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Exploring a beautiful grey area somewhere between P.I.L., Arthur Russell, and downtown New York grit of old, the storied Tom of England (Thomas Bullock) comes forth with his epic debut long player "Sex Monk Blues".

Mr. Bullock has been in the trenches for a long time now as a member of Tonka Hi-fi in England, Wicked Sound System in San Francsico, and lastly the back room viking disco duo Rub n Tug in New York City. Somewhere during this all he made a record for Rough Trade, produced records for Map of Africa (with DJ Harvey) and The Laughing Light of Plenty and wrote a definitive book about Mezcal all whilst touring the world.

As touring grew tiresome priorites refocused and Thomas slowly pieced together the parts of what he wanted to become his debut solo album. In partnership with singer Bobbie Marie and studio engineer Chebon Littlefield we now see this come to fruition with these six tracks, futuristic, classic, danceable, and yes, unclassifiable Sex Monk Blues is what's going on.

Spanish techno stalwarts JC Cabrera and Kastil come together once again for their No Spiritual Surrender project, this time debuting on L.I.E.S. Direct, rhythmic, textured and dense techno gear with hints of James Cotton, the Modern Love-affiliated Hate, and even the stadium tickling prowess of Adam Beyer should all be familiar across the release.

It's tuff, uncompromising and it grabs you by your private parts before swinging you round its head like a techno caveman... typical LIES tackle then...



Matt says: Primordial techno that's likely to bring out your inner caveman.

I've long been a fan of Steve Moore's filmic throbbing synth sound, with 2013's 'Pangaea Ultima' for me, being the pinnacle of his non-soundtrack output. Since then, we've had a number of soundtracks (The Mind's Eye and Mayhem being two particularly standout vinyl releases) and a superb solo album for Temporary Residence last year. 

This self-titled EP of sorts for legendary Brooklyn label, L.I.E.S sees Steve stripping back the atmospheric drones and pads for something a lot more percussive, with his saw stacks and staggered hats taking more of a front seat. 

'Broken Kills' kicks things off, with infrequent pulses of bass grooving atop the flickering hats and echoic drum machine, injecting proceedings with some momentum by gradually building and deconstructing the accompaniments tastefully, but to great effect. We follow up with a more dynamic arepggiated phrase in the stunning 'Future 99', bringing the paddling arps and soaring pads back once again, along with some incidental stabs and flickering delay lines, bringing to mind the pioneering German synth works of the mid 70's. 

'Eigengrau' builds upon this once again, with snapping snare drums and phased synth lines slowly churning around a solid core of filter-manipulated bass whirls and modulated hi-hats before closing things off with the comparitively frantic 'Future 86', working around a militant arp and gloomy churning drone. 


Barry says: Yet another stunning outing for Moore here, clearly displaying his unmistakable instrumental style, but adding to it with more of a dancefloor-orientated focus. A perfectly curated and brilliantly fitting outing for the great L.I.E.S. Top stuff.

PS+ISF (Parrish Smith & Interstellar Funk)


Dutch powerhouses Parrish Smith and Interstellar Funk team up for their debut collaboration on L.I.E.S. with a new four track EP. Striking up the perfect balance of both their signature styles, this record hits the sweet spot between metallic synthwave, slow beat industrial, and clanging EBM hybrids. The duo effortlessly weave together a sonic narrative with nods to the past but unmistakable emphasis on their ever expanding forward thinking future sound. Recommended!

Doug Lee returns to L.I.E.S. under his AN-I moniker, this time collaborating with prolific Greek producer Unhuman on a new four track EP. This is what happens when you take all the right elements of techno, punk and industrial music and smash them together; a fucked up and devastating hybrid of blistering modern electronics. Heavy, but not stark by any means, Lee channels his inner Liasions with his vocal performace through the record. Most notably this is heard on the cut "Entschuldigung", snotty laughs and scattered barks accent the stuttered drums and MS-20 feedback; Lee bringing it all together in a sarcastic funked up fashion. "Five to Nine" sees both producers complimenting each other expertly, clocking in with the most dancefloor cut on the EP - a twisted five minutes of screaming psychedelic dance that reaches an epic anti-climax of sorts. A true (anti)hit for those who know how to use it right, not to be missed.

One half of the KWC 92 (who has previously delivered two top notch lps for L.I.E.S.), Swedish producer Max Stenerudh aka Maxxx Bass steps forward with a 9 track solo effort titled "Gone Fishing". Right off the bat we hear Stenerudh immersing himself in a world of chilled out and narrative FM electronic explorations that call to mind places past. The untitled tracks leave it to the listerner to create a story on their own, as voice pads, hand drums and dare we say pan flutes push and pull their way through the album creating dreamlike textures and otherwordly escapes. Ideal music to fall into a late afternoon summer siesta to. LP comes come with full color 22cmx28cm color poster and download card.

Chicago's Justin Aulis Long and Ken Zawacki return to L.I.E.S. with their second ep under their Circling Vultures moniker. On this offering we get four tracks of tough yet psychedelic machine music. From slow bpm beaters to metal on metal floor cuts, these are executed with precision to do maximum damage whenever played. Sinking their teeth in and never letting go, looming over and waiting for the right moment to strike...tense music for the end times! Another killer from these seasoned club vets.


Sil says: You know what you are getting with this label so no need to hammer it home. Hardcore, eerie, end of the world kind of soundtrack for the times (probably not far away) when the social contract breaks for good and we all have to fend for ourselves. Only the strong survives and all that jazz. As long as you have your music player of choice properly charged and able to pump these tracks at high volume, just sit and contemplate the wonders of human chaos. Wonderful stuff and LIES will be there with you.

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