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Dead Normal

There Is Nothing Left But The Enjoyment Of Senseless Destruction

    “There Is Nothing Left But The Enjoyment Of Senseless Destruction” is the first deadly plastic bullet from Dead Normal, a Barcelona-based trio fusing harsh electronics with a confrontational punk aesthetic to devastating effect. Think: early SPK meets 1990s Whitehouse, distorted Scorn/JFK type skullcrushing beats, a sprinkling of deconstructed Mark Stewart/Tackhead-esque mutant groove and a ferocious dual male/female vocal attack reminiscent of Mark E Smith at his most irascible combined with Crass' Eve Libertine at her most acerbic. Push the levels into the red and you're still only half way close to the unique and original hybrid of Dead Normal's punishing sonic assault. Founded in 2016 by Mario (electronics) with Oriol Rosell and Zoë V sharing vocal duties, the members of Dead Normal have a pedigree spanning two decades in the experimental/avant-garde scene, including collaborations with artists such as The New Blockaders and 2nd Gen. Dead Normal have played in Spain, London and Berlin alongside a diversity of acts from hardcore punk to power electronics and synthpop with further live performances to be announced shortly. 


    1/Reasons To Not Love
    2/When The Shit Hits The Fan
    3/The Epiphany
    4/Little Tweaker Fuck 
    5/The Man Is A Twat
    7/Guilt Hits Harder Than The Truth
    8/You Were Good
    9/Fully Loaded

    Girls In Synthesis

    Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future

      Following a steady stream of ultra-limited 7” singles, that were collated together in 2019 for the ‘Pre/Post: A Collection 2016-2018’ on Louder Than War, the bands highly-anticipated debut album, by those that know, arrives with the first bitter taste of new single ‘Pressure’; one-minute-and-fifty-four seconds of screeching feedback, tribal drums and unbridled rage that is exactly the shot in the arm and the boot up the arse this nation, if not the world, needs right now. “In both music and lyrical content this song sets out to capture the unrelenting pressures of living in the modern world,” explains vocalist and guitarist Jim. “The pressures and expectations of which 'they' force upon you - with the apparent realisation that you will never be what they want you to be.

      "Pressure, the twist of the gut, as one door opens another fucking shuts" Since forming in late 2016, Girls In Synthesis have quickly forged a fearsome reputation as one of the most exciting and volatile live acts in London. In equal parts frantic, considered, ear-splitting and melodic, the group take their cues from the early DIY punk and post-punk pioneers to keep everything in-house; artwork, videos, performances and recordings are created entirely by the group and their handful of trusted collaborators, under a bedrock of heavy, bludgeoning, dark, post-punk. ‘Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future’ is their first release for fabled experimental punk label Harbinger Sound and finds the band advancing their sound, making subtle but experimental shifts in texture and tone, helping to break free from the shackled straight-jacket of punk rock that, to be fair, never really held them down in the first place.

      Across the album’s ten songs, Girls In Synthesis explore a wide range of sensations and sounds as the album detonates into life with opening track ‘Arterial Movements’ in a screeching flurry of over-driven guitar and hammering drums. The contrast between the slow, mesmerising look into aging and dying in ‘Human Frailty’ (‘The realisation that you cannot halt their impending death’), to the aggressive attack on the rise of the right-wing in ‘They’re Not Listening’ (‘The time-old tradition of the right wing accosting desperate working class people has returned’) shows a wide range of subjects and reactions aggressively tackled. Mental health in a fast-moving, unforgiving world, media control, the divide widening between the have and the have nots, the class divide, the blaming of the poor, NHAEFYF bristles with an unforgiving frustration and temper. The recording of NHAEFYF started at Rockit Studio, Hull in April 2019 during days off on the UK tour to promote the ‘Pre/Post’ compilation album. The Hull sessions were engineered by studio owner and local musician Sean Tomlinson. The remainder of the album was recorded and engineered by the band throughout summer 2019 in a large rehearsal room at Gun Factory studios, Homerton. Production and finishing touches were completed at GIS bassist John’s S.I.C.K Studio in Hither Green. The album was mixed by long-time band collaborator and engineer, Max Walker (currently studying at Abbey Road).

      The album was mastered by Brett Shaw at 123 Studios, Peckham. In their few years of existence, fans and critics alike have been stunned by the bands pure visceral and punishing wall of sound, as well as applauding the groups way of making a GIS show an all-inclusive experience; playing from within the crowd to create a unique and awe-inspiring spectacle. Being hand-picked to support acts as diverse as Damo Suzuki, Slaves, Bad Breeding, Warmduscher and Wolf Alice has seen a widening of the groups fan base. Sold out headline shows across the UK have led to frantic and chaotic performances, and packed, sweaty venues, the word is getting out and spreading rapidly. Catch GIS while you can and witness the rise of one of the UK’s most original and unique underground bands.


