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Tempelhof & Gigi Masin

Corner Song - Inc. Jex Opolis Remix

Just in time to warm up your winter, Hell Yeah revisit the peerless recent "Tsuki" album from ambient and Balearic masters Tempelhof & Gigi Masin.
Two tracks from the album are included on this new package, as well as a remix from Jex Opolis. Trancendental and dreamy drums characterise the new age 'Corner Song', which is the sound of laying back on a boat and bobbing up and down on gentle seas at sunrise. It's organic and soothing to the max. The other original is 'Flying Man', a suspensory film that feels like floating amongst the clouds on a humid afternoon. Wordless vocals add a heavenly feel to the lush and all encompassing chords and pads and nothing sounds sweeter than being lost in this one. It is Corner Song that gets remixed by Good Timin' and Running Back man Jex Opolis. Famous for his disco infused synth pop sound he is a master of his own musical world. His version is eight minutes of laid-back tropicalia. Slowly churning drums and knotted funk-bass prop it up as an eco-system of pops, clicks and hits add to the steamy and sensuous groove. It's grown up disco for cocktails on the terrace and will have you hugging anyone in earshot. 


Patrick says: Hell Yeah grab a couple of the choicest cuts from Tempelhof & Gigi's divine "Tsuki" for their latest 12", providing the sunset/sunrise DJ with a pair of mind expanding ambient bathers. Over on the flip, Canadian disco king Jex Opolis goes to work on "Corner Song" creating a total dream dancer with shades of Compass Point and Cafe Del Mar all over it.

Hell Yeah's next vinyl EP is a first solo release since 2012 from The Vendetta Suite aka Belfast's Gary Irwin. It features six tracks all handpicked by label boss Marco from vast unreleased vaults that have already been played by David Holmes and Andrew Weatherall, and it comes with a great backstory. Marco's first ever E was at a UK club in Wandsworth in 1995. Joey Beltram was supposed to be on but missed his flight, so instead David Holmes played an extended set. It won Marco over instantly and since then he has been an avid fan, in awe of Holme's game changing Essential Mix and snapping up all the releases on his 13amp label, including one by The Vendetta Suite, who was in house engineer at David Holmes' Exploding Plastic Inevitable studio. Other tracks from the artist including cult b-side 'Hula Bop' became classic staples in Marco's sets as Balearic Gabba Soundsystem and so he recently reached out to the Newtownards man and told him all this via Soundcloud. After chatting, Irwin invited Marco to pick some tracks from his vaults and they are now presented here for the first time with the amazing artwork by Andrea Amaducci that combines the producer's sense of humour and the esoteric.
Opener 'Sirius' sets a lush tone with its wash of rippling chords and soft rock grooves carry you off into a sunset. From there the charming spring time sounds of 'Tacos For Zowie' mix bumpy drums with guitar riffs, whistles and cosmic synths, and Just Like Joe is a flower power spy movie theme tune that races along with orchestral elegance.
‘Shut Up Ya Dub' slows things down with wobbly bass, tons of reverb and acid twitches and 'Eye In The Triangle' is an exquisite dub cut full of studio trickery and sci-fi feelings that Scientist would be proud of. Closer 'Colin Wilson Said' is a widescreen ambient cut with spread synths, distant arpeggios and an intergalactic feel that leaves you drifting in outer space.
This is a cinematic EP that draws on myriad musical styles and showcases Irwin's peerless studio skills. 


Patrick says: Dope and diverse set from the consistently mega Hell Yeah stable. Label head Marco 'peeDoo' enlisted longtime favourite Vendetta Suite to hit us with 6 of his best Balearic movers. #dreamy

Max Essa

Gold Themes From The Hood, The Cad & The Lovely EP

Keeping their catalogue fresh, fierce and free from any stylistic ties, Hell Yeah follow the star-crossed house of Verdo and acid-laced cosmic of Quiroga with a Mediterranean masterpiece from expert ex-pat Max Essa. Label head Sun Marco (you heard it here first) describes this peaceful platter as the most Balearic record he's ever released, though it could well be the most Balearic record anyone's ever released. For starters, the A-side features a White Isle odyssey in four parts, while the flip buys us a drink at a rundown beach bar before inviting us for a walk down the coast.
After bonding over a shared love of literature and sake, Marco made his play for Essa, encouraging the international man of mastery to create his finest work for the Italian label. Stretching across the A-side with a sunkissed contentment, the ambitious and expressive "Themes From The Hood, The Cad & The Lovely" conjures images of lapping waves and swaying trees, a coastal coda to the bliss and breeze of a lazy summer day. Stately and serene, the track glides through eleven minutes of symphonic synthwork, fragile piano and eastern melodies - a dreamy vignette viewed through the blur of heat haze. It feels like falling in love every time you hear it.
On the B1, "Saguaro" crystallizes everything excellent about a Max Essa production into one perfect serving of circular sequences, languid bass and East Asian tonality. Genki but not quite kawai, this comforting combination rolls along at a relaxed pace, bathing in the reflected beauty of the sun on the sea. Finally we drift into a dreamstate to the horizontal majesty of "Buran Chime", a song for siestas and the 'Subtle Body'. Phasing waveforms murmur like distant air traffic, naive percussion keeps a languorous rhythm and expansive pads summon the poolside peace of a permanent vacation. As that immersive soundscape eases us out of our everyday worries, cool cor anglais and FM brass bring a smile to our sunblushed faces. It's a treasure.


