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Riccardo Schiro / GG FX

Sine Phase

After cooking up one of our favourite releases of 2018, the entirely entheogenic rainforest romp of "Dunas", Italy's Riccardo Schiro is back on his Gravity Graffiti imprint with another hit of DMT-laced dance music. A-side cut "Sine Phase" leads us deep under ground, weaving through root systems and rock formations as the water drips around us. Employing an unpredictible but irresistible rhythm (watch out for that reversed 4/4) Schiro leads the expedition right through the heart of the forest and beyond, into an underground cave where crystaline fragments refract the bioluminscent glow (aka synth trills) and giant worms (aka oozing basslines) roam free. Over on the flip, Schiro enlists the rest of the Gravity Graffiti crew for "Islands", an immense ambient jam recorded live on a mushroom trip. A genuine psy-kraut voyage, this commune killer goes out to the beanbag crew.

Gravity Graffiti celebrates the tenth output in full effect with this unmissable double EP featuring illicit, under-the-counter fire-power from Telephones, Yoshinori Hayashi, DB.Source & Riccardo Schiro, Dynamo Dreesen, Oyvind Morken & Kaman Leung, Acidboychair.

*Puts on Chandelier Bing impression* Seriously, could this BE anymore showbiz? Literally a who's who of modern day sound shamans, it's a thoroughly all-star cast if you like it spiritual and ritualistic! Perhaps 'esoteric' record of the year. Buy the ticket, take the ride! Trip protection advised....

Lamusa II returns to Gravity Graffiti with further explorations on the outer reaches of cosmic jazz, experimental library music and exotic sonic landscapes.. This is music to stimulate your cerebellum and transport you to hitherto unknown regions, certainly relevant if you've been digging the previous output on Gravity Graffiti from the likes of Yoshinori Hayashi & Ricardo Shiro. Particular highlights include the fluttering tapestry of keys, chimes, rhythmic ripples and zippy effects on "Variatio Ad Absurdum," the intense vibrations of "Caos E Dialogo" and the mellow patterns and trills of "Dalle Alle". Once it has you in its grip, it's difficult to break away, such is the magic of the pieces contained within this, and much of the label's catalogue. Recommended wierdness for modern witches and medicine men. 


Matt says: Gravity Graffiti lead the charge when it comes to aural hocus-pocus and sonic sorcery in the studio. A worthy competitor to Demdike Stare's unique brand of witchcraft.

A polyrhythmic adventure through time & space from Gravity Graffiti label boss Riccardo Schirò. Heavily influenced and laden with sounds from the Tuareg people, it sees a tribal mindset juxtaposed with digital signal processing and a sharp ear for arranging. I've got a really strong feeling about this one folks, one of those records that'll crop up in DJ sets right across the board to huge acclaim - stay one step ahead of the pack by grabbing your slice of the pie now before Four Tet or Acid Arab ensure its price sky-rockets! Future-tribalism never sounded so good... T I P! 


Patrick says: I love a bit of Riccardo Schiro, and the Italian does it again here, swapping the 8-bit aquafunk of previous releases for a shamanic vision of tribal techno. Mega!

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