      1/Arterial Movements
      3/The Images Agree
      5/Human Frailty
      6/They’re Not Listening
      7/Cause For Concern
      8/Coming Up For Air
      9/Set Up To Fail
      10/Tirades Of Hate And Fear



        Finally Massicot's second album is here! As ever the groove is the key to Massicot's sound.Simple, seductive and human.The band choreograph their way around the spaces between traditional spiritual story telling mysticism of Northern European pagan folklore and latin and middle-eastern inspired polyrythms topped off with a little post-punk. As ever the arrangements are full and juicy whilst formed from the simplest elements. The bouncing percussive tapestries are coupled with thick pulsating basslines which form the meandering but tightly wound rolling beats. Over which goes the accenting citric guitar hooks and the soothing Latvin chant-like choral vocal melodies. Massicot create a carnival dance that locks in the mind whilst luring the body. In true collaborative spirt this record is released in conjunction with our sister-label Spurge Recordings and also the good folks at Bongo Joe (Geneva) and Red Wig (Hamburg). No borders, ever. 


        2/Sulca Kungs
        6/Kubiks Rubiks
        8/Fin Du Monde



          After two well-received self-released records Mentira have hooked up with Harbinger Sound for the release of this mini-album which features six brand new tracks recorded over 2019. This Sao Paulo duo - although they now reside in Barcelona - produce more infectious tunes than those previous records hinted at. These fragmented minimalist tracks captured with just cheap keyboards, a bass and the occasional drum topped with some engaging vocals from Laura Lanca will please anyone one with an ear attuned to contemporary post-punk coming from further afield than London. 


          A )

          1/Guerra Espacial

          B )

          1/Capitaes De Asfalto
          2/Aprender A Dizernao
          3/Sao Paulo Sao Cinzas

          Consumer Electronics

          Airless Space

            Consumer Electronics return with a double album of all new studio recordings produced by Russell Haswell. Some wondered how the songwriting team of Philip Best and Sarah Froelich would fare after the leaving their London home to take up residency in the United States. Well, here’s the answer. Recorded in San Francisco, CE deliver “Airless Space”,a state-of-the-union address that does for our American cousins what the band’s earlier “Estuary English” album did for a British audience poised upon the coming madness of Brexit. Unusually for CE, “Airless Space” clocks in at 60 minutes, a hexed induction for a country labouring under a presidency, that like Brexit itself, few saw coming or contemplated having to endure. Soundwise, CE have maybe mellowed the tone a touch, allowing their electronics to stretch out and breathe, whereas the frenzied and anxious vocals of Best and Froelich remain as snatched and breathless as ever. Stunningly produced by Russell Haswell and gorgeously mastered by award-winning cutting engineer Matt Colton, “Airless Space” by Consumer Electronics is their most complete and rounded statement yet. 

            TRACK LISTING

            A1/ Body Mistakes
            A2/ Carnage Mechanics
            B3/ Out Of It
            B4/ Play Therapy
            B5 Afterfits
            C6/ Murder Of Jj
            C7/ We The Makers
            D8/ Locust
            D9/ Airless Space

            Muscle Barbie

            Muscle Barbie

              "Vicious, thumping, rough and readsy UK82 snot punk. Angry, inspired and catchy as hell " - Sig Vishnu ( Heavy Metal ) Berlin punk bands debut album. Rumour says featuring folks from Heavy Metal amongst other gutter celebs from Berlin's less cool quarters.

              Very limited. Very ugly

              TRACK LISTING

              1/ You !
              2/ Trap
              3/ Head
              4/ Talker
              5/ Bodies
              6/ Homesick
              7/ Halen
              8/ Mode
              9/ Competition
              11/ Polizist
              12/ Anti 

              Sudden Infant

              Buddhist Nihilism

                SUDDEN INFANT is a Swiss Industrial-Dada-Noise-Rock band based in Berlin. Their 2014 album „Wölfli’s Nightmare“ on Voodoo Rhythm Records was produced by Roli Mosimann (Swans, The Young Gods, Wiseblood) and was very well received by critics and audiences. In the past Sudden Infant toured with Sleaford Mods and played alongside Wolf Eyes, Ben Frost, Merzbow, Derek Bailey, Jim O'Rourke, Thurston Moore and many others. The brand new 2018 album „Buddhist Nihilism“ coming in August on Harbinger Sound (Harbinger189) will consolidate the bands ability for bizarre and intense compositions full of left field humor, powerful rhythms and twisted structures.