Patrick says: Max Essa lands on the mighty Hell Yeah with his finest work to date. The perfect marriage of ambition and execution, the EP offers all the comforts of the coast without the price of the air fare. As Balearic as it gets and a thing of true beauty, this is music to be cherished.

The recently revitalised Hell Yeah continue to make our mouths water and ears tingle with a gorgeous EP from Really Swing's Quiroga. A longtime favourite of the Balearic Gabba Soundsystem, the Neapolitan DJ and producer also comes highly recommended by the Test Pressing posse, so prepare your pleasure receptors for a real good time! Ranking alongside Aperol, gelato and Gianfranco Zola as one of Italy's finest exports, Quiroga cooks up hypnotic and trance including sounds from a myriad of diverse influences from opiate jazz to shuffling funk beats, from shifty landscapes to library music. First up is "Viaggio a Tulum", a perfectly loose and jumbled mix of sunny vibes, feel good chords and clipped vocals full of soul. The sort of thing that has you day dreaming of lazy afternoons and drunken BBQs, it's perfect example of Quiroga's efforts style. "Non Dire Notte" - featuring Acido and ReallySwing act 291Out members Luca "Presence" Carini on electric bass and Vincenzo "Warren" Ciorra on electric guitar - is even more lazy and elongated, horizontal and blissed out. Twanging guitars off set pixelated synths, squelchy chords and Afro signifiers bring the heat and overall you cannot fail to get lost in the groove. "Prati Bagnati" is a serene ambient interlude that feels like laying on your back and looking into a deep blue sky and second ambient cut "Bava" is more textured and intense, with shifting drones and muffled voices bringing a sense of filmic unease to the table. Overall, this is a perfect window into Quiroga's most intoxicating musical world.


Patrick says: I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Hell Yeah head honcho Marco Gallerani recently. A highlight was getting to hear the wonky bass, cosmic swagger and eventual acid explosion of "Non Dire Notte" tear the roof of three different venues in three days. Massive, must have EP!

After a lengthy winter break enjoying the icy parks of Berlin, the urbane streets of Bologna and the recently refurbed Ealing Heights (Manchester's most desirable residence and my crib) Marco Gallerani revs up the Hell Yeah press with this primo EP of starry-eyed house magic. The man behind the music is none other than Verdo, the talented Senigallia native whose Gratis Club has played host to the likes of Bjorn Torske, DJ Fettburger, Prins Thomas and Kenji Takimi over a decade of debauched nightlife. Speak to any Senigallia local though, and you'll hear the real reason for heading to the club is Verdo's unpredictible and irresistible DJ sets, often packed with his own exclusive and unreleased productions. So slip this one on the player and sample the deep and dreamy delights of Verdo's sultry sounds. Opener "Little Blue" is a bright slice of sunshine with hip swinging claps, bobbling bass and boat party vibes that soothe your soul. Rich with shoulder rolling rhythm and golden synthplay, its segues perfectly into the retro disco pump of "Sazerac", another tropical cut with loose drums and rubbery bass to get you up on your toes. Flip the disc for the terrace tribalism of "Big Fish", a bass heavy house heater packed with tin pot percussion and the kind of wild synth work that leads to wide-eyes, flailing limbs and free-swinging jaws. Jumbled jungle vibes and big chords all swell your heart as your feet skip about down low. Tuff City Kid Phillip Lauer drops by on the B2, bringing his sophisticated style to the track with a direct house version decorated with percolating synths and slapping hats, all demanding you ditch your cocktail and get up and groove.


Patrick says: Big summertime house vibes coming courtesy of Verdo on this latest Hell Yeah loveboat - Enquire within for shoulder rolling rhythms, bum-wiggling bass and heart swelling musicality. Bravo!

Underground System

Bella Ciao - Gigi Masin / Leo Mas & Fabrice Remixes

After hitting us with those killer club versions of "Bella Ciao" last month, Leo Mas & Fabrice hit the studio with Italian ambient master Gigi Masin to deliver the sumptuous beauty of the Laguna Mix. Now Gigi's no stranger to Hell Yeah, gracing the label with his sublime collaborative LP with Tempelhof in 2014, and this latest appearance should pique your interest nicely ahead of their sophomore LP "Tsuki" later in the year. Keeping shaded eyes firmly on the horizon, Gigi soundtracks the sunset with a slow and drifting transformation of Underground System's uptempo original. Tranquilized beats rattle along at a snail's pace, cutting through the haze of choral vocals and sustained strings while emotive piano chords and tripped out sequences trip us out perfectly. On the flipside, Leo and Fabrice combine once more for an invitingly sparse "On Air Remix" which sways to and fro with gorgeous trumpets, twinkling keys and a slowly, blissfully building sense of Balearic tension. Already a favourite for Test Pressing and Aficionado's Jason Boardman, this is a must have for any discerning record bag. 

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