vocals that come out of nowhere, the band remarkable at keeping you second guessing what's coming next. In short, I implore you all to get involved in the sounds of this all encompassing act, if not for a brief moment of transportation into an older, purer and more honest world than that which we seem to occupy now. A masterpiece. - Matt


        Matt says: Gig of the year for me in 2017. Capturing that character, energy and songsmanship onto wax is quite a feet - but they've done it! Phenominal.

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