                Brilliantly mixed and mastered by Martin Siewert (Radian) in his Vienna studio. „Buddhist Nihilism, the new Sudden Infant album is a real fistful of sturm und drang, a real departure for the band. The new record leaves some of the noise and industrial elements behind and sees the band streamlining its approach. The barebones, minimal throb recalls fellow travelers The Ex and Suicide, with your somewhat unstable downstairs neighbor screaming at the daily horrors flashing on the television screen.“

                TRACK LISTING

                A1 Rationality
                A2 Hong Kong Nursery
                A3 In This Moment
                A4 Maybe You’re Right
                A5 228
                A6 Tourists

                B1 Puppet Master
                B2 100 Word Mantra
                B3 George Clooney
                B4 Brownsville Texas
                B5 French Douche
                B6 Somniphobia II


                Danger Dance

                  Noseholes debut 12" LP "Danger Dance" takes the listener on a journey in a scruffy taxi unexpectedly cruising through dirty, muddy streets into a neighbourhood where discotheques are sparsely improvised in shabby basements. Whilst the LP soundtracks this journey with its disco-infused variety of Post-Punk and No Wave. The album contains groove heavy hits such as Styling, Danger Dance and Lush Box mixed with more experimental songs sung in alien tongues, a No Wave grumble rap and finally a nerve-wrecking saxophone improvisation.

                  All the tracks offer up a unique take on your grasp of dance music."Noseholes are from Hamburg, but do sound straight from New York though" - Trust Mag. "The minimalism and musical approach of Noseholes reminds me of bands such as Bush Tetras, Contortions, Shopping and Nachthexen" - X-Mist Records "Harbinger Sound are going to release the album in the UK. The best indicator of the quality that can be expected and that it will be everything but boring" 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1/Danger Dance
                  2/Lush Box
                  4/Yelzins Affair
                  5/Ex Driver
                  6/Bed Smoker
                  7/Aspirin Nation.

                  Circuit Breaker

                  Hands Return To Shake

                    "Circuit Breaker are a band split in half. On the one hand, there is the jagged guitar and maudlin singing of Peter Simpson, which slots into the lineage of expansive and gothic punk ala Killing Joke , Bauhaus , Wire ,etc. Pushing against it is the production approach of his brother Edward. Washes of glassy FM Synth melodies are counterbalanced with bursts of electronic harshness, recalling artists such as Autechre & Pan Sonic. “Hands Return To Shake” is the second full length from the London based group and also their second release for longstanding outlier label Harbinger Sound.

                    Moving on from the previous record, “My Descent Into Capital”, “Hands Return…” is a much more personal and emotive work. Simultaneously a re-affirmation and a deconstruction of influences, the orthodoxies of minimal-synth and post-punk are stretched and squeezed to breaking point. Circuit Breaker are a band who relish in holding together contradictions. Both a rock band and an electronic act , they have a blunt and direct production approach which, nether-the-less, is full of technical detail. ‘Hands Return To Shake’ will likely win them fans from a vast array of genres, from Industrial-Rock to IDM and everything in-between, providing it is dark, synthetic and angular. 

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1 - Soft Talk
                    A2 - Hands Return
                    A3 - Propulsion
                    A4 - Black Springs
                    A5 - Transient Life

                    B1 – Assemblage
                    B2 - Thoughts Return
                    B3 – Possession
                    B4 - Alert

                    John Wall & Mark Durgan


                      John Wall and Mark Durgan return after a lengthy absence [ there first release together was in 2011] Theirs is a fractured sound world woven together from improvisations that took place in the Utterpsalm Studio in London between 2012-15. The resultant seven tracks are an attempt at imposing order,structure and "expression" without meaning or intentionality onto a huge amount of heavily edited sonic material

                      TRACK LISTING


                      Sleaford Mods started out sometime during 2006 whilst Jason Williamson was living in Nottingham. Born out of part frustration and part accident, it quickly found its feet as an aggressive verbal onslaught on all that is contrived and connected to the day-to-day hammer of low paid employment and domestic situations arising from that trap. After a year of working ideas out in both the studio and in live performance around Nottingham, Williamson moved south and took the cause to London for a couple of years, before returning to Nottingham in 2009. Soon after that he that he met Andrew Fearn and the Sleaford Mods became a duo. Fearn’s first work was on the production of “Wank” – the Mods’ fifth CDr album. Soon after he started stalking the studio and stage with Williamson. Just after the release of “Wank” the duo were invited to play a three day festival curated by Nottingham’s Rammel Club. During that weekend they were introduced to the Harbinger Sound label. A meeting which – a year later – resulted in the release of “Austerity Dogs”. Numerous shows around the UK and Europe followed, including further festival appearances. Rave reviews of the album have appeared in magazines as diverse as The Wire and Uncut, along with interviews being published both on paper and on the internet, both here and abroad. With more international dates on the horizon including excursions to Poland and Sweden the interest in the Mods continues to spread.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Urine Mate
                      2. Mcflurry
                      3. My Jampandy
                      4. Fizzy
                      5. Donkey
                      6. Ppo Kissing Behinds
                      7. Shitstreet Runny
                      8. Wage Don’t Fit
                      9. Showboat
                      10. Don’t Wanna Disco Or 2
                      11. Five Pound Sixty
                      12. Kill It Clean
                      13. Bored To Be Wild (CD Only Bonus Track)